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BBQ out in the Cold!

The moment I stepped onto Glasgow, I find summer grouchy. Cold, raining unpredictably and strong winds whooshing round me non-stop.
I miss the sunny weather back home......
However, recently, I feel the warmness.....
It feels like summer again.
Glasgow has finally achieve the temperature of more than 20 degree celcius!
however... I feel stuffy at home ;P

Gentle breeze with modest sunlight, I craved for.

Before this place turns warm, we had a BBQ session, a chillin' out assembly held at the back of our flats. Lovin' it to the max. However, the following month will be filled with torturing nights with the unfamiliarized books. Hope to get over the exams and tests faster or else I'll be distorted mentally and physically ;P

Let these depictions tell it all........
The disposable BBQ pits came handy after all ;P

Jeannie with all her pits :)

Gonna party outdoors

closed cup mushroom on the grill @_@

Our marinated chicken: has the kick!

Chocolate banana! Choc chips melted onto the piping hot banana.

Salads of lettuce, potatoes and ham

Tesco's beef was a juicy one

Barbecue-ing out in the cold was an exciting one.

We'll definitely try more of it!
Till then again :)

A Mussel Feast

I had a long weekend.. 2 days of public holiday made me even indolent. Tests are drawing nearer and it's kinda hard to accept that I am finishing my semester 6 in about 1 and a half months time. This means a tight confrontation with my books!!

Glasgow River End Festival took place this weekend and I just wouldn't wanna miss it!
Apart from the many events of water sports and catching sight of boats and ships wandering around, Glasgow Tower and the Science Center was where we exhausted time on.

Amusing myself at the Glasgow science center

Tend to get hungry faster here...
This couldn't be happening...
I could gain weight in no time if this carries on.
Or, I already did? ;P

No bother, I'm still grabbing a Beef Burger for lunch for £2.50.
An addition of onions with ketchup and mustard... Oh, these restored my energy. Just mediocre, bread was kinda hard ;P

The Jumbo HotDog was also priced at £2.50. This was just half of it.

Killing time at the festival drained out lots of our oomph. We're once again back to square one and so quickly, it's time for dinner again. Aiming for Mussel Inn, we headed there straight away. Although we got kinda lost when trying to track this eatery down, our determination was not a mere waste.
Four hungry souls studying the menu eagerly, scrutinizing which mussels flavour we like to indulge on.

Decided to feast on 3 Half-kilo pot of mussels at the price of £5.45 for each pot. And the best thing was we had refillable crusty breads for sauce dipping!!

1. Natural - cooked with the mussels' own juicy essence.You can just tell the freshness of mussels. A mild to moderate taste and the mussels flavour just boost the activity of our palate.

2. Shallots - a creamy preparation of mussels with white wine, garlic, shallots and cream. This went perfect with the bread. Loving every spoonful of it with the springy mussels.

3. Tomato - sun blushed tomato pesto mussels churned out to be an aromatic one. Very strong flavour, a lil' salty if eaten alone, but an ideal combo with the bread ;P

Only mussels?? Can be satiated just like that??
You try and see ;P
We're overdosed.

Mussel Inn
Seafood Restaurant
157 Hope Street
G2 2UQ

Tel: 0141 572 1405
Email: info@mussel-inn.com
Check out their website HERE

Tiger Tiger

Friday Night.
I am always looking forward to this day. When finally there's a weekend behind I could relax... a bit.
Well, I loved it more when I could hang out during a Saturday for movies and shopping. *typical city girl*
I don't do this anymore here. Well, not that often.
Felt like a caged bird this weekend. Trapping myself in my room, staring at the pile of books before me. Torture. Gonna sit for the PP3 Class Test soon on Monday morning.

Thinking about tests, exams, reports... Darn.

Seriously needed some enlightenment. Chose over Tiger Tiger this time as its name captivate me more ;P
Has food that weigh against an almighty tiger? Just passable...
However, the ambiance helped equalized the moderately-rated food. Dimmed, with spotlights gunning down (perfect for photo effect), and comfy seats, we enjoyed chit-chatting while treasuring our classy dinner ;P

the Tiger

From classic bars, counter tops to lavishly designed interior spreading with an ingenious way of layering mirrors and wallpapers around :)

Dinner Sets:
  • 2 course meal for £10.95
  • 3 course meal for £12.95
Pricey eh? Fortunately we've the discounted price from the student snap fax. 50% off! Phew...
If you're making a booking, make sure you inform the staffs that you're booking with your snap fax. Or else, they'll charge you the normal price ;P

Here's what Tiger Tiger offered us on Friday Night.

1. Starters

Vegetable Spring Rolls with sweet and sour sauce.
I finally seek an oriental taste that I miss so much. Crispy and hot, topping over some chili sauce beneath. Yes. Chili sauce. So hard to find here ;P

Marinated Chicken Tikka Skewers with mango, lime, mint and scented yoghurt.
A Mediterranean style of chicken serving that helped me boost my mood. They helped :)
Mango, lime and mint rally round. They augmented the appetite.

2. Main Course

Tiger Tiger Katsu Chicken Curry
Panko crumbled chicken topped with light curry sauce served with rice and salad.
Quite a disappointment. Initially it was good, but too much of it results the wrong channel of flavour and... Too dry. Tasted like Japanese curry, the gravy was spread on top of the deep fried fillets of chicken. and I like Japanese rice better ;P

Pan Seared Salmon with Chinese greens and black bean sauce.
This was the star as it was fresh. Cooked up with great flavours and the tang generated was memorable :)

Tiger Tiger Aberdeen Angus Burger
It was quite a large serving, topped with bacon, melted cheese on crisp iceberg lettuce, hamburger relish, red onion and beef steak tomato, served with Cajun fries.

Chicken Fajitas
Served with soft flour tortillas, guacamole, spicy tomato salsa and soft cream. It has the appealing presentation, wonder if it's as good as the one I had back at Chilli's.... ;P

3. Desserts

Sticky Toffee Pudding with ice cream was charming.
Warm caramelized brownie-like texture savoured together with icy cold vanilla ice cream cheered me up.

Lemon Tart with creme fraiche was another sweet entry as the night is drawing near. Lovable and lemon-ny!

Tiger Tiger

20 Glassford Street
Glasgow G1 1UL

Tel: +44 (0) 141 553 4888

Visit their website HERE.

Malaysian Food. Never Tired of it.

I'm in trouble.
I miss Malaysian Food.

It's true.
The food here is almost predictable.
Not much surprise.
Yea. Western Food.
Maybe I've not hang out much. Wouldn't wanna empty my wallet in such a short duration.

I had the enthusiasm to eat out,
But the sparks just died off when I thought of walking out in the cold and rain.
Such a distance.
Although I thought it was still convenient here.. somehow.

I've decided to adjourn back to my seriously, badly missed Malaysian Food!
Almost a month here, the cravings grew stronger.

Dear flogger friends,
You guys are really doing a very good job. Luring me is so easy. Everything you guys posted is lifting me to an unsound state of mind. ;P LoL. My fragile mind....

Ngau Kee...
So memorable. I miss the local street food, which do not exist here :( AT ALL.
The beef noodles were delectable. Generous portion of shredded, marinated pork accompanied by tangy noodles. I heart. The beef balls were just as good.
Chris preferred his noodles with the tasty broth while I'm into the dry version :)

We proceeded towards Jalan Alor for the famous Wong Ah Wah Chicken wings.
You can get chicken wings at a cheaper price than chicken breast meat and fillet here at Glasgow. However, refraining myself from thinking back our local WAW chicken wings is real tough. I couldn't.

Our stomach's capacity have not exceeded the threshold yet. An addition of some Soup Dumplings would be just adequate. However, this serving of 'sui kau' is forgettable ;P
Unwelcomed contents :(

Ngau Kee
Tengkat Tong Shin,
50200 Kuala Lumpur

Kedai Ayam Panggang Wong Ah Wah
1, Jalan Alor,
50200 Kuala Lumpur

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