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The Pokey Hat. The Counting House.

Weekends are supposed to be enjoyed. Spending weekends here at Glasgow are most often contributed doing grocery shopping, laundry-ing....
I miss the cinema weekends and chilling out at malls with Chris.
Sunday get-together with family.
However, finding leisure around here,
Getting yourself connected to the nature,
Is much easier.

There we went, to the Isle of Bute.
Walking, taking the train for 1 hour, and boarding the ferry, took bus, and walked again for miles!
But worthwhile.
Scenic routes you'll witness,
But also thanks to this one day trip, my foot is still aching.

MountStuart House at The Isle of Bute!

After touring and lotsa photo taking sessions, we went back to the small town near the port, in search for some ice-cream. Windy and chilly weather, matched up with cones of chillin' ice cream was what we wanted upon reaching!!
Stopped by the Pokey Hat for some :P
Cost us a pound each :)

Bubble Gum flavour

Ferrero Rocher

and Vanilla for myself!

Finally, we reached Glasgow's city center and we're all worn out. FOOD! to heal our empty stomach is what we needed.
The Counting House at George Square. Packed with people once we stepped in. Almost,I mean ALL the Scottish were drinking. Culture. Routine. Most restaurants here will eventually turned into a pub during the night :P

We had the "2 main meals for 7.69 pounds deal"
Meatballs with Linguine Pasta. I thought the sauce was too sour, but love the texture of the meatball. Good stuff :P

Thai Noodle Salad. Highly scented with spices. It was tasty and served cold. A unique salad serving :)

Fish and Chips
Served with tartar sauce, a total different serving compared to the one we had back at Fish and Chips at Buchanan, which was added with vinegar. However, I still thought this was better and cheaper! ;P

Heard from some locals about the lovely burgers and beers served here. Gonna grab some if I'm returning here again :)

Living in Glasgow. I need more Food.

Before starting out my venture for more food in Glasgow, I would like to show off a little something to my parents and family :P
I can actually cook!
Look mom!


It might look a little distracting, but it's tasty enough. Just adequate.
The Seaweed with Beef Balls Soup warmed us all that rainy night.

I miss the spices back at home.
I miss spicy fares.
I miss my aunt's curry chicken.
We created a little dish using the Spicy Chili Mexican style sauce with chicken and potatoes. Very satisfying on our first attempt. Will work more in enhancing its flavours at the next go.

Summer sales!
I couldn't forego shopping on a beautiful weekend!
*scratch head* I shopped the least among the girls. No mood being built up yet. Maybe I'm thinking about home too much. I just need a month or two to adapt to things and the people around. I miss them. So much.
Rested ourselves and dined in at Fish & Chips located on the Buchanan Street. Tucked away in the corner lot, lots of patrons dropped by for a take-away. We managed to find seats at the window bay. Did lots of walking exercises, but still, I won't sweat! Have not been sweating for quite sometime around :P

Huge portion of Fish and Chips for 4.55 pounds. Deep fried with lotsa fries, with added salt, ketchup & vinegar. Good stuff!

Sausages and Chips for 3.15 pounds if I'm not mistaken.

Potluck @ Glasgow
One of the best activity here to gather everyone, with food :)
Our first potluck elsewhere from our motherland turned out to be fruitful. Though only simple dishes, it was warm at heart.

Fried Rice by Block H-1-ers

Chicken Curry :P

Our housemates prepared the Spaghetti :P

Tiramisu by J-7-ers

Ended our fantabulous dinner with another dessert of Sweet Potato & Ginger soup. Perfect for the cold weather :)

I hope I can withstand the challenges in front of me...
As I have doubts that wasn't very clear...
Most people could sense the misery in me...
Thanks for being helpful and I'll try hard :)
Very hard ;)

A New Post. A New Country

It's been a week since I left my beloved people around....
To a place that I've never been...
Glasgow has many to offer.
Cool weather (very cold for me actually although it's summer!)
Nice environment.
Amazing buildings.

Except the hectic class from 9 to 5 everyday... ;(
Learning to be independent is one very encouraging process, sometimes it's tough too.
Learning to save money is easy here. Can't afford to eat out always, besides, it's so muak to feed myself with only burgers and sandwiches all the time :P
Learning to cook, another aim to achieve besides graduating with honour :)

Felt tired everyday...
Good mood vanished suddenly as soon as the day starts.
Have to keep myself motivated.

Without elaborating much, here's what I had these few days at a place far from home...

Home-cooked meal: Actually I feel kinda proud. haha. Hope can cook for you guys nexttime when I'm back! :P
Still learning......

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Tesco's Tortelloni

Sesame Chicken with Potatoes

Stir Fry Cabbage with Crab Roe and Carrot

Went to the New Mercy Church and had Scottish lunch for the first time.
We were fed with Haggis, some Scottish Pie and other desserts

I am actually quite into the taste of Haggis! (00... lamb's innards)

Strawberry Pie that I'm eyeing on for so long

I miss my dad...
Didn't manage to celebrate Father's Day with him this year :(

On Sunday, we headed for the West End Festival at HillHead for the once in a year parade. Glad that I'm able to witness it. Lots to see and experience.

Juicy Beef Burger with Cheese for only 1.50 pounds

Chinese Restaurant: China Express
Located just opposite my hostel, the Chinese take-away serves really big portion. For 3.90 pounds, a big serving of rice with the options of meat of your choice will be served.

Chicken Curry Rice - tasted like Japanese curry

Spare Ribs Rice - too much colouring

OMG. Can't really find good Chinese food at UK. *sniff*

p/s: sorry for the short and brief elaboration. Still doesn't have the mood to pay full attention to blog.
In the mean time, I'll continue to write on the food back at Malaysia (still has loads), while trying to adapt to the place and weather here. Doing this, it makes me crave for M'sian food!

I miss many things back home.
Sorry, as I won't be updating as frequently, maybe once a week? :P Busy-Nya...
Hope u guys still read!

I'm Loved

I'll be leaving Malaysia in less than 24 hours!!

So gonna miss the endless list of things and the people here!

Most probably I'm gonna end up crying like mad at the airport tomorrow. u can bet ;P

Thank you for all the accompaniment, farewells and activities that made me even more heavy-hearted...

LOVE u guys! :)


F.A.M.I.L.Y - I'll always spell it right

F.R.I.E.N.D.S that I've known all my life - best among the best

Friends from City... to Kampung...

Sk8ters - partners in crime on ice

Gonna miss cycling with the sweetest thing on earth too~

F.O.O.D.I.E.S - passion shared can't be evaluated


Sistas - 4 of us were separated apart, hope to reunite with all of you soon!

Chris :)

Will keep my updates on when I've settled down at Glasgow! :)
Take care everyone!

Seventh Heaven

"Can you be my girlfriend?"
I harmonized the question and the concurrence of him being so assure brought us where we are now.

Sadly, we have to bring forward our rejoice of the anniversary since I've to leave very soon...
Although it was just an afternoon lunch, the session seemed endless. I'm looking forward for every makan session with you when I'm back again dear!

Simple and minimal.
What we looked for this year.
San Francisco Steakhouse provided the serenity.
In all, food was delectable.

Foregoing the order of steak here would be a shameful idea and our order of the regular Rib Eye Steak was just juicy and tender. Let it be medium and it'll be just perfect. Priced at RM48.90, the high-quality beef taken from the hindquarters was also served with sweet corn and a baked potatoes topped with shallots, spring onions and sour cream.

To cut down the amount of meaty dishes, an order or the Alfredo with chicken and mushroom cream sauce was absolute. Won't wanna go too heavy with the cheesy servings of carbonara this time :)
Creamy sauce empowering the chunks of chicken and mushroom got hitched with the spaghetti, bringing the best out of it. *I'm relating this to us actually* haha
This was priced at RM19.90.

Complimentary bread for us before the mains

What's a celebration without a drink or two?
Wanna go easy on alcohols? It would still be as wonderful to sip away, minus the alcohol content.
Introducing the perfect accompaniment to all dining occasions, known as the Patritti: Sparkling Red Grape Juice. "Halal product" (RM45)
You can opt for the white version if you prefer...
Personally, we loved it a lot :P

Everytime the people asked,
How we met,
I would still be as overwhelming,
As ever,
I would still be skating by your side,
Awaiting your lift of guarantee,
Of throwing jumps of fondness,
To spins of affection,
We would be bonded,
Happy 7th Anniversary!

p/s: Thanks to yeulou for the amazing visual and sketch from you again! You've drawn us cute! :P

San Francisco SteakHouse
Lot G (E) 001 & 002, Ground Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2938 2882
Fax: 03-2938 2992
Business Hour:
12.00noon - 12.00midnight (daily)
Website: Click HERE

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