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De-Stressing with Goodies!

Less than a day to finals... Having to tolerate with heavy facts on study breaks is just unbearable. Yea right...Pretty sure everyone went through this. Just saying all this distinctively to compensate the stressing last 2 weeks of September :(

I seemed a little relax meanwhile...
As I have the aid to relieve my impaired mind...
Yes! Goodies bought by parents from Macau!
Ok.... I really need snacks. Just studying all the time won't guide me any further. Food and snacks will be the determining factor!

Taking tea breaks soothes my disabled thoughts.
Check this out: double thumbs up from me!

The Walnut Cookies!

Crispy and tasty!

Don't worry Chris.. I'll save ONE piece for you! *giggle*

Walnut cookies

Another recommendation. A 'must buy' if u happen to visit Macau... The Phoenix Egg Rolls with Seaweed and Shredded Pork Jerky!

egg rolls with seaweed

Pleasantly tasty Egg Roll wrapped with a layer of seaweed... incorporated with shredded jerky! (yuk si) *Ooolala*

Oops.. I should have taken a picture of the ingredient inside :(

Not to miss this, Portuguese Egg Tarts from Macau! Dad bought us these on the last day of their trip. How thoughtful! Direct from the oven, taken away by dear dad, traveling 3 hours back to Malaysia, there they are... laying down happily on our kitchen table.. readily to be eaten.

portugeese egg tarts

Tho not hot, but it's still crispy! Tasted milky as well.... much better off than those in Malaysia.

Mini dessert cubes! Convenient and cute!

All bakery products mentioned above were from the Choi Heong Yuen Bakery, Macau. Pretty sure that I'm going to sapu lots of their products if I'm holidaying in Macau. As goodies for friends and relatives...? it'll be perfect! :)

Would like to thank my dear girlfriends, who came to visit me the other day.... Really had fun with you girls! Helped me relax definitely! Fooling around, dinner, and celebrating the belated mid-autumn festival at my place!
And Aiwei.. who baked such lovely muffins for me! They are really good! Will try baking some myself later and let you try for sure!

Muffins by Ivy

Muffins by AiWei! Thanks gal! :)


Vanilla muffin

choco coffee

Choco Coffee :)

Cookies, tarts, muffins....
Thank you for relaxing my nerves :)
I love.... all of your company!

Dear batchmates!

All the best in the Finals!

Learn smart! Think hard!

More food reviews after my uni's peak period!

Mid-Autumn Festival - a Reminiscence

candle light

Every year, the mid-autumn festival a.k.a the Mooncake Festival is celebrated with such excitable atmosphere and marked as one of the memorable celebration. However, this year...the declining moods and lack of family togetherness have caused the diminished deposition of merriness.
The best mooncake festival celebration that I ever had was of course during the younger days.
Being naive and not worrying about daily happenings, lighting up candles all over and running around with pretty lanterns! I missed that!

My dear parents went honeymoon-ing in Macau to count down to their 23rd Anniversary! *sweet* Due to this sweet event, my parents, the hosts are not present to organize the yearly celebration with the aunts and uncles...
So... left me with my brothers, grandpa and luckily Chris will be joining us for dinner :)
A small celebration. No extra activity. Nestled at home quietly. Waiting for mom and dad to be back midnight!

During weekends, bro and his gal celebrated in advance and I joined them for that little moment. Lighten up our garden beautifully with lanterns, playing with candles --- reminds me the past events.

Bro made tea :)

Not having any mooncakes on this yearly celebration will be like the missing jigsaw in a puzzle :) Complete it with the well-known Chinese delights! Various types of mooncakes are available these days, incorporating new flavour, but I still prefer the mooncakes of undisputed origin. The classic ones...

The collections on our tea-table

Mini Shanghai Mooncakes from Malacca! also known as the Egg Yolk Pies

These are cute! another mini version :) with compact fillings of dried coconuts.

Love the double yolk TaiThong Mooncake. I heart them.

The piggies from Aunt Stacy! Aren't they adorable?? Can't afford to land my teeth on them..

Mini snowskin mooncakes

The mini Snowskin mooncakes of distinct flavour by Berry Cakehouse. The rapsberry with green bean just tasted so wise! But... it's missing in the pic. Well.. It's already in my stomach. *giggle*

Although there were occurrence of the distressing moods, lacking of the strong "flavour" of the celebration but with the presence of loved ones... contentment overwrites them :)

Celebrate it with your loved ones!
Treasure the moment!

Happy Mooncake Festival everyone!

Mid-Autumn Festival is in the air

Birthday Festivity @ Marmalade, Bangsar Village II

September has been quite a joyous month, as 2 of my best pals, Yen and Khee, celebrated their 21st birthday! Finally they have the "key" to unlock the infinite pleasure and happiness. Just hope that they'll find their favourable routes in life as well as pursuing their dreams in the healthcare field smoothly :)

Khee's big day arrived a few days earlier, so we decided to buy her lunch at somewhere different. She requested for Secret Recipe's cake initially but we banned her idea. AiWei and I planned to mark her enjoyment in the Marmalade cafe, in Bangsar Village II. Finally I made my way... for the very first time... to Bangsar Village! Have been telling MeiYen & xiulongbao how i longed to go there as I don't really visit Bangsar area frequently.

After settling and tucked ourselves comfortably, we insisted that AiWei make the order of main course for us as she has visited this place before. I'm eyeing on those desserts already! hah!

First of all, for salads, we had the Sounds of Havana. Sounded great eh? For RM14, it's a salad comprising of chicken, pineapple, coconut salsa, pepper, cashew nuts & haloumi. A great starter that stimulated and augmented our appetite. We're overwhelmed with it. Great presentation... beautiful!

CIMG2470 copy

Next up, the tummy warmers for us all! Turkey & Mushroom quiche for RM16. I love this as well... so cheesy and filling. Combination of mushrooms, cheese and shredded turkey meats warmed our hearts and everything just tasted great when you're in a pervading happy environment and what's more with these gals! Right?

CIMG2469 copy

Another main course that we shared... one of their recommended springy delights, the Spaghetti Smoked Salmon. Embellished prettily, this pasta served with white sauce and olives definitely rocked my sense of taste! So into it :) The smoked salmon just goes well with the pasta. Pleasant!
Priced at RM19.

CIMG2479 copy

AiWei, Yen and I chose to have some hot drinks. A nice warm cuppa would make us comfier :)
We had Marmalade's Homemade Tea: RM7 per serving.

CIMG2471 copy

from left: Chrysanthemum Orange, Honey Lemon Lime and Hibiscus Rose

Khee, the coffee lover opted for Iced Cappuccino for RM8. She claimed that the coffee she had in India was way way more aromatic and tasted wiser ;P

CIMG2473 copy

After the tummy filling and chatting sessions, desserts desserts! A cake for Khee is a must! Since AiWei said that MeiYen recommended the Blueberry Yogurt Cake, we decided to give it a try! With no regrets, this pretty yogurt cake was definitely a satisfying dessert! Addition of the blueberry cream or sauce gave the extra kick :) Bet Khee loved it!

CIMG2493 copy

She's managing it happily!

CIMG2500 copy

Ahh... Thick and creamy. Not too sweet, just nice. I'm no sweet-tooth :(

Sigh! Should have ordered the Oreo Cheesecake since AiWei kept complimenting on it!
I'm so into cupcakes that moment and I ended up ordering the Peanut Butter cupcake for RM4.50.
First: tasted on the icing, hmm.. not bad.
Second: the cake itself, Oh god.. tooo sweeeet! Like eating a spoonful of sugar! I'm disappointed!

CIMG2495 copy

Peanut Butter Cupcake ~ looks can be deceiving!

*pouts* sorry girls :(

CIMG2505 copy

Guess what we got for the birthday gal? Even she herself had a hard time finding out.

The Torch! used by practitioners for clinical examination on patients. Hope she'll find it useful! She experimented on us first!

~ Camwhoring time! ~

Love you Khee!

Friends 4 Ever!
Happy 21st Birthday Khee!


1F-18, First Floor, Bangsar Village II,

No.1, Jalan Telawi Dua,

Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03 - 2282 8301

Fax: 03 - 6201 4851

see.... Still can't resist cupcakes! haha...

KL Restaurant --- The Best Food Hub!

Attention dear Readers :) and especially to all Dear Floggers! (Food Bloggers!)

KL-Restaurant: The Best Food Hub
Probably have not heard any noteworthy informations on it, but you will now!
My innovative friend and a few of his partners have just established a registered company, known as the KL Internet Advertising Network (001706428-A)

What is it all about?
As the title denotes, it is a restaurants' information HUB. A central point where internet users or food lovers can easily browse through and look for their favourite cuisines all in a site! Convenient huh? I'd love that! How about you?

What kinds of food?
All kinds! These are how they categorize them
  • Malay
  • Chinese
  • Indian
  • Asean
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Western
  • Seafood
  • Vegetarian
  • Fast Foods
  • Bakery & Tidbits
  • Cafe
  • Buffet
For the moment, the site's authorities only emphasized more on foods and delicacies found in Klang Valley as it's still a freshie... Will definitely expand to other places and states as well!

So right now...
I need your help! Yes... especially the floggers who frequently eat out ;)
As this is still a newly set up but firm on a permanent basis site, we need advertisers! We need to get restaurants or eateries to place their advertisements and restaurant's info into the site in order to help it function and enhance the facility that this site can provide to dear users.
I personally think that this Food Hub idea is an innovative one, adhering to the people's growing requirements and expectations on good food available.

For your information, to advertise in 1 slot, it's only RM250 per year!
Click on the logo below to check out the website.

What you have to do?
Just have normal eat-out sessions like you used to....
Capture nice shots for your blog (if you're a food blogger)
and.. an additional task. Ask! Ask whether they're interested to advertise in this useful site!

To all floggers and readers as well, if you're interested in aiding my friend and I in this interesting and worthwhile project....
Leave me a comment and a feedback will be given of course, regarding the informations to be delivered to restaurants' owners. You'll be given a booklet and not to forget... commissions! Earn a lil' extra income perhaps?
Oya.. the participating floggers will have their blogs featured in the site's food blog column :)


Please help!

I know you can :)

Meanwhile... I'll leave this post here.. static for a week or two while busying with my study workloads. Finals coming! Ahhh!!! *bitting nails*
Will share more food posts later on.
I need more luck right now rather than scrumptious meals!!
Anyways... hope I'll get a desirable response from you guys! Just an extra question during your makan sessions won't hurt I guess. ;P

Sunday Lunch @ Rakuzen, Chulan Square

A gathering. A reunion.

Date: 09.09.07

Time: 12 pm sharp

Venue: Rakuzen @ Chulan Square

Theme: All you can eat! yup.. all you can eat for RM55++ !!

Dear readers,

I hereby would like to share with contentment, on our terrific lunch session the other day. Other than the great deal of price, highly satisfying food, it's also a come together devotion with all my soul mates! My 3 kakis of sistas, deary thoughtful Chris, innovative Lick and Yen's better half, the intellectual Eldrick! What's more happier was that Khee is back! Taking a break from her pressured and stressing medical course in India.. she certainly had lots of stories to tell although she kept mumbling and complaining non-stop about how much fatigue she had experienced! Don't wanna mention any "eewy-gooey" stuffs that she had gone through in her forensic class! Let's not spoil the atmosphere of enjoying the desired qualities of Japanese food!

Our enthusiastic and heated state of mind of possessing pleasure in the restaurant along with such great companies made us thought that everything we ordered and served were a thumbs up! No complaining.. No dissatisfaction expressed... except "Ho Jiak!"*smiles*

When each of us had the menu in our hands, we can't stop ordering! *pleased* Poor waiter that served our table full of gluttons! Have to take note of our many requests! Well.... he did smile a little, I suppose :P We placed order like there is no tomorrow! Love this feeling!
The buffet is only otherwise on for Sunday lunch hour: 12pm till 3pm. On other days, it's ala carte they're offering. I find that having ala carte meals here is kinda costly. The buffet session is much better off and value for money. Are there any difference in the quality of food besides the different price range?

Lets get hungry again with all these dishes that we ordered that day!

For starters, we had Chuka Iidako (seasoned baby octopus), Chilli Ika (chili cuttlefish), Chuka Chinmi (seasoned scallop) and Chuka Wakame (seasoned seaweed). However, AiWei's order of of seasoned jellyfish did not turn up. This was a busy hour in the restaurant and the staffs sometimes mixed our orders up. Some not ordered but end up on our table. Nonetheless, we walloped everything! *haha*

Seasoned Seaweed

2 starters that I missed out earlier.. we had too many! The Atsuyaki Tamago (Japanese Omelette). I didn't get to try this as I was busy eating and carried away with pictures taking!

CIMG2435 copy

Another starter: The Edamame (boiled green soybean). A healthy snack for us all :)

The Chawanmushi. Silky, soft and smooth texture with tasty and distinct flavour! I had 2 of this!

CIMG2415 copy

Agedashi Tofu, the tofu tempura with sauce. I will not miss this out for sure since I'm a tofu lover! Appealing! attractive!, said my taste bud :)

CIMG2427 copy

Tempura Mariowase, the assorted tempura. Since I can't take prawns due to allergy, *pouts!* took other tempura vege instead. Hot and cripsy.. Interesting! Pipping hot!

CIMG2416 copy

Here comes my favorite platter of Sashimis! Ordered 2 times for these! Thick and fresh raw servings that purify my appetite! Maguro (fresh tuna), Shiromi (white meat fish) and Sake (Fresh salmon) left us a pleasantly satiated feeling ;P Hmm.. still prefer the sake served at Kampachi.. I missed them sooo much!

I really fancied the Unagi Kabayaki (roasted eel). Gravy embedding the meat tenderized it firmly. Salivate ppl!

CIMG2421 copy

Time for some servings of Temaki! I had the Salmon Temaki while Chris went for their Soft Shell Crab Temaki. Preferred the soft shell crab handroll!! A better option.. :)

CIMG2422 copy

Oh.. I'm in heaven!

My long awaited Soft Shell Crab! They're a temptation at heart! Lured me excessively.

CIMG2423 copy

Their grilled Chicken Teriyaki was not up to my expectation though. Not incredibly tasty enough. Still looked decently delicious, that's why I'm tempted to have them!!

CIMG2424 copy

Chris made a special order of Shishamo (Grilled Smelt) for himself and Lick. AiWei joined in their smelt feast as well. I took a little as I'm not a big fan of this, what we known as the "pregnant fish". Lotsa eggs! The others were reluctant to have them ;P

CIMG2425 copy

Choosing over Teppanyaki dishes?? You got it! Chicken Teppanyaki was considerably sensational.

CIMG2434 copy

Let's not forget about sushis as well when dining in a Japanese restaurant! All of us had the Ebikko (Shrimp Roe), California Maki, and Soft Shell Crab Maki!! Delicious-Nya! Especially the Soft Shell Crab Maki that I craved for most!


~the Makimonos~

Saba Shioyaki, the Grilled Mackerel had my vote. Needless to exaggerate more, take a look!

CIMG2438 copy

Here comes the tastiest dish!! I love having these at Kampachi! and they serve it here as well? Oh.. Love it. Love it! Beef in Suki-yaki style, Kimuchi Nabe (Kimuchi Soup Base Hot Pot, with seafood and chicken) and Yanagawa Nabe (Burdock-Simmer, choice of unagi or beef). The soup base was a terrific one. Meats penetrated with essential taste of yummy broth!

Beef in Suki-yaki style

CIMG2445 copy

Kimuchi Nabe

CIMG2444 copy

Yanagawa Nabe

Definitely will not miss out any desserts of course! 2 scoops of Macha (Green Tea) Ice Cream for each of us quenched our
desire for the only Japanese sweet course offered. More please! Some of them made an additional order. Sigh.. but not me :( *was still coughing*

Grean Tea Ice Cream

Great ambience…
Matching interior….


Overall, the service was so-so… as some of the foods ordered were not served. However, I would still love to dine again in this sumptuously rich profile restaurant :) A meal given in profusion… perhaps a revisit when I’m lacking the restraint in spending money. *hehe*

AiWei and I managed to combat our hunger as we dedicated ourselves, busying with snap shooting of various food layed beautifully before us first!! Ate afterwards. Thanks to Chris too for aiding me in photos taking, u can take lots of nice pics! and AiWei for providing me the missing pics!! ~xie xie~

Enough of foods?Here's the shares of...
Portraits denoting the day!

Lick loves Edamame

Lick and Khee~ the doctor-to-be

Meet the floggers! *grin*

Chris~ another affectionate person

Yen & Eldrick ~ the loving duo


With my 3 bestest gal and lucky Lick!

Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant
Block B, Lot 2A, Chulan Square,
92, Jalan Raja Chulan
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: +603-2145 6200

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