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A for Aberdeen

The weekend was spent resourcefully when visiting Aberdeen.

Glasgow team meets Aberdeen foursome. Nothing but fun.

Maximum hospitality and warmth,
Utmost restaurant class meal provisions from breakfast to dinner,
Greatest and lamest jokes shared,
To daunting ghost stories tattled at night.

Lick chose over Aberdeen to pursue his Masters qualification. Together with Adolphus, TC and JB, they offered us their warm and cosy home to spend the weekend!

Kel and ShuYin joined in the fun too :)

Aberdeen is famous for their granite buildings, named The Granite City.

Yes. All buildings are GREY.

GREY. GREY. GREY. Is what you see all along your way ;P

Well, being a virgin to this place, we find it beautiful. And as for them, the structures were just dull. Haha. Aberdeen is just way…… colder than Glasgow.

Love the Autumn colours!

We were served brunch ala English style upon reaching their house, where it is so much better than JBC (the place I live)

Off to city center after that…..

Hung out at the Beach and Duthie Park

Full day activities?? = famished souls = us

We’re so in luck. TC, Adol and JB whipped up an Awesome Dinner for us all. Restaurant class really…… :)

Awesome Grill Chicken with Peppers, Onions and Potatoes

Sweet and Spicy Prawns with Spaghetti

The next morning were started with a smile on our face as Lick woke up early in the morning to prepare a breakfast for 8! Double thumbs up for the effort and the absolute lip-smacking taste.

Marmite Chicken

Spaghetti topped with stir-fry Pork with Ginger & Spring Onion

Took a bus from Aberdeen to Stonehaven with Lick’s Uni friends. Stonehaven is just so beautiful. Up close with mountains and sea, stunning views and you won’t miss the super strong wind definitely. Battling with the almighty wind was tiring and chilly!! Walking miles and miles, crossing beach and hills was an experience. And finally reaching the castle on foot in my boots got me all worn-out ;P

Before starting our journey to the top, stopped by the Shell Housie for some Ice Cream.

The day was ended with a DeepaRaya buffet session organized by the Robert Gordon University (their uni). Sadly, no pics taken. Malaysian spicy fares! Never fail to ignite me :)

Looking forward for their visit in return!

-some gratitude-

Loon Fung @ Sauchiehall Sreet

I'm just a typical person who adores Chinese food.
And what I look forward most, everyday is during dinner time, when we would cook our very own Chinese 'feast' ala mom's style.

Dinner at Loon Fung.
It's been quite a while since this eating-out took place and this was definitely an antidote for the long-missed-Chinese-dining-in-a-restaurant period devoted. Not bad definitely for a Chinese restaurant to maintain their traditional flavours in Glasgow. Worth a try :) The best part was the seafood!!

Exhibiting distinctive and customary Chinese interior, with figures of dragons and phoenix fastened on their wall. Not to forget the symbol of happiness and congratulatory 喜喜 as well.

Some of dishes we ranted about:

1. 3 types of Barbecued Meat: Duck, char siew & siew yoke

2. Pepper Salt Crab

3. Curry Crab

4. Pepper Salt Mantis Prawns
- heart this!

5. Deep Fried Squid with Prawns
enclosed - another sweetheart :)

6. & 7.
a: Bean Curd and TangHoon mixed pot
Smooth Steamed Chicken with Chinese Sausages

Price: approximately 9 pounds per person (dinner for 10)
FYI, if you'll be spending at least 150 pounds for a meal (a table), you'll get to request for a private room with karaoke! yay :)

Bored of the predictable western meals?
Then it's time to turn to some Chinese chows! ;P

Loon Fung
417-419 Sauchiehall St ,
Glasgow , Lanarkshire
G2 3LG
Phone: +44 0871 7147604

Alla Turca @ Pitt Street

Saturday night out in search for tummy filling good food stirred up our mood.
With Thian, Million, Flora and KianYee, the makan-makan plan was an enjoyable one.

Two Fat Ladies restaurant was where we got our minds and ravenous appetite set on. Out of luck, the place was full……. Should have make reservations earlier. Remember to do so if you’re out to any restaurant, especially during weekends at Glasgow.

A let down it was definitely, we hold back our main intention of trying out the seafood there… Heard they are good.

Channeled our cravings to a different sort of cuisine, made our way to Alla Turca. A classy and modish eatery that serves Turkish delight. Upon entering, we were directed downstairs. An isolated area with a few table settings and one good thing about secluding from the crowd upstairs was the tranquility. But actually…..

We weren’t given seats upstairs as we didn’t book. Reminder: do remember to make reservations! Or else you’ll have to go earlier ;P

Fortunately, we still get to enjoy the Turkish musical playing upstairs by a performer sitting high up on an elevated table.

As it was already a quarter past 6.30pm, we missed out their pre-theater menu fares, which is cheaper.

Went for the 2 course meal for £ 15 instead. Costly eh? Sharing was the right idea.


House Specialty 10 Classic Mixed Mezes with freshly baked Turkish bread

Main Course:

Barbecued Duck Shish served with Roast Chestnut with Wild Mushroom Salad

Chicken Shish served with Traditional Turkish Rice & Alla Turca Salad

Alla Turca Mixed Grill Special (£ 13.50)

Mixture of marinated and barbecued Lamb, Chicken, Adana Kofte, & Lamb Chop with Traditional Turkish Rice & signature salad


Expensive, food was only mediocre, service was average too, the waitress weren’t really well-mannered when taking our orders, and we’re sorta forced to leave…. As they have insufficient tables for their patrons!

The dinner ended with a complimentary serving of sugary dessert presented in a wooden box, and with a bill underneath.

more makan-makan around Glasgow yea!

Alla Turca

192 Pitt Street,

Glasgow, G2 4DY
Phone: +44 0141 332 5300

Xenri Japanese Restaurant @ Wisma Elken

Knowing each other was faith.
Getting close and familiarize with one's charm was timely.
Beat out issues to talk over, getting so into it and laughing silly........
A get-together with them is always witty and amusing.

We met up at the Xenri Japanese Restaurant before departing our ways to a different western neighbourhood. SugarBean's review about this restaurant was published in the Star newspaper last month. There's no reason not to check this place out.

Xenri displayed a character and atmosphere of Japanese tradition with undisputed origin. Private spaces with sophisticated designs,
areas linked by a small path with a gentle stream of water running through, and what's more captivating, was the food with reasonable prices.

We feasted on this many!!

Here goes:

Hawaiian Roll (King Prawn Mango Roll – RM 28)

Teppanyaki Seafood (Salmon, king prawn, scallop and vegetable teppanyaki and garlic fried rice and salad – RM 40)

Tempura Zen (Seafood and vegetables tempura and salmon sashimi and rice – RM 40)

Xenri Bento (Grilled mackerel, selected sashimi and soft shell crab tempura with braised vegetables, chawan mushi, miso soup, rice and strawberries – RM 42)

Tempura Soba (RM 26)

Chicken or Beef Sukiyaki Zen (Chicken/beef hotpot, vegetables and selected seafood and vegetables tempura with chawan mushi and rice – RM 42)

Beef Sukiyaki

Chicken Sukiyaki

Unagi Zen (Grilled eel and selected seafood and vegetables tempura with chawan mushi and rice – RM 40)

It's hard to meet someone who shares the similar passion and hobby, knowing each other and getting closer, we will treasure the happy times :)
"True friends won't count" this is true.

Restaurant Xenri
No. 20, Wisma Elken,
Jalan 1/147C, Batu 5,
Jalan Kelang Lama,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 77838118
(directly across
Pearl Point Shopping Mall)

Blogs reviewed:

The Junction Bar @ West George Street

I tremble everyday.
Chilly weather? It worsen day by day.
On a good side, I finally experienced a season change.
Autumn is in the air!
A lone figure of temperature is what you get here in Glasgow on average last week. Getting higher again this week. Unpredictable.
Cold breeze brushing my face and small hands.... Brrr!!

A night out for dinner with Chris last weekend was an affair I looked forward to. Looking for a place warm ourselves, the Junction Bar provided the state of sanctuary. A modest eatery nestled at the corner lot at West George Street, it imparts a country-like bar that serves decent food.

UK, a place well-known for Fish and Chips? True.
Chris wanted to try so badly, and we were out searching for one. Having heard that they offer 2 Main Meals for 6.95 pounds, we thought this was a steal.

Choose from:

  • Smothered BBQ Chicken
  • Gammon & Pineapple
  • Sausage & Mash
  • Fish & Chips
  • Haggis,Neeps & Tatties
  • Chilli Con Carne
  • Spicy Beef Burrito
  • Macaroni Cheese
  • Steak & Ale Pie
  • Beef Lasagne

Fish & Chips

Smothered BBQ Chicken, a better version than the one served at Lauders!

I personally thought that these two main meals have already beaten Lauders and the Counting House hands down. Gonna give the haggis a try in my next visit! :)
Yeap. A revisit.

Went for a walk after dinner and took some night shots. It gets dark quicker each and every day. I can't imagine that we'll only be getting a few hours of daylight when winter comes. I've learned to appreciate the sun now ;P

It was so cold! Only 2 degree Celcius that night!

Gonna continue to review on the food I had during the holidays back home :)
Do check them out.

The Junction Bar
West George Street

Glasgow G2 1DA


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