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Going Bananas!

These are not what I usually have... but Chris insisted that I should give it a go.
"All vege ah?" *shakes head reluctantly*
Finally he won over since my bro was on his side. There we went...
For a Banana Leaf Rice lunch.
At Y.F.C. Puchong

Banana Leaf Rice is a typical dish in South Indian cuisine.
An authentic serving of white rice, along with some appetizing side dishes of curried long beans and potatoes, diced cucumbers, cabbage or spinach, and keeping in mind... the crispy poppadums. For RM4, we were fed with all these veges and the rice is refillable. You can eat as much rice till your appetite is satisfied :)
Since I wanna go easy on the amount of carbs, I can't even finish my portion of rice ;P

The potatoes and cucumbers were tasty and went well with our rice. We would love some gravy to our rice and the selections of gravies: sambal, curry fish, curry mutton and curry beef, gave us the zest.

Even the diced cucumbers and cabbages were good... The dried chilies were really spicy as well. Even a tiny bite fired us up.

We were also served with these; can't remember what they're called, but one of them was the appetizer while the other whitish portion was the dessert after the rice meal.
The orange-coloured liquid tasted really sour. Complement with the criteria as an appetizer since it's sour I suppose. I didn't like it but the guys find it ok.
However, the dessert was still acceptable although I find this preparation kinda weird ;P
It was actually prepared using goat's milk, sago and an ingredient that resembled noodles (like spaghetti!) According to the boss, they did not put in any noodles but something else. When we asked what was the noodle-like figure, he mentioned some overbearing names that we didn't have a clue on.

Skipping meat-loaded meals sometimes definitely do us no harm. To a further extent, it's considered healthy too. For this wholesome meal, we can't find excuses to pay no heed to it.
I need all the nutrients I can get for my brain to work more resourcefully during this study break ;P

~Halal~ Y.F.C.
Bandar Puteri Puchong,


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Hee Lai Ton @ Seri Kembangan

Time flies... for sure.
Leaving the festive mood behind and moving on with life.. I mean books.
The finals is drawing near, and yet more self-confidence need to be built to prepare myself for the upcoming states of affairs. Sometimes I wonder, is it just me or everyone do sometimes won't get what they expected to. Well, this happens to me all the time.
"I think I worked hard enough" I told Chris.
He replied, "As long as you did your best, it's good enough" "Don't give up"

Stress is accumulating in me. I can see my batchmates progressing resourcefully. So afraid they'll leave me behind. But I can't afford to lose my grip. I need to graduate from here. I need to make the grade for... somewhere further.
and... I need more luck. Seriously.

Hope these good food I had during the CNY will fetch in more luck for me. :)
This meal took place on the 7th day of CNY, known as the common man's birthday.
For the set meal of RM725 nett, we feasted on.....

Salmon Fish Yee Sang, wonder how much of these my stomach say hi to during CNY.

The Four Hot & Cold Combination was delectable. It was a serving of prawns, fishballs stuffed with clams, scallops and a spring roll-like preparation with stuffings of otak-otak, seaweed, crabsticks.

Dry Scallop Seafood Shark Fin was tummy-warming.

Whole Suckling Pig. The skin sure was cripsy! Best eaten with the accompaniment of the sweet sauce definitely!

We can't resist the freshness of the Steamed Garoupa Fish with Superior Soy Sauce. The white meat was steamed salubriously. Even more, it's fresh taste was not run down by the soy sauce that gave the fish more boost :)

Fried Prawns with Special Sauce was another tasty preparation. Flavour orientated with garlic and curry powder, it was really appetizing .

Braised Mushroom, Fish Maw and Mini Abalone. When we first glance through the menu, we stopped at the line that read 'mini abalone'. Once this dish was served, we know what they meant.

It was really mini!!

Our last main course for the night was the staple food, the Wax Meat Rice. I find the rice rather tasteless. Or is it supposed to be tasteless and all the taste originate from the flavoursome wax meat.

A sweet treat at the end of the meal....
Chilled Longan with Sea Coconut to soothe us a little, accompanied by the Mochis known as the Sweet Fancy Duets.

Hee Lai Ton Restaurant

12, Jalan Muhibah 3,

Taman Muhibah,

Seri Kembangan,

43300 Selangor D.E.

Tel: 603-8942 5561 / 5548 / 5549

Dinner for 2

He had to work till 9.
No plans on Valentines.
Dated my CNS notes to get ready for a big test instead.
Had Valentine dinner with my family :)
and late at night, I joined him and his family to celebrate the Jade Emperor’s birthday, that is the ninth day of the Lunar New Year, celebrated by the Hokkiens. Gonna have this posted soon :)

He made a promise....
To Luna he assured.
As he had reserved a dinner for 2... 2 weeks ago.
I gamed for that.
So here we were on Friday night.
the Luna Bar.

Must admit that the ambiance is undeniably sophisticated and breath-taking. Located on the very top floor (floor 33) at the Pacific Regency Hotel suites, it has one of the most strategic spot for the patrons to get pleasure in the scenic views of other tall skyscrapers and brightly lighted up edifices. KL tower and the Petronas Twin Towers can't be missed out.
Interior wise... another unquestionable agenda. Bordering a pool, dimly lit, creative ceilings with neon lighted bar counter. It was romantic.
A poshy side of it was revealed when we stepped into another air-conditioned corner. Orientated grandly, the exclusive looking lightings and chandeliers, stylish couches and classy environment augmented our mood.

While we were flipping through the drinks menu... which they had countless types of alcoholic drinks, we spotted this; the shooters.

creative names eh? lol.

A Chi Chi for the 2 of us would just be perfect. A sweetie based concoction of Vodka, Coconut Liqueur and Pineapple Juice. Strong coconut flavour that overtook the pineapple flavour, I didn't mind despite that! ;) Priced at RM29, this serving is huge enough for us.

We won't wanna miss out the chef's recommendation at RM69. Satiated ourselves with the Luna Grill that roped in barbecued beef ribs, grilled lamb chop, roasted spring chicken, deep-fried prawns, sausage served with red onion jam and green salad. Lotsa meat!
Which meat was the best? Both of us loved the grilled lamb chop the most. Grilled tender and juicy meat marinated with spice was really flavoursome. Next up in the ranking was the beef. Once again, the meat was another tasty try. The prawns and sausage were still good enough but the roasted spring chicken was not up to our expectation as the meat was.. to hard and rough :(

We also tried their Italian Pizza with beef salami, pepperoni, black olives, portabella, fresh herbs, tomato sauce and cheese. Portabellas are the largest of the cultivated mushrooms, they have open veils and flat caps that can measure up to six inches in diameter! As a mushroom lover, i enjoyed every bite of it with my cheesy pizza! You can click HERE for more infos on portabella.

Though the crusts looked kinda thick, they were not very firm at all. Compressible and yummy!! ;P Priced at RM35, this is worth a try.

Thank you dear,
For pouring such affectionate love,

Dinner was perfect,

You are perfect.

Level 33,
Menara PanGlobal,
Jalan Punchak,
Off Jalan P.Ramlee,
50250, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603-2332 7777
Fax: 603-2381 2085

p/s: sorry for the quality of the pics. It's kinda difficult to capture a perfect pic without using the flash in a very dim condition. Hope these still can captivate you guys! ;)

CNY: 1st and 2nd day

The first day of CNY was spent visiting Chris's parents and relatives. Sorry that I didn't manage to capture any pictures on the spread of vegetarian foods (chai chois) prepared by Chris's mom. Was eating in front of his aunties and uncles ;P Restrained myself from taking out the camera...
Moreover, we chipped in while they were already having their meal.. :)
Some of the authentic dishes prepared include; vegetarian curry mutton, braised mushroom with black moss puff, sweet & sour vegetables and sweetened yam.

During these few days, all of us woke up early with great anticipation to celebrate the new year. We spent the second day of the new year at home, expecting aunts and uncles to return home again for another meal. The 'Hoi Nin' meal. Once again, mom did all preparations early in the morning. Managed the prayers, offerings and the brunch with my dad.

Roasted pork arranged tidily.

The fish: Nin Nin Yao Yu represents abundance and prosperity - plentifulness.

Steamed whole Chicken represents utter completeness.

Marmite Prawns: Ha Ha Dai Siu symbolize a feeling of contentment or happiness represented with lotsa loud laughters.

The Abalone :)

Oyster with Black Moss: Ho See Fatt Choy marks good things accompanied by prosperity, good fortune. My favourite dish among all ;)

Dad made this specially for us, the Fishball with oyster & blackmoss fillings. Guess this was the combination of Nin Nin Yao Yu & Ho See Fatt Choy!!

Braised Pork trotters and Sea Cucumber: Tak Sam Ying Sao represents, getting whatever you wished for. Know how is the canto name derived? (Sea Cucumber = Hoi Sam, Pork Trotters = Ju Sao). The elderlies sure know how to come out with names ;)
The sea cucumber was chewy and not too soft at all while the pork trotters was another marvelously braised dish.

After the wonderful meal, there came the lion dance troupe. Hoping that the lions will help usher all the good happenings in, all of us watched their performances without blinking! ;P They were good, and especially my cousin bro. He is one of the member of the troupe and his stunts on top of the high pole was really worth all the praise he should get. Not even a little blemish of the leaps and jumps... Clean routine :)

The spring... flowers blossomed beautifully and Chris just can't get his camera off the flowers ;P

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