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Ramadhan Santapan @ The Living Room, Westin. Let's Berbuka Puasa!

Another festive mood filled the month again; the Ramadhan.

A month bursting with buka puasa fare; bustling bazaar and stretches of feast offered by many restaurants.

During the one-month fasting period when Muslims fast, non-Muslims joined in the breaking fast affair too. But where to?

Here at Westin, they offer the Ramadhan Santapan, an international ramadhan feast featuring numerous delectable dishes. Believe it or not, there are about 700 dishes/ items.

Before breaking fast, we were served with 'Zam Zam Water' to cleanse our palate. The water was claimed to have healing qualities due to its high calcium and magnesium content. It was known that during Haji and Umra, the pilgrims are recommended to drink 'zam zam water' for thirst quenching and to cleanse their bodies. Dates and ulams were also served before breaking fast.



Very cosy environment

Hotel Equatorial Double Indulgence Mooncake Preview @ Golden Phoenix

It's the time of the year again where we would be looking forward to another festive season of tanglungs, candle lightings and indulge in mooncakes when celebrating the fifteenth day of the eighth moon, around the time of the autumn equinox.

Yes. The Mid Autumn Festival.

Lucky us all, we're pampered with an array of mooncake flavours that has been hitting the market for quite sometime. Thanks to Feedmelah.com, we were invited to Hotel Equatorial's Mooncake preview showcasing their new mooncake flavours, with an adjunct of their classic offerings.

We were busy sampling their new different types of mooncakes:

Golden Pheonix @ Equatorial Hotel1
Golden Pheonix @ Equatorial Hotel2

Golden Pheonix @ Equatorial Hotel3

Causeway Bay Spicy Crab 銅鑼灣辣蟹莊 @ Desa Sri Hartamas

Typhoon Shelter Crab.


This dish appealed very much to us as we've heard heaps of stories on Causeway Bay being the shelter provider for fishing boats during storms/ typhoon. It was then the waterfront in Causeway Bay used to be a mass boats huddling in the typhoon shelter for protection. However, it's all evolved into nearly all yachts with further land reclamation turning it into a peninsula. This was where the Typhoon Shelter Crab got its name.

It made our day when a newly opened branch from HK; the Causeway Bay Spicy Crab 銅鑼灣辣蟹莊 @ Desa Sri Hartamas had us over for an unforgettable lunch. It was a great experience being able to try one of the famous crab dishes from HK and other lip-smacking dishes whipped up by their chefs. They just opened its doors about 2 months ago and they're ready to impress the palates of their patrons pretty well.


Typhoon Shelter "Bei Fung Thong" Crab
Authentic HK Garlic & Chili Crab 正宗避风塘辣蟹 - RM68
Brimmed with lots of deep fried garlic blending well the scallion, red chili and generating a stronger taste of what we usually have in a crab. U can opt for the different degree of spiciness to your liking! We had the medium spicy version :)


Nasi Lemak Panas Gerai Yati & Suri @ Selera Jaya 223

Do you prefer a big plate of nasi lemak piled up with sambal sotong and ayam berempah or just some roadside piping hot nasi lemak with tasty sambal wrapped warmly in banana leaves?

The small, banana leave packed nasi lemak rocked our palate!
And we don't mind driving all the way down towards Jalan 223 in search of the delicious RM1.20 Nasi Lemak at Medan Selera 223

Be warned that upon entering the Medan Selera, you would be swarmed by a group of vendors; read my lips: a group of very determined vendors of different 'territories' promoting things like 'maggi goreng' or 'sup kambing'......
We sat at the 'blue table' area as we've heard about their 'concentrated/ kao' Milo.

As we were eyeing on the nasi lemak on our table, we rejected every recommendation they made :P

Nasi lemak from Gerai Yati had our vote. Spicy sambal with hint of sweetness, half hard boiled egg and hot coconut based rice was a saviour to our cravings.
The packets are actually kinda small and one could easily finish a few with ease!


Monte's Restaurant & Wine Bar @ BSC

Me and my girlfriend got our palates pleased by a gentlemen.

Bringing out the idea of dining out at Monte's was a relieve from work and an energizer, thanks to the toast we had; cheers to a better day.

Monte: what does this sounds like to you? I thought it sounded like Italian. No, you don't get pizza here. Steaks, pastas to Margharita, be sure to dine in with satisfaction.

Monte @ BSC

What's good for sharing?

Baked Scallop - RM28
Fresh scallops drenched in flavoursome herbs!


Complimentary bread :)


Main Course:

Grilled Halibut - RM33
ALso known as the flatfish, it was grilled pleasantly with delicious aubergine garnished on top. Served together with potato salad and greens.


Fettucine Carbonara - RM20
Craving for a creamy serving of pasta? Carbonara would never go wrong!


Honey Chicken
This was quite a letdown as we don't taste honey in it. Meat texture was kinda dry too :(


Wine? how could we forego!
A toast to good food, good company & friendship :)
Special thanks to the gentlemen!


Monte's Restaurant & Wine Bar
Address: Lot F112,
Level 1, Bangsar Shopping Centre,
Jalan Maarof, 59000 K.Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2094 1112

Gao Ren Guan 高人馆 @ Puchong Jaya

Rather than searching high and low for the perfect lunch after a movie, Chris ignited the idea of driving down to Puchong instead rather than jailing our choices with fast foods. Gao Ren Guan 高人馆 popped into his mind quickly after he remembered reading good reviews on it from the papers.

I was thinking that it's a restaurant manned by some tall boss behind. How shameful, Gao Ren Guan is actually a restaurant that serves dishes/ cuisines from Gauzhou, one of the province of southwest China at Guangdong.


Upon entering, you would be greeted by a stretch of food wall, picturing their delicious looking specialties on the wall like a huge menu.


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