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8th Anniversary

Parents are here,
and it's our 8th ANNIVERSARY!

will be off to Lake District tomorrow morning :) sorry for the lack of time to update and return to my usual routine of blog hopping...
Can't wait to update!!!

thx to yeulou for the amazing pic again!
He had drawn us for 3 consecutive years! (seems like I've changed my hairstyle every year! lol)

6 years

7 years

8 years

Times really flies...
Don't u agree?

Loving u forever Chris :)
yours always, Christine

The Graduation Party

The early month of June were tensed up, but began with moods of anticipation after periods of exam fever.
Results to be concerned over.
But saved with contentment that guaranteed my future endeavour.

And then there was a fuss about house moving.
Sold utensils and gave-away bits and pieces, we're almost left with nothing.
Luckily our dwelling in London was a saviour while waiting,
For our new apartment in Glasgow where we're staying.

So much time were spent on high heels searching.
To suit the long gown in mix & matching.
Then there's this killer Karen Millen perfect for marching.
Down the dance floor where Chris & I were dancing.

Kilts, tartans and smart suit piling.
Chris got 'skirt-uplifted' but he was still smiling :)
3 course meal was stomach filling.
What else could beat my beautiful classmates when there's the time for photoshooting.

The Ceilidh band started and we were busy tapping,
Our feet on the dance floor doing Scottish Ceilidh dancing!

Now let the picture do the talking,
As I ran out of ideas of this rhyming.

Venue: MacDonald Cardrona Hotel & Golf Course, Peebles

Smooth Blend Chicken Liver Parfait with Red Onion Marmalade & Oatcakes
As we're no big fan of chicken liver, there were some reserved tasting for this starter. But I love the combination of the oatcakes and onion marmalade.

Main Course:
Breast of Free Range Chicken with Spring Onion, Bacon Skirlie & Red Wine Sauce

Trio of Chocolate Mousse with Cherry Compote & Chantilly Cream

Strawberry Cheesecake with Chantilly Cream & Strawberry Sauce
we prefer this sweetheart to the chocolate mousse :)

Tea & Coffee after dinner

What's a party without wines & some shooters? Let's celebrate :)


p/s: would not be able to update my blog as frequent, as we'll be occupied most of the time when my parents arrive here in Glasgow for the Graduation! Hope to share more stories of the days when we visited Sugar Bean recently (the foodies based in Cardiff)! Stay tune k :)


After all these years of yearning and learning...

I'm a Master of Pharmacy Degree holder! woohoo.....!

Attended the Graduation Ball a day after results are out and it was a blast. truly.

Chris in kilt. His Prince Charlie outfit ;) Love his tartan!

Chris and I will be shifting to London tomorrow morning for the time being and will be back to Glasgow in time for my GRADUATION!
Will keep updating when I'm back!

More pics on the ball next, with many pretty people around :) If time allows.. ;P

I felt so grown-up now. A pharmacist. Sounds good.
and... I'll be returning to Malaysia for good 2 months later! Miss home soooo much! esp my family and friends!

fellow floggers, be prepared to come out makan-makan with me... wheee..

Loch Lomond

From picturesque lochs to scenic vivid highlands, these are some of the attractions of Scotland.
We stopped over at Loch Lomond, located just about 50 minutes away from Glasgow by train. Loch Lomond is known for its largest surface area of fresh water loch in the UK. Stretching up to 24 miles long and five miles wide, its deepest point is approximately 600 feet deep!

A getaway from the hustle bustle of the city, we made it here for some tranquility and since it was claimed for providing picture postcard views around every corner, why not miss it?
This huge loch is surrounded by highland boundaries and lowland Scotland.
Try boarding a cruise for a relaxing day-out while enjoying the cool breeze and pretty sights of the lake!

Drop by the Loch Lomond Shores for lunch and tea in the Loch Lomond mall, while enjoying the scenic beauty and activities around especially during summer! There’s even an aquarium nearby, (which we did not visit) perfect for family day-out (psst… not worth it we thought, for us). Spacious grounds for dog-walking too.

Duck-racing track ;D

The duck athletes! ;P

Nocturnal birds to raise funds

With not much choice, we settled down in Café Zest for lunch. Serving mostly hot and cold sandwiches we preferred something that ought to make us a lil’ bit more sated. Gamed for the choice of chicken kievs, 2 sets of Chicken kievs enwrapping some parsley and cream as fillings and 2 side dishes for £10 was somehow tempting. Top up another pound for a lemon meringue cake.

Chicken kiev with fries & pickled salad

Chicken kiev with baked potatoes & green peas

A great disappointment they were: Chicken meat was dry, poorly filled ingredients inside kievs (the ones I bought in Sainsbury supermarket was even better!). The best thing on the plate was the fries and baked potatoes! ;P

Lemon Meringue Pie. Very FORGETABLE. It was horrible.

Consider hiring a bike for a better tour. The Trossachs National Park nearby should be explored as well. However, you might want to skip the Balloch Castle in the Balloch Castle Country Park ;P It would be a waste of time as it is not open to the public. But, if you love strolling outdoors, the journey along the way to the castle is kinda enjoying & the view behind the castle is picturesque too.

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