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Rumours Kopitiam @ Bath Street

Being boundless from exams and studying are such a relieve and at the same time, there's a feeling of emptiness somehow. Hours spent on studying then were replaced by loitering around Glasgow's shopping streets, lazing around at home and stressing ourselves up for trip planning. Extremely thrilled that exam is all over, bitting nails with rhythm & anxiously waiting for an all pass result.

However, packing belongings is no fun at all. Room loaded with unnecessary properties which I treated as treasures is another serious problem. Nonetheless, I can't wait to be home! And soon, we'll be welcoming the arrival of our juniors!

Meanwhile, why not indulge on some good food?!

This place do offer some home-like treats if you're homesick or when you can't withhold the sudden crave of Malaysian delicacies............
From Scot natives to folks from Asia traveling in Glasgow, RUMOURS KOPITIAM had somehow built a strong reputation in Scotland embracing Malaysia's delectable well-known dishes. Other than being featured on the HIT LIST in Glasgow's dining places, they gained the Bronze Award for Asian Restaurant's Chef of the Year in the Scottish Chef Award. Thus, we can assure ourselves :)

Starters Platter

Hainan Style Chicken Rice

Singapore Laksa (Curry Noodles)

Roti Canai

Kam Heong Udon

Thai Style Fried Rice

Pearl Milk Tea (Bubble Tea)

Rumours Kopitiam

Malaysian 'Cafe Style' Restaurant
21 Bath Street
Tel: 0141 353 0678
Business Hours: 11.30am - 10.30pm

I bet my juniors would love this place... a lot :)

Breakfast & Beer

We woke up one morning greeted by bright sunny day in Glasgow.

One morning was spent on some healthy Scottish Farmhouse Breakfast...
(£3.50 for large, £1.99 for smaller portion)

Hot Chocolate for £1.10

Another morning was spent on meaty dishes of Ale Steak Pie (£3.99) and a giant classic beef burger accompanied with chilled Carling beer (about £6.50 for burger and beer). Brunch to be precise.

Yeap. It happened at Lauders.
We just adore breakfast and beer here.

the man & his breakfast

Lauders Bar
76 Sauchiehall Street
G2 3DE
Tel: 0141 332 9690


Chris got me this cute Momiji doll! (hmm... perhaps I should start a collection).
You can visit their official website HERE

Momiji are block dolls bagged with a touch of femininity in the world of cool collectibles. I would now love to take a bow and say konichiwa to these cute dainty dolls. This is a cute collection of message-bearing friendship dolls from the land of the rising sun. I just love these hand-painted Japanese beauties that are set to take over the desks of designer doll fans. FYI, hidden inside every doll, there is a tiny folded card for your own secret message! I think I just found a new hobby.

I can't wait for exams to be over soon.
We're craving for another exciting holiday so badly! :)

Qua Italia @ Ingram Street

Heavy downpour dictated Glasgow most days last week. The cheerful spring was greeted by chilly times and dark sky in the midst of an exam month. Much better now, I hope Mr.Sunny will continue shining upon us, beating away my most hated rainy days.

Chris was having his day off on Saturday, so we decided to head out for a walk and grab some lunch. It started raining a little and we didn't bother much. Stopped by Oniel's and it was jam-packed with people! A match... no wonder. Didn't manage to get a seat, off we went out to greet the heavy rain this time. Kudos to my broken umbrella.

Hand in hand, we basically pak-tor-ed in the rain. *romantic song in the background* Did I mentioned I hate the rain? nevermind. The rain washed us to Ingram Street, which is awfully nearby, into Qua, after several let-downs from the cafes loaded with people glueing themselves there to watch football.

Qua, is an Italian restaurant, literally means HERE in Italian according to one of the staff. We were the only customers that moment. Ingram street and the streets nearby are populated with Italian restaurant and they are somehow... handy ;P and reasonable priced (especially lunch).
We settled down for their express lunch menu (£4.95) and also another lunch set offering an appetizer and a main course for £7.95.

Nothing beats a glass of hot chocolate for £1.95 after wrestling with a heavy cold rain ;P
I'm such a boring person and I can order hot chocolate all the time.

express lunch menu - £4.95

Risotto with mushroom and cream
The first scoop of risotto with melted cheese was delicious, but it tasted salty after that. Nonetheless Chris loved it.

Lunch Set Menu - £ 7.95:
Mozzarella Fritta
Golden fried breaded mozzarella fingers served with tomatoes and chilli sauce. This was very ordinary. Just cheese.

Penne alle Cozze
Penne paste in sauce of Scottish west coast mussels, fresh tomatoes, mixed herbs, garlic & chilli peppers. This serving was weighed down with mussels. I counted. A total of 16 mussels overwhelming this plate of pasta.

By the way, we were seated on an elevated wooden floor, looking over the counter and several exquisite seats below. You can request to seat at the top floor too. Seating nearby the window, stretching our views out to the wet streets made us feel even warmer. I love Chris having days-off from work! Saviour from my constant worry syndrome during exam times.

Qua Italia
68 Ingram Street,

Glasgow, G1 1EX

Tel: 0141 552 6233

TGIF @ Buchanan Street

Established a significant standing ground in stipulations of big-portioned value for money food.
It's not any new hang-out place for us, especially when we got kind of bored with T.G.I Fridays in KL.
With thought that UK's TGIF would be even better off, we spent social times here one evening, with celebration of dear Lai Yee's birthday.

Scrutinizing over the menu here was no big deal as we were just stuck on a particular page that reads "2 courses for £9.99 OR 3 courses for £12.99" (Available from Monday - Thursday only).

For the starter, we had the Jack Daniel's Sesame Chicken Strips. This was worth a praise as the golden brown chicken strips were crispy and chruncy. These little sweethearts were coated with toasted sesame seeds and chili flakes. Dipping them into the Jack Daniel's sauce really enhanced their flavour.

An upgrade to a Sizzling Chicken Fajita costs us extra 3.49 pounds. It was a serving of marinated char-grilled chicken, sliced and served on a skillet of sauteed onions, red & green peppers. Served with warm flour tortillas, guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream and Colby cheese.
Nothing to shout about in general and the portion is small compared to the one in KL.
Plus, the chickens were oily!!

The Jack Daniel's Ribs was claimed flavourful, but the 'mini'-portion of this minus its credits. The ribs here... I'll never order a rib when eating out in Glasgow as they contain 80% bone leaving behind 20% meat for me to sink my teeth onto. These were served with Cajun battered onion and fries.

Desserts time!

Chocolate Fudge Fixation
Indulge in three layers of moist chocolate cake with rich chocolate & fudge filling, served warm with vanilla flavor ice cream.

Dessert Minis
Pick 'n' mix mini mousses. You can choose 2 flavours between Chocolate Orea, Mint Chocolate Chip, Blueberry Cheesecake, Raspberry or Key Lime Pie.

I'd rather dine in KL's Chillies or TGIF! You know what mean ;P

But, good companies compensates everything!

T.G.I Fridays

113 Buchanan St
G1 3HF

Tel: 0141 221 5857

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