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Swedish Meatballs @ IKEA, Braehead

Hardly come about.

Perhaps in times of yore for me. LoL.

Recently it happened….

When Aberdeen team plans to visit Glasgow!

Was kinda surprised by these fellow friends when they mentioned paying Glasgow a visit a week earlier. Miscommunication I would say.

Of me being blur…..Thanks to me.

Nonetheless, nothing matters.

Bet they had fun with US being the hosts right?


Went to IKEA located at Braehead for some furniture hunt down and to seek creativity with an ambitious aim to beautify my rather petite room.

Stopped by the Swedish Food Market for some Swedish Meatballs. These little fragrant spherical minced meat are one of IKEA’s food feature I heard. Even Malaysia’s IKEA has it and I’ve never tried savouring them. Great. *shakes head*

Chris and I went for the set which cost 5.25 pounds.

Came with 20 Swedish Meatballs drizzled generously with finger-licking good gravy, adding moistness and flavour.

French fries in the set as well.

I personally love them, so does the Aberdeen team although they claimed M’sia’s Swedish meatballs gave more zest.

I love walking around IKEA. Felt like grabbing everything home when I already knew that my small room wouldn’t fit.

Bandar Utama’s IKEA!! Wait for me. I’ll be there. Good things will just have to wait. Haha.

IKEA Braehead
500 Renfew Road,
Glasgow, UK.

To get there: Take a bus x7 to Braehead at the Buchanan bus station

Hong Kee Dim Sum @ Bdr. Puteri Puchong

Almost half a year ago, dim sums were just cheap!
This only happens back home.

When an order of steamed dumplings cost approximately RM15 after conversion…
This happens here in UK.

A back dated post, found out that I’ve not reviewed Hong Kee’s Dim Sum in Malaysia after digging my picture archives. An opportunity to fantasize some indulgence as well!

Well, compared to the one I had in UK, Hong Kee would have won them ‘9 street’. Haha…

Deep fried prawn dumplings

Siew Mai

Steamed Pork Ribs

Braised Chicken Feet – I’m not very into this share initially but I am now addicted to it! A must order in Hong Kee for me ;P Hope they still preserve this standard tho…

Steamed Prawn Roll

Sang Chow Lo Mai Fan – another signature dish of Hong Kee

Century Egg Congee

Barbecued Pork (Char Siew) Cheung Fun

Wu Kok

Mini Egg Tarts – super miss these!!

I look forward….

More than half a year later,
You’ll probably see me weighing down with dim sums!

Dim Sum overkill!


Hong Kee Dim Sum
No.31 Jalan Puteri 2/5, Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong, Selangor

Happy Birthday Bro!

A non-food post

17th November
marks the birth date of my mischievous and cool bro.
Just wanna dedicate something to you, Kent (if u r reading this), since I'm far away from home ;P
Sorry, no presents this year. Oops! Promise I'll double up your prezzies next year ;P and make you REAL cupcakes ^^

I hate to say this.... but I really miss you la! haha..

Happy 19th Birthday Kent!
Love ya!

This is a video of him participating in the Gatsby Styling Dance Contest
Feel free to VOTE for him HERE
Pls do! :)

Dim Sum @ Loon Fung

We used to spend our Sunday mornings savouring dim sums as breakfast with parents.
I really missed that, though there were times I got sick of having these small steamed and fried savoury dumplings with various fillings. I was a fool to feel that way now.

Watching the GF heartrending, the BF enlightened her up with the best remedy.
Dim Sum in Glasgow!

Marched over to Loon Fung for Dim Sum as lunch. (They only open at 12)

It was our first time having dim sums for lunch. Yea… it was…Initially thought of going there early in the morning for “yum jo cha”. Luckily the BF overslept! :) or was it the GF?. LoL.

We didn’t expect too much, so I guess the meal does paid off in a good way……

Pricing: It was standardized @ 3 pounds per dish.

King Prawn Cheung Fun (Rice Flour Roll)

*Cheung Fun is only served till 6pm

Prawns were fresh and the smooth cheung fun that wraps them were dunked in an inviting sauce.

Stuffed Mixed Meat Dumpling (Siew Mai)

Another yummy share. Worth trying and I just heart siew mais! These were not bad at all.

Steamed Shanghai Dumpling (Xiu Long Bao)

A big NO for us…..

It was almost tasteless… The BF still opts for the tasty broth with hints of saltiness of KL’s version.

Shanghai Wor Tip

We think these were even better than Esquire Kitchen’s preparation! Piping hot fragrant skin, tasty filling. Dipping these into the vinegar modestly doubled the yumz.

Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf (Lo Mai Fan)

Rather different from what we had in Malaysia in aspects of taste and colour. We wouldn’t say it ain’t nice at all, but it was kinda spanking to try something new after all. I personally think it was yummy, so does the thoughtful BF who footed the bill. Hehe….

I would recommend the King Prawn Cheung Fun & Siew Mais! Do try :)

More Dim Sums coming up next!

Malaysia’s Dim Sums tho……

The BF still thinks KL’s dim sum spread were better. So does the GF! More varieties? *nod nod*

Loon Fung
417-419 Sauchiehall St ,
Glasgow , Lanarkshire
G2 3LG
Phone: +44 0871 7147604

Cheesy Bakes

When there are lecture free days….
When you are tired drenching yourself with knotty, tedious and long-winded journals…..

When you wanna find an excuse to run off from generating words to write the intro for thesis…..

When the BF is out working…..

What’s best to kill time?

Let’s Bake!

Being a noob in baking, I called AiWei back home for help ;P Thanks gal.

Japanese Cottony Cheese Cake

Followed her adapted recipe below:

Part A:
250g Philadelphia Cream Cheese
50g Butter
100ml Fresh Milk

Part B:
60g Superfine Flour (top or cake flor)
20g Cornflour
6 Egg Yolks
1 tbsp Lemon Juice
¼ tsp Salt

Part C:
6 Egg Whites
¼ tsp Cream of Tartar
140g Fine Granulated Sugar

1. Melt (A) in double boiler and cool the mixture until room temperature.

2. Fold in (B) and mix well

3. Whisk egg whites with cream of tartar until foamy and then add in sugar and whisk until soft peaks form. Fold in half of the (C) into the mixture and mix well. Then add in the other half and mix them evenly.

4. Pour the mixture in 8 inches round cake pan (lightly grease and line the bottom and side of the pan with greaseproof paper).

5. Finally, bake in water bath for 1 hour 10 minutes or until set or golden brown at 160 °C.

Soft, fluffy and cheesy :)

So indulging…

However, mine still doesn’t stand out impressively as AiWei’s. HaHa.


KC and Jean then came up with an idea of utilizing the cream cheese for another simple recipe.

Strawberry Cheese Tarts were just irresistible and easily managed!

Strawberry Cheese Tarts


  • Philadelphia Cream Cheese
  • Dessert Base
  • Strawberry Jam

1. Preheat the oven.

2. Beat the cream cheese with mixer.

3. Fill in beaten cheese into the dessert base.

4. Layer some Strawberry Jam in the middle of the tart

5. Bake the tarts at 180 degree for about 15 minutes.

Ta-Da! As easy as that :)

You can opt to layer some fresh strawberries on top. Decorate it to suite your likings.

For recipe on Blueberry Cheese Tarts and the making of the dessert base (we used the pre-packed ones from Hoppers in this case), please visit:

Zanmai oh Zanmai

We frequent Sushi Zanmai as though it offers gold.
Nah. Just kidding.

A post to reminisce Zanmai's Japanese fares.
We've been checking out various Zanmai's outlet from time to time and have yet to update their affordable Japanese delights.

Love the assortment of colours,
Foods presented and adorned with great endeavour,
Flavour enriched,
Texture guaranteed.

Hope you've tried some of these:

1. Salmon Sashimi - RM13
2. Chuka chinmi (seasoned scallop wings) - RM6

3. Baby Octoups - RM6

4. Unagi Tofu (fried beancurd topped with eel) - RM12.80

5. Curry Ramen (small) - RM10.80

6. Tempura Moriawase - RM9.80

7. Soft Shell Crab Maki - RM6

1. Dai Dai Roll (crabmeat sushiroll topped with salmon & shrimp roe) - RM12.80

2. Stamina Roll ( omelette susshi roll topped with roasted eel) - RM12.80

3. Thickly sliced Salmon (7 pcs) - RM13

4. California Roll

5. Aso (tuna, yellow-tail, salmon, eel, prawn, broiled scallopcrabmeat, octopus, cuttlefish, omelette, beancurd, shrimp roe, cucumer roll) - RM23.80

6. Unagi Don

7. Ebidon (deep fried prawns with egg on rice) - RM8.80

8. Agedashi tofu (fried beancurd) - RM6.80

9. Ebiten Ebikko Maki + Soft Shell Crab Maki - RM12

10. Fried Ramen

More Japanese indulgence?
I wouldn't say no!

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