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Birthday @ Glasgow!

Another semester has gone!
I am once again feeling unbound after finishing this semester’s test.

Lucky I am.
To have friends that put in so much effort in making my 23rd birthday a memorable one, right here in Glasgow.
To own a BF that joined in their set up to surprise me by bringing me out here and there to explore Glasgow city center just to kill time.
And bought me special dinner too. Yum.

Spending time with friends is essential of course.
But a dinner for 2 with the BF is also a special ritual on birthdates.

We went for an Italian cuisine at O’ Sole Mio, a little eatery nestled on Bath Street. A rather classy restaurant, not really spacious but warm & cosy.
A candle light dinner have indeed churned out some romantic atmosphere.

However, there was one male staff that somehow got on our nerves. Arrogant old man. Issh.
Well, he did try to be nice in the end by helping to take a picture of us both though.

Coming back to the food,

The Main Dish of the night:

Yours truly. Non-edible. ;P

Spaghetti Pescatore £ 10.50

Cooked aromatically in garlic & tomatoes, spreaded bountifully with baby clams, mussels, calamari, scampi and prawns. Heart the calamaris! Springy and fresh. Worth a try.

Risotto al Funghi£ 8.30

Mixed with cheesey bits and mushrooms, it was fragrant and delectable, but to a certain extent as your appetite will be too jam-packed if you had too much.


Hot Apple Pie with Ice Cream £ 4.50
A sweet ending with a hot and cold mingle will be flawless.

Thanks for the great birthday dinner Chris!

and your presence.

Surprise from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Great cooking skills.
Love you guys! Thanks for making it happen :)

To Velix & Aberdeen gang… thx for the birthday song on webcam!

Food that satisfied my cravings. They prepared my favourites!
Nasi Lemak, Tempuras, Braised Pork in Vinegar, Salads, Curry Chicken and Crabs!!

Our Christmas holiday will officially start next week!
Chris and I will be away to Paris, Austria and London for Christmas and New Year. Can’t wait!

Dearest Readers, Floggers, Bloggers and Friends,

We would love to wish all of you.....

Merry Christmas &

Happy New Year!

Will have more updates in Year 2009!
Have a great holiday everyone!

O' Sole Mio
34–36 Bath Street
Glasgow G2 1HG
Phone: +44 0141 331 1397


Does it really matter to reveal your age?
This question doesn’t seem to bother me at all until recently.

Birthdays are supposed to be celebrated with elation and joy, without agonizing over the increasing number. True.

However, the feeling of turning old-er can’t be wiped out.

Plus, the excitement of graduating in approximately half a year time was almost petered out when my thoughts was drawn on exams and servicing the government.

Work. Work as what I’ve been mashing up my brain for.

I’m not old YET.

I’m just old-ER.

So happy to tell……

I’m 23!


Mom sent me these to remind me I’m born in the year of Moo. ;P

Birthday wishes?

I’ve plenty!!

But I do hope that my 23rd birthday would bring my dad good health all the way. Although his condition is getting better, let’s pray there won’t be any complications.

What else?

I want to GRADUATE! ;P

And….. I want…..

This much food!

Thanks for all the pretty gifts and lovely cards sent from far across the sea from family and dearest friends! Luv all of ya!

Spending birthday far from home makes me miss 'em so much!

Asian Avenue Snacks & Desserts @ Sunway Pyramid

Few months back, AiWei and I was found hanging out, EATING again.
Miss those crazy shopping and food hunting times with her :)

We dropped by Asian Avenue located at the Sunway Pyramid's new wing, a spot targeting youth and and folks. Tired of eating out at bistros and typical eateries, some street food and snacks drew our attention.

1. Korean Street Food (Ccozi & Friends)

  • Tuna and Kimchi Bibimbap (RM11) - served with soup and kimchi

  • Ddock bock ki (Korean style rice cake) + Korean Pancake with Squid (RM11)

Verdict: A big no no from us.
The Bibimbap was unlikable. The taste was overpowering.
Pancake: Almost just flour. Pityful amount of ingredients. Only the rice cake were of acceptable standard :)

2. Shilin Snacks

Deep Fried Chicken Fillet with Bean Curd served with rice + a soya drink (RM9.90)
This offer was value for money and way better than the above :) Thumbs up!

3. Yokomon Japanese Ice Cream

Still not satiated...
Our cravings were not satisfied until we have our dessert....
A cup of Japanese Ice Cream would definitely help shut our yearns down.
Indulging a sweet repast here would be tranquil for me, as I love the pink decos and cute figurines plus displays!

Azuki (RM5.50)

Goma (RM5.50)

Must try!

Asian Avenue
Sunway Pyramid
New Wing

Kokuryo @ Argyle Street, West End

It was during HeuYee's birthday when all of us decided to go check out some Korean cuisines around Glasgow. Took a cab to West End, where we settled down in a small Korean eatery nestled at the corner for some chow down.

Offering a Korean menu with selections of rice, noodles and hot pots. Sushis were in their menu too. But their sushi was way too costly I thought.

What's in your mind when speaking about dining in a Korean restaurant?
No doubt.
Complimentary side dishes!!
Where you'll get a great variation. Distinctive colours with great different flavours.

I was excited.
But was turned down with only 4 selections.
I was too greedy. haha.. nono.
I was just too expecting ;P
No complains on their taste though...
Kimchi was alright.

dol sot bi bim bab (Stone Pot) - 8.99 pounds
Sliced beef with rice and a variety of vegetables & egg served with home made sauce, served with miso soup.
Piping hot ingredient and rice sizzling energetically in the stone pot. Love the gravy poured over my fragrant rice and beef. I just couldn't forego any bibimbab :)

Sizzling bul go ki - 8.99 pounds
Chargrilled marinated beef in rich soy sauce, served with salad greens and rice.

Sizzling dak gai bi - 8.99 pounds
Chargrilled chicken with Korean style rice cake, sweet potatoes and vegetables, served with rice.
Though claimed good, but there were only 2 small pieces of rice cakes, overwhelmed with chickens and sauce.

Sizzling oh sam bul go ki - 8.99 pounds
Korean bulgoki (spicy pork) with squids, served with rice.
Very flavoursome. Not too spicy, yet exciting.

Was very filling indeed and we walked all the way back to JBC while exploring the Christmas lightings in Glasgow.

1138 Argyle Street

West End
G3 8TD
Tel.: +44 0141 3345 566

Swedish Meatballs @ IKEA, Braehead

Hardly come about.

Perhaps in times of yore for me. LoL.

Recently it happened….

When Aberdeen team plans to visit Glasgow!

Was kinda surprised by these fellow friends when they mentioned paying Glasgow a visit a week earlier. Miscommunication I would say.

Of me being blur…..Thanks to me.

Nonetheless, nothing matters.

Bet they had fun with US being the hosts right?


Went to IKEA located at Braehead for some furniture hunt down and to seek creativity with an ambitious aim to beautify my rather petite room.

Stopped by the Swedish Food Market for some Swedish Meatballs. These little fragrant spherical minced meat are one of IKEA’s food feature I heard. Even Malaysia’s IKEA has it and I’ve never tried savouring them. Great. *shakes head*

Chris and I went for the set which cost 5.25 pounds.

Came with 20 Swedish Meatballs drizzled generously with finger-licking good gravy, adding moistness and flavour.

French fries in the set as well.

I personally love them, so does the Aberdeen team although they claimed M’sia’s Swedish meatballs gave more zest.

I love walking around IKEA. Felt like grabbing everything home when I already knew that my small room wouldn’t fit.

Bandar Utama’s IKEA!! Wait for me. I’ll be there. Good things will just have to wait. Haha.

IKEA Braehead
500 Renfew Road,
Glasgow, UK.

To get there: Take a bus x7 to Braehead at the Buchanan bus station

Hong Kee Dim Sum @ Bdr. Puteri Puchong

Almost half a year ago, dim sums were just cheap!
This only happens back home.

When an order of steamed dumplings cost approximately RM15 after conversion…
This happens here in UK.

A back dated post, found out that I’ve not reviewed Hong Kee’s Dim Sum in Malaysia after digging my picture archives. An opportunity to fantasize some indulgence as well!

Well, compared to the one I had in UK, Hong Kee would have won them ‘9 street’. Haha…

Deep fried prawn dumplings

Siew Mai

Steamed Pork Ribs

Braised Chicken Feet – I’m not very into this share initially but I am now addicted to it! A must order in Hong Kee for me ;P Hope they still preserve this standard tho…

Steamed Prawn Roll

Sang Chow Lo Mai Fan – another signature dish of Hong Kee

Century Egg Congee

Barbecued Pork (Char Siew) Cheung Fun

Wu Kok

Mini Egg Tarts – super miss these!!

I look forward….

More than half a year later,
You’ll probably see me weighing down with dim sums!

Dim Sum overkill!


Hong Kee Dim Sum
No.31 Jalan Puteri 2/5, Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong, Selangor

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