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A Birthday Jamboree : Kampachi @ Pavillion

I t was my second bro's birthday and he asked me to suggest the place where we should hold our family rendezvous. Initial thoughts of going for a Japanese meal, my family agreed :) Mom suggested Kampachi... our family's favourite Japanese restaurant.

From there, we thought of going for their buffet at the Equitorial Hotel, but since there has been a rave on their latest outlet at Pavillion and sturdy recommendations from the staffs when called for reservations, we complied to it. Plus, we wanna check out their illustrious interior and stylishly decorated luxurious environment :)

With no complaints and grievance, we just love the settings and surroundings. Along with the feeling of merriment *cos it's my bro's big day* we were contented :)

While walking in.. I'm already eyeing on those raw dishes! sashimis ;P

When I was hand round with the huge menu and began flipping through the engaging pages, my thoughts went blank. Too many to choose from and... 'nice price'! ;P

Mom and dad shared these:
Soft Kani Maki, which is the soft shell crab roll with fish roe and cucumber. Priced at RM36, this serving was endearingly delicate despite the exclusive price! Crunchy soft shell crab that magnetized dad's appetite.

Kampachi Maki was also enchanting. This serving of tuna, prawn, avocado, crabstick that is topped with grilled eel is priced at RM48.

Ishikari Udon, with its udon noodles cooked with salmon fish and vegetables in miso broth. The broth was sweet and lovable. With the right amount of desired taste, dear mommy hearts it. Priced at RM25.

Since lil' bro have always find grilled unagi (eel) irresistible, he wouldn't wanna give it a miss for sure! For RM30, he had the Unadon and Salmon Sashimi, which is the grilled eel on rice with salmon sashimi. He wiped out his share real quick. Well... it must be good ;P

As he don't take raw dishes, the salmon sashimi was contributed to us! It was really fresh and those thick slices just generate the correct texture to be savoured!

As for me... I've been a fan of Kampachi's sukiyaki! I had their rice set as well, the Sukiyaki and Soft Shell Crab Maki for RM38. Sliced beef and vegetables sukiyaki with the accompaniment of soft shell crab roll! All my preferences in a set. That's a good deal ;) The beef was tender and no complaints on their broth of course! Tasty and alluring!
All rice set are dished up with assorted fruits too.

When the egg was added into the sukiyaki, a soft and silky broth you'll produce. *wink*

Chris's choice: Gindara Teriyaki, the grilled cod fish with teriyaki sauce. Thumbs up for the cod fish. Fresh and salubrious, savoured together with rice and a salad of chilled sliced crabsticks. This set is priced at RM45.

The birthday boy, Kent, shared this generous portion of set meal with his gal; Udon with Grilled Eel and Curry Rice for RM36. Noodles and rice in a set, best to be shared, as all their sets are largely portioned. Even I had a hard time finishing my rice set ;P

Yes. We're satiated, but just couldn't forego their scrumptious desserts definitely!
We went for their Green Tea Ice Cream, served aside with the overwhelming red beans, and adorned with strawberries plus a creamed cookie! An exquisite preparation priced at RM16.
Though it tasted marvelous, we still find it overpriced. Without the red beans, it'll be RM12. An addition of red beans costs RM4! But.. I love having green tea ice cream with red beans unquestionably. Plus... it's only 1 scoop ;(

Another must have when we're in Kampachi, their Mochi! The Glutinous Rice pieces were showered with open-handed amount of peanut flakes and this sweet sensation did not went over the top. RM12 for this portion with embellishment of strawberries. Pretty.

It's still a bit expensive comparing to the buffet-styled session, we reckoned. However, tastewise, it was a lil' better here but... we thought that we'll stick to Kampachi's buffet instead :)
In spite of this again, we were never disappointed with this meal and this had been a lavish & boisterous celebration!

Happy Birthday bro, Kent!
You're the greatest!

Lot 6.09.00, Level 6
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Bukit Bintang
Tel: 03-21489608
Fax: 03-21482608

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Malacca Trip Part 3: Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball

It’s another crack of dawn back at Malacca. Sun’s up and we’re ready for a late breakfast. Popped by Jonker Street again for more delicacies.

And this time, we decided to pay Hoe Kee a visit.

Hoe Kee, well-known for their chicken rice balls, a time-honoured restaurant that had already built a reputable status in this little town. A must-try when you come by this area definitely.
I always have a high regard for old-fashioned eateries, especially where they are spruced up in a way that is intended to be attractively quaint. Plus, this place is tidy, organized and hygienic :)

The tables and chairs matched properly with the conservative and traditional interior.

We just ordered their famous and prominent Steamed Chicken and not to miss out for sure.. the Chicken Rice Ball :) A serving that we wouldn’t normally have back at KL, we find their chicken rice ball was a thumbs up! Not soggy at all, the rice were aromatic and delectable! (RM5)

The Steamed Chicken turned out to be lip smacking as well. The meat was smooth.. and along with the tasty gravy populating the serving of chicken, it was simply delicious! Priced at RM12 for our portion for 4.

A hearty breakfast we had…! We left Malacca after this little feast and I’m still yearning for this place now ;P So little time… yet so many more stuffs, I mean food to discover!

Hoping for a re-visit for sure! At the mean time, I think I should plan another food expedition to other places first ;P

Hmm… any suggestions?

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball
No. 4, 6 & 8 Jalan Hang Jebat,
75200 Melaka.
Tel : 06-2834751

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Malaca Trip Part 2: Satay Celup & Famous ABC

Time flies by real fast especially when you're on a vacation. Often caught in between on where to eat.. This did not happen to us in Malacca, as we've already planned where to dine in next :) Chris and I suggested satay celup, seconds later, Denny and Audrey agreed to us with no buts. We walked along the street and found this outlet..... the Capitol Satay. I've been here once, and this is the only place with satay celup that I've tried.. serious! Don't laugh at me ya..

After this trip, only I've came to realise that there are some restaurants that offer similar options at Jalan Ong Kim Wee. Was reminded by my friends. Well, will try that next time! ;) However, we find this outlet serve good satay celups too. I'm pretty confident to say this as......

Look at the queue! Can you spot me? ;P

We waited about up to 45 minutes to cure our augmenting cravings for these satays culprit! Nearly gave up but on second thought, we didn't as we would not want to waste our effort for doing so. Finally manage to get seats and after settling down with drinks, we grabbed our trays and start picking up the skewered ingredients and plates of other items lining up temptingly at the open-shelves fridges.

Satay Celup...
Resembling to typical steamboats, the broth that they used to cook up the raw ingredients is the satay gravy itself! Very flavoursome and no extra dipping sauce needed.
With a variety of ingredients ranging from fish balls to even large fresh prawns, RM0.50 per stick is very reasonable when comparing to the lok-lok at pasar malams nowadays.

We have to bear with the consequences of getting a sore throat after such heaty meal. Nonetheless, we didn't restrain ourselves from having more. What's the solution? Audrey and I had their iced herbal tea while the guys had...

Yes.. a good option :)
Quenched their thirst with a throat soothing property!

With just a hint of spiciness, the sauces were constantly prepared and boiled for every new group of customers. The thick and fragrant satay sauce penetrated profoundly into the ingredients and we find them enticingly well manoeuvred when the staff added in the ground peanuts, sugar and spices. *they prepare this right before you*

A few shots of what we had..

They even have something like a bonus hour. Serving larger prawns to each tables.

After feeding ourselves with countless sticks of satay celup foodstuffs, we make our way to the Jonker Walk. It's a weekend, so there are lots of sightseeing to do. Souvenirs, clothes, pets.. and snacks! We're too full to stuff ourselves with more treats ;P
We were exhausted after some time and my sweaty body accompanying the thirst just made me uneasy. Took a respite at a stall number 88. I'm sure everyone knows where it is. Located at the Jonker Street, you wouldn't miss this as there'll be either a long queue or people jamming up the tables till the outdoors at night.

Another irresistible inducement, the shaven ice (ice kacang) with gula melaka! Chris and I shared a bowl of normal Ice Kacang priced at RM1.70. The fine ice incorporating the subtle taste were just memorable. I still miss their durian ice kacang! Gonna have this for sure in our next visit ;P

Audrey and Denny opted for Ice Kacang Special for RM3. With additional peanuts , they claimed it to be nicer as it has the extra brittle, grain consistensy :)

We had fun eating out and hanging around strolling, photoshooting and crapping!
More reviews and pictures to share soon!

Click on map to enlarge

Capitol Satay Celup
41, Lorong Bukit Cina,

75100 Malacca

06-283 5508
012-205 8877
Business Hours : 5.30pm 1.00am.
Closes on Mondays.

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