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A Decade of LOVE

1…2…3… setting our little feet into the number TEN
Learning to love
Learning to treasure

Finally, when the question popped, a once-in-a-lifetime decision was secured.
Time to get real after a DECADE!


Here's some humble tips that we would love to share on what we did for our Registration of Marriage.
Even planning for a simple ROM could be mind-blowing but it's fun after all, especially when the hubby involved himself a lot in it.

♥ Pre-ROM ♥

#1 Save the Date
Decide on the venue for registration first so that you could plan ahead. We chose JPN Putrajaya and it would be best to drop by JPN to submit the forms at least a month earlier. They need at least 21 days ahead before your proposed date as your details/submissions need to be displayed for 3 weeks.


Fook Mun Kee 福满记 @ Equine Park, Seri Kembangan

I love weekends! (non-working ones)
No early wakeup calls. No hectic jams.
And proper breakfast.


However, we would tend to leave out the neighbourhood and adjourn towards Serdang town or somewhere elses further for weekend breakfast as we would sometimes complain 'boring'. Until recently, Fook Mun Kee 福满记 came to the Equine Park neighbourhood bringing us another dining option. Unlike those typical kopitiams nestled with separate stalls, Fook Mun Kee specialized in a few specialities such as the Pork Rib Noodle, Hakka Mee, Curry Mee, Chicken Rice & a few others.

Tonkatsu by Wa Kitchen @ Pavilion, KL

I was ranting to Chris about killing the boredom of having our katsudon norms (yes.. chicken and beef) at a Japanese restaurant when our partner-in-crime AiWei rang the bell of dining at Tonkatsu instead.

What's Tonkatsu とんかつ?
Lat's read along.
It's a breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet, sliced into bite-sized pieces. Usually eaten with cabbage slices and miso soup. Yes. It's pork!
We could have guessed many of you would be aware of the whereabouts of Tonkatsu.


Wantan Mee @ Jalan Klang Lama (Old Klang Road)

Wantan Noodles...
The old time favourite that most people are never bored of.
It's almost a norm when it comes to ordering a plate of wantan mee upon entering kopitiams.
Be it during breakfast, lunch, dinner and perhaps supper?
What's more when the springy egg noodles is topped with juicy and succulent char siew (barbecued pork)? *drools*

Lucky us, we were surrounded with some goody goody fares of wantan mee like the tossed-up Char Siew Zhai, Cheras famous share at Jalan Kaskas, the celebrity char siew of Meng Kee, FSF…. there are just so many :)

Now comes along the hidden gem tucked along Old Klang Road, on the opposite road of Pearl International Hotel. At the end of the shoplots, you would spot this area with 2 stalls, selling Wantan Noodles and "Tai Chow" (Hokkien Mee, Fried Rice etc…). A white neon signboard that just exclaim the authentic flavours of Hokkien Mee and Wantan Noodles without names of the stall. However, this can be easily spotted. Just that parking could be a problem sometimes…
Well, we don't mind parking further… It's worth it :)

Not craving for "tai chow" (heard those are good too) that night...
We had their Wantan Mee - RM4.50 per plate
Springy egg noodles never disappoint us, no 'kan sui' (alkaline) taste, and of course, they blended very well with the black sauce tossed out by the chef. Tasty with a bit of sweetness from the char siew. We would recommend their “pun fei sau” (half lean, half fat). It could be more succulent and not too dry. Their char siew were not over-barbecued and the outer layer were coated with a thin layer of burnt caramel. Yum!
You could order a plate of just Char Siew alone if you wish too.


Wantan (Dumplings) wise, it was nicely wrapped, all plumped up with prawns and pork fillings. Broth to go with it were also tasty. So we bet their soup version of wantan noodles should be good too.

Wanton Mee@ Old Klang Road


Jalan Klang Lama (Near to the Kuchai Lama junction)
58000 Kuala Lumpur
Business hours: 6pm - 3am daily

Drop by for dinner.. or maybe supper??

View Wanton Mee @ Old Klang Road in a larger map

Babylon Restaurant @ Jalan Jati, KL - RM25++ for 2 Course Set Lunch

Thanks to http://goodyfoodies.blogspot.com/, we've found ourselves another work luncheon spot to splurge on a Friday afternoon. What's exciting was when I realized that this particular spot was once Max@iHaus; a fine dining restaurant that was set up by Max, which have now moved to Solaris Dutamas. Check out our previous review HERE. The bungalow that haus international brand names in furniture, have ample parking space for patrons & a large garden is now Babylon.

Well, we are here for the affordable lunch set that Babylon has came up with (the lunch set is different everyday).
Having known that:
"RM25+ for 2-course set lunch (with a complimentary drink). Set lunch only available Monday to Friday"
Affordable dining experience in a posh restaurant with friendly staffs around was a great turnover after having bored by daily lunchboxes. Haha.

Choices of the 2-Course Set Lunch for the day:
Smoked Salmon Green Salad
Start off your course with some greens.


Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup
Smooth and creamy mushroom soup was tasty. However a tad salty in our opinion.


Flat Rice Noodle with Egg Gravy (Wat Tan Hor) @ Kawasan Perniagaan Cheras Raya

Chris is always in search for the olden flavours. Seeking his childhood delicacies that he used to savour when he was so young and I love to tag along while he do so.

It's good news that he finally found the stall that he frequent when he was young, and it has just moved nearby from its previous site in Cheras.


Selling just Wat Tan Hor - Flat Rice Noodle with Egg Gravy - RM4.50
We love their generous amount of gravy with lotsa eggs making the noodles smoother.
Mix the flat rice noodle with some fried meehoon for better taste and texture.
It's shop has no signboard but it's easily spotted if you follow the map below. Located at the Kawasan Perniagaan Cheras Jaya (behind CIMB Bank)
Opens from 8am till noon.


View Cheras Wat Tan Hor in a larger map

Kin Shui Tei Japanese Restaurant @ Tropicana Golf & Country Resort - Leave the worries of Radiation behind!

Could I see a raise of hands when we ask......
How many of you have dined in a Japanese restaurant as frequent as you used to, ever since the aftermath of the giant quake thats swept Japan?

I can't even remember when was the last. I used to pester Chris for Jap meal whenever the craving drops by (which happens so often) and now... we would opt for other cuisine instead but not Japanese. Did you find this situation a resemblance?

Although we do know about how little the radiation impact was on us but the Malaysian mind could turn us timid sometimes. The nags from elderly trying to diverge our appetites away from Jap was one of the factor too.

I did not tell dear daddy we were going to Kin Shui Tei this time, as he would start his thoughts about radiation again. Haha.

Another reason that made us miss Kin Shui Tei was the cute Mr.Tanabe who established a high profile in Japanese culinary arts, the head chef who also specialize in churning out the best kaiseki; traditional multi-course Japanese dinner to suit one's appetite.


We were honoured to sample a few of their seasonal, off menu & new dishes offered by Kin Shui Tei.

Victoria Rossa English Tea Room @ Hartamas Shopping Centre

During the times when we are running out of ideas when it comes to digging the right place for an afternoon session catchups, the brother came up with the perfect thought of High Tea.

Where to?
Hartamas he whispered. His buy this round. Whee....

Nope. Not San Terri Cottage Cafe this round. We adjourned to something more English……….
To be precise, an English Tea Room……



The Mill @ Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur - Buffet only at RM39.90nett

---This deal has been SOLD OUT--- Thank you.

Calling out buffet lovers! Hands up please!
I'm pretty sure most of us would love to laze our thoughts off the "what-to-eat-this-time" matter and desire to have it all at a go. Spend it on a buffet spread!

No. Wait... I won't wanna spend more than RM200 on a table for 2 when I'm being stingy at times. Having buffet, in the city centre especially would just exhausted our wallet. Yes I do agree on that and most of the time, we would just drive home without any second chance given for a palate exploration on hotel buffets.

However, we spotted The Mill of Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur...
It's a trendy dining spot with a set-up bringing out both contemporary yet posh design churning a comfy ambiance. With a wide variety from Asian to Western cuisine, fret not of not finding the right course to dine with.

Let's dig in shall we?

Salads & Smoked Meat


The Pink Sage Diner and Pantry @ Solaris Dutamas

After the big breakfast at Jarrod & Rawlins, the thought of having the next round of English breakfast for a change would be The Pink Sage. However, this plan has been on hold for quite sometime till an extent of forgetting all about it.
I was browsing through http://www.thepinksage.com/ one day and found their menu to be kinda limited. It did hold us back for a while but we still end up trying as this has been on the list for quite sometime which needed our attention. haha.

Pink Sage was designed principally to adapt comfortable. Incorporating ideas of american diners with longer length dimensions coffee table and comfy couch. Its interior was neat and nice to look at.




Bravo to Pink Sage, as we were seated, we were quickly introduced to their new selections of menu; with wider range of burgers, pastas, other main course and desserts.

Tang Shifu 汤师父 @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre

I have a thing over hot soups. Esp when the cycle comes and you needed the period tea so badly. You gals know what I meant...*wink*
We spotted Tang Shifu 汤师父, literally means the soup master with exclamations of eating healthily.

Menu scrutinized and indeed, they offer a variety of soups nonetheless, rice, noodles, bird's nest, ginseng soups and even Pun Choy. Soups double boiled with chinese herbs that stressed on improving blood circulation... they keep u very warm :)

Abalone Sauce Rice Dumplings - RM9.90
Compact pillow-shaped rice dumplings are ingredients-filled.


Prego @ The Westin, Kuala Lumpur

I didn't realize that this post have been hibernating in my pending write-ups section for so long and we went here during my birthday! It has been kinda hiatus lately resulting the degeneration of memory...

What I remembered well was...
As a Starwood Privilege member, Rewards? It's just so easy to get. Dining privileges where you dine for free, great discounts rate at participating restaurants. Be it seasonal gourmet fares to authentic local treats.
You could visit http://privilege.starwoodhotels.com for more info of the participating hotels and resorts or to join Starwood Privilege.

Not cheap for sure, but for a fine dining experience and a 50% discount we get, we didn't complain. Total bill came up to about RM400++ after discount plus a complimentary Tiramisu (whole cake). Thanks to Starwood Privilege again :)

Fresh bread to start off, with some olive+vinegar & tomato dip


The Huckleberry Cafe ♥ @ Times Bookstore, BSC

The Lazy Song by Bruno kept playing in our heads and this reminded us for a laid back afternoon on a weekend. Chilling out with a cuppa, a book and not forgetting desserts!


HuckleBerry @ BSC1

Ninja Joe Burgers @ The Gardens

It's all about fast food that crossed our mind whenever we're in a hurry or decided to skip the feast with a valid excuse to feed our wedding piggy bank lately...
Burgers satiate us fast but thinking of having McD would sometimes bore my appetite.
Fret not as Ninja Joe would save us.

It's not easy to find a fast food outlet that sells pork burgers. Ooo yeah!


Some said it's mini, but we find it filling for us.
A ninja is not enough? The more you buy, the cheaper it gets.

Solo ninja - RM 5.90
2 ninjas - RM 9.90
3 ninjas - RM 12.90
6 ninjas - RM 23.90

FYI, you can choose between 6 different flavours for your pork patty: Original, Oriental, Teriyaki, Black Pepper, Sweet&Sour and Spicy.

♥ The Perfect Proposal ♥

Let's take a little break away from food and indulge in our short love story... shall we?

It's funny and contented somehow when we both looked back on how it's all started...
From 2 strangers on the ice churning up a relationship, reaching where we are now 


And finally, during our 10th year...
He decided to pop 'The-Question-many-girls-would-love-their-bf-to-ask-when-the-rite-time-comes' In short... he proposed!


Champs Bistro @ Centre Point Bandar Utama

It was one of the usual after work days (Friday night!) when the workaholic gals and us decided to befriend happy hour once quite dear to us. But before the pints of alcohol pours in, dinner was what we looked forward first. Zooming fast from KL to BU for Champ's was the first agenda for the night.

Champ's Bistro was easy to locate as we stepped into Centre Point as their catchy buntings depicted their very famous Prawn Mee with huge prawns. Besides beers and music, it is quite a winner as most people know Champ's by its famous pork noodle, ribs, char key tow beside prawn mee

Jumbo-sized Prawn Noodle - RM21.90
The most expensive bowl of prawn noodle that I've ever tasted, it did manage to impress me as it's prawn shell infused broth was simmered with pork ribs which made the soup base sweeter somehow. Prawns are fresh and portion was huge too. However, i still thought it's a wee bit pricey. It was named the "Damn Shiok" Hokkien Prawn Mee apparently... :)


The Haute Food Co @ Plaza Damas, Hartamas, K.L

You are fifteen going on sixteen + ten *hehe*
Fellows will fall in line
Eager young lads and rogues and cads
Will offer you food and wine...
*humming after Rolf & Lisle*

We recently celebrated our bestie's sweet 26 in a little cafe poured with warm decos, friendly staffs and a display counter filled with cakes & desserts waving gracefully at us. The Haute Food Co. was the venue for Citygal's birthday. An ideal place to relax and enjoy healthy light meals with your companions; a spot for tete-a-tete & catching up. A great compliment to the named 'fashionably elegant' which means haute, was the fresh ingredients that they used. You'll see why once you've tried and I believe many patrons have became their regulars now.


Their coffee is brewed from Genovese coffee beans, from Melbourne. Aromatic and smooth.
Cappuccino - RM7.50


Fong Lye Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid

Let's have a quickie!
Fong Lye has been touring around in our eat list for quite sometime but just recently, we paid it a visit. Besides having heard of their great Taiwanese fares, their cute interior made us fell for it more. As we were both craving for something hot and warm, we settled for:


Sesame Chicken Mee Sua Set - RM19.80
It tasted like a serving of confinement soup and I loved it. Aromatized with sesame and with hints of rice wine, the chicken was smooth and enjoying it with my favourite mee sua was a very good idea.


Ishin Japanese Dining @ Off Jalan Kelang Lama

Ishin was a great place for a family sit-down dinner when it comes to gatherings. Nestled at off Jalan Kelang Lama, it's a bungalow-like Japanese restaurant situated by the road with a modern interior and yet displaying their sophisticated traditional & spherical sushi bar. Flattered as we were, seated comfortably at the corner and began the ordering as we were impressed by their notions of serving genuine Japanese and Kaiseki style cuisines that are cooked to order. Fresh seafood and ingredients, air-flown from Japan twice a week :)

Fried Prawn heads with appetizing sauce to start off with...


Agedashi Tofu - RM12


Fitou Brasserie @ Waterfront, Desa Park City- St. Patrick’s Festival!

There's always a reason for celebrations and we just love to find one. Blessed with happening festivals all year long, Guinness has been a great companion during Arthur's Day. And now, it's time to shout out 'Merry Goes Round in March'!
Yes, their theme for the festival, we'll be ready to party with the spirit of St. Patrick's Festival with feast thanks to the GUINNESS® promotions starting from 1st March 2011 to 31st March 2011. St. Patrick's Festival has been internationally celebrated on 17 March. Named after Saint Patrick, it became an official feast day & a month long celebration with good food and not forgetting teaming 'em up with pints of Guinness.

Thanks to the invitation from Fitou Brasserie, enjoying the Guinness Feast in an eatery well-known for their Mediterranean cuisine from France, Italy and Spain was spectacular.

In conjunction with this festival, Fitou is offering their St. Patrick’s Festival Menu. (Exclusively available from 1st March – 31st March 2011)
Pricing: Ala Carte @ RM34++
Irish Set with a perfect pint of Guinness @ RM48 nett
These are the 3 seasonal dishes available for the month of March.


Irish Beef Stew with Guinness served with Carrots & Potatoes
Soft beef stew infused with world’s favourite black brew of Guinness. Flavoursome gravy was perfect for bread dipping too.


Little Korea @ Solaris Mont Kiara

We were looking for the perfect dining place for a family gathering and spotted Little Korea online. Reading positive feedbacks and reviews guaranteed us a table soon after. Anticipation tagged along and it was very easy to locate Little Korea.
Upon entering this little cute place, we were greeted by a homely ambiance. Decorations adorning the restaurant brought enchantment as we looked around. This pleased my mom especially, very much.
However, one thing that was not very ideal about this place was the absence of fume hood which made the area kinda stuffy.

Special Menu Set (for 7-8 Persons) - RM420

Mo Dum Ku Ee
A mixed BBQ platter consisting marinated & non-marinated beef, pork slices, lamb, prawn, mussels, corn and mushrooms.
Just sit back and relax while watching the friendly staff sizzle their way to accommodate your appetite.


Little Korea

Sanook Bistro and Sports Bar @ Plaza Kelana Jaya, PJ

Everyone just wanna have FUN! Who doesn't?
Beating away all worries and throw yourself into the nothing-but-fun-moments.
It didn't hit us about this place who focused on bringing colours into your black & white diary until Ken told us so. We were delighted to be invited over to discover this hidden fun place for ourselves at Plaza Kelana Jaya; which is so new to us.

The place to be: Sanook (which means "fun" in Thai)


We were welcomed by the Godfather, the warm and friendly owner who would love to introduce fun to people. Executives, chefs, waiters.. bla bla... We would say, "boring!" And instead, positions like people pleaser, chief people pleaser, chief food artist etc were used for the crew members. Cute eh?

Sanook brings on 2 concept to accommodate patron's favour.
Alfresco@Sanook on the ground floor let the diners dine, fronting a lake. Enjoying your food while comforting yourself with the breeze and witnessing views of the lake. FYI, they don't just serve typical Thai food. Sanook offers tasty Asian cuisines, some Western fix, Italian pastas & wood oven pizzas, not forgetting great tapas to go with your drinks and desserts!


Sushi Tei @ Tropicana City Mall


A vivid memory still playing well within flashing the many moments I pestered my mom to have SUSHIS during the teenage years and Sushi King was like the only choice we use to opt for. Assure me that it's a bliss now guys... 'cos we're really spoiled with many choices of Jap cuisine. Affordable sushi stations offering a variety of creative and delicious fresh dishes comes very handy nowadays.

Sushi Tei would be one of our options; let it be work luncheon or a table for two with Chris.
Sushi Tei was originated from Singapore, they have even expanded and opened more branches in China, Indonesia and Australia. Guaranteed flavours, reputation and most importantly dining here definitely won't dry your wallet up.

Nagomi Lover's Bento @ Nagomi Japanese Restaurant

Hey peeps!
I wonder how has this fluffy Rabbit year treating you? Especially to friends who are celebrating CNY... Good food with abundance non-stop everyday? I'm pretty sure.
And again, another year of coincidence bliss dropped by as Mr.Rabbit meets Saint Valentine.

Cupid is out to hunt again.
Aiming at you! Bringing the romantic atmosphere of swirling kisses and sweet words peaking into little tuffs of cotton (I always thought this phrase sounded so cute.. haha).
So guys! Fret not if you've not blink up the where-to-bring-your girlfriend-for-valentine's idea, as going for Japanese would always be a good choice. Nagomi would help you please her.
In fact, Valentine's should not only be meant for couples. Good friends hanging out for a nice meal for this special occasion would be a very thoughtful idea too.

During our previous visit to Nagomi Japanese restaurant, its main focus was on shabu-shabu. Good news to know that Nagomi's menu is refurbishing, bringing us lotsa surprises with more choices of Japanese delicacies and yet remaining their satisfying standard of shabu-shabu.

From 11th Feb - 14th Feb 2011, Nagomi will be introducing their Nagomi Lover's Bento @ RM99++/bento.


Celestial Court @ Sheraton Imperial - Standard Chartered Extravagant 8 menu


Another 2 days to usher the brand new year of the cuddly Rabbit. During this festivity and celebration, probably more food is consumed than any other time of the year. Everyone must admit, and we would be searching highs and lows the most decent restaurant for a traditional 'Lou Sang' session and share the spread of Chinese feast with our loved ones; friends and family. It's a norm to expect vast amounts of food prepared that attribute various superstitious aspects for the fulfillment of health, wealth and happiness!


Zing @ Grand Millennium Hotel, Kuala Lumpur - Extravagant 8 menus


It's about time when we bid the tiger goodbye to usher the bunnies over.
Fun, friends, frolic and most importantly food! That is all new year celebrations is all about. We would be looking forward to more close family affairs, a time of reunion and thanksgiving. 


This round, we got 'ZING-ed' up and had an early reunion with some fellow floggers at Zing located at the Grand Millennium Hotel. Special thanks to Standard Chartered group, Meena & Tim, we were the lucky bunch to feast on the customized Extravagant 8 menus which is priced at RM888++ per table of 8 pax. Standard Chartered credit card holders could explore the oriental gastronomical journey between 20 January and 17 February 2011 exclusively. FYI, Zing is just one out of the 8 participating restaurants that offers the  Extravagant 8 menus.

Huck's Cafe: a Private Kitchen @ Gasing Indah, PJ

It was a spontaneous 'YES' I answered when the besties Kampungboycitygal, AiWei & WenChing decided to throw a birthday celebration for Chris and I at a private kitchen.

Visiting a private kitchen has always been on our eat list for quite sometime but somehow fail to discover the nice ones. As an avid fan of TVB dramas, we've known that private kitchen is a unique type of eatery in Hong Kong. Typical one is based in an ordinary apartments, the capacity is usually less than 10 customers, with no prominent shop signs & advertising is usually by word of mouth from friends. Well thanks to Citygal, we get to know about Huck's Cafe at last.

Do bear in mind if you were to visit Huck's, RESERVATION IS A MUST as it's a home dining concept with limited seating capacities.

Huck's Cafe is nestled in the PJ neighbourhood, offering a three course meal with beverages included at RM68 nett per pax. Affordable and quality home-cooked food that all of us yearned for. Let's feast!

We started off with the Basil Seed Mint Soda for a refreshing start.


Complementary Salad
A combination of mandarin oranges, rose apples (jambu air) & leafy greens. However, the flavours of the dressings could have tasted stronger.


El Meson: a spanish table @ Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar

We decided to have a rather 'Spanish' birthday celebration for the two sweethearts whose birthday fell on the first month of this brand new year.

A cosy celebration for AiWei & WenChing:
our partners in crime...
the culprits who boosted our motivation for more food-hunting...
It's ok. Cos we still love you!

Feliz cumpleaños girls! It means Happy Birthday in Spanish

We settled for El Meson located on Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar for a warm Spanish dinner. Going easy on our gastro-quota, we started off with some tapas. I adore tapas; small Spanish savoury dishes served from selections of meat, seafood to vegetables. We love it being SMALL… but these small servings would be huge as the variety adds.

I miss Spain. Very badly. And an order of the Iberian pig, very well known to be found at an area in Southwestern Spain seemed a must
Iberico Pork Strips in Honey and Sweet Paprika on Potato - RM24


Chorizos - RM16
Spicy Spanish sausages on Confit potatoes


Levain Boulangerie Patisserie @ Jalan Delima, Off Jalan Imbi KL

My girlfriends and I have a big thing for desserts. Most girls do I know.
When it comes to pastries, cakes or even breads. We're unstoppable.
What's more if it's stone oven baked pastries! Well it was written on the wall as I stepped into Levain Boulangerie Patisserie.



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