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Restoran Thiam Sang @ Serdang Perdana, Seri Kembangan

We have been such loyal fan to Thiam Sang.
Would always thought of dropping by this place whenever we think of Hokkien Mee. Parties and special occasions at home? Taking away from Thiam Sang had been a usual routine.
Only now we decided to blog about it. haha.

All of you must have known all about the famous Ahwa Hokkien Mee from Jalan 222. Apparently, this is like a branch of it. Apprentices from Ahwa who've 'graduated' and started a business by themselves. In case you have no idea where is Serdang Perdana located, take note of South City Plaza. It's nestled in the shoplots right next to it.

What's their good stuff?

Hokkien Mee - RM6 per portion. Always adore hokkien mee with lotsa black sauce! ;P


Pla dib @ The Heritage Village, Seri Kembangan

"Thai fusion or confusion? You decide!"

This popped into our mind ever since we've read a review from the Star on pla dib. On the first glance of the pictures, I've mistaken it for some new Japanese cuisine around town. What's more it's in Seri Kembangan; which is just around the corner for us!


Without much hesitation, we hit the heritage village in search for pla dib.
Pla dib, which means 'raw fish' in Thai has a modern interior. Laid down with a mixture of wooden furnitures with red sofas and elements that was not so 'Thai' :)
A casual ambiance, we wound say, surrounded by a 50-acre lake. You could also opt to enjoy your meal outdoors by the lake.
Pladib Thai1

Murni Discovery @ Aman Suria, Sunway Mas PJ

Mamak has never been outdated. Be it the usual the small mamak just around the corner of your house to popular established mamaks like Steven's Corner or Murni.

These stalls just come, in fact, too handy; so popular among Malaysian youths as hang out spots, due to cheap food and beverages being served 24 hours a day.

Having heard that Murni opened another outlet at Aman Suria apart from their 'forever crowded' SS2 main branch, we've decided to drop by after work with friends :)

What's Murni's specialty?
Bet you know better than me :)
We would tend to see other patrons ordering stuffs like; Ribena Longan, Mee Raja, Carbonara or Claypot Lou Shu Fan.

Mee Raja - RM8
Tastewise mediocre, with hints of maggi goreng's flavours but a wee bit dry.


Mee Utara (Original) - RM5
Definitely gonna spice you up, this serving of flat noodles were drenched with overpowering sauce with chillies, topped with a sunny side egg.


Claypot Lou Shu Fun - RM5
This seemed to be one of the star of Murni. Yes, it's nice, but we just don't find it special somehow. High expectation perhaps? ;P


Roti Hawaii - RM5
Looks like a Murtabak with topped mayonnaise. SS2's was better ;)


From top left (clockwise): Mango Special, Watermelon Longan, Ribena Longan, some recommended drink named 'Poison'.

Murni Discovery

We should've ordered Ribena Longan Special instead of the normal serving. The 'Poison' drink tasted weird, and did you noticed the chili chucked inside ? Maybe it's that combination of chili and passion fruit that we can't tolerate.

Verdict: Disappointing. We still prefer SS2's outlet in comparison to this new one. Though you'll find it more comfy to dine-in here, some of the dishes that we craved for were not in the menu as the main chef was at SS2's outlet. Well, it's time to pay that crowded mamak a visit again!
Looks like we've discovered some unpleasant experience at this new Murni discovery. Oops.

Disclaimer: This is our personal dining experience and we do not intend to forbid patrons/ readers from trying for themselves. Perhaps you think they've already improved, do drop by and tell us :)

Murni Discovery
Jalan PJU 1/3B
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum @ Puchong Jaya

Ever heard of Puchong being flooded with Dim Sums eat-outs?

Bet you do, as apart from Hong Kee & Yuen Garden Dim Sum, there were still a few around running their brisk business pretty well.

Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum is one of them.

I love weekend mornings, when I'm free from extra calls from work. Chris and I would be thinking about big breakfast. A lot.
Headed to Jin Xuan, which is a branch from Damansara, or was it vice versa, to resolve the cravings for dim sums.


What would we describe about Jin Xuan?
Variety. You would definitely say the same too if you've visited this place. Lots to choose from; from usual har gau, siew mai, char siew pao, loh mai kai to Wanton noodles with juicy char siew and siew yoke. A Hong Kong approach :)


La Bodega @ Pavilion, KL

Hola! Reino de España is our favourite now. Sorry boys of the Oranje!
The World Cup this year were really filled with surprises but we're glad that Spain made it to the finals! "Excelente!"

In rejoice for Spain, it's about time to post something 'Spanish' which we had during our anniversary celebration.
La Bodega was the venue for some Spanish fix.

House Sangria to start off with - RM12
"bien hecho, España!"


Never forego Tapas for some appetizing start.

Berenjenas con salsa de pimientos - RM12 (small)
Eggplant braised in olive oil, chili & herbs
We must admit this was tasty. The sauce was infused well with herbs and chili, with soft egg plant. Complimentary bread were served to go with this tapas. Delicioso!


Dai Be 大鼻 Fish Head @ Taman Connaught, Cheras

Chris came back one day telling me about his satisfying work luncheon.
Fish Head.
How good is it compared to the famous Jalan Chan Sow Lin's version?
"You try and see. It's different" Him, keeping it mysteriously delicious, I should say.

We then brought our parents to check this out over the weekend since they are a big fan of fish heads.
This fish head stall is known as Dai Be 大鼻, literally means 'Big Nose' from direct translation, is located in one of the coffee shop known as You Lee at the Connaught neighbourhood.


They offer 4 types of Steamed Fish Heads:

  • Signature steam - with chinese wine
  • Ginger steam
  • Preserved vegetable steam
  • Fermented bean paste steam - infused with some Thai style, they said.

We went for their Signature Steam - RM21
The dash of chinese wine brought out its freshness. However, if you asked me, I would still prefer my fish with lotsa ginger! :)


Steamed fish head with fermented bean paste (Thai style) - RM21
Very flavoursome, I could have 2 plates of rice just with its gravy. Love the spiciness as well. However, its overwhelming taste somehow masked the 'freshness' of the fish. Well, pros & cons ;)


Other side dishes:
BeanCurd & Yin Choi both at RM5 each

Dai Bei Fish Head Cheras

If you want us to compare this to out visit at Chong Yen Steam Fish at Chan Sow Lin, I would still prefer the later. Why? They serve better fermented bean paste steamed fish, cos that's my favourite. haha.
Well, Dai Be has a better environment; at least you won't be bathed with sweats!
But we will definitely return to check out the other 2 types of steam fish heads again. Plus, it's actually cheaper compared to Chan Sow Lin's.

Dai Be 大鼻
Restoran You Lee
Taman Connaught
*From the Connaught highway, turn left into the BHP junction & take an immediate right turn after that. Go straight and you will see Restoran You Lee on your left (corner shop)

Funky Villa @ e@Curve, Mutiara Damansara, PJ

Funky Villa.

From its modern & stylish  name, have you ever thought of anything related to Thai?
Not us, this never crossed our mind.

A place filled with surprises we shall say, Funky Villa embraced a bistro/ bar-like dining concept, portraying a hype of youth atmosphere. Decorated with typical Thai restaurant settings or decos? No.
Colourful mural at the bar counter, displayed with a giant screen that hums Thai melody, matching wall lightings that entirely brought out the happening atmosphere.


Funky Villa2

Funky Villa1

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