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The Yogitree, real food cafe & yoga boutique @ The Gardens, Mid Valley

Note: Good news or bad news?
Let's disclose the bad news  first: There will be lesser updates starting from December as Chris & I will be having quite a hectic schedule.  
Good news: I've finally got a job! No more doubts when filling in the occupation column :)

Nearly everyone tend to think that most of the lip-smacking food are bound to be unhealthy.
And we tend to watch over what we eat.

A wise man said:
"It's not what we you eat that kills you, it's what you don't eat"


I remember I once read: Organic food is known to contain 50% more nutrients, minerals and vitamins than produce that has been intensively farmed.

Together with my girls, we exclaimed:
 "Wah... Come let's eat Organic!"



Come discover Oban, Argyll @ Scotland, UK


Great views from the busy port, surrounded by many long-standing shops, houses and guests house


Oban literally means the 'little bay' is known as the 'Gateway to the Isles', with panoramic views of mountains, lochs and islands. You could catch a glimpse of this bustling port from the top of the 'Bealach-an-Righ'. As you sweep down the hills towards the bay, the view opens up before you. This is when one appreciate why Oban has developed into one of Scotland's most popular west coast holiday towns.

Mari Makan di Tanjung Sepat

When dad suggested that we should go out together, it must be something we should all game for.

"Let's have a day food trip to Tanjung Sepat"
Not a surprise at all, I was the first to agree immediately.


Equipped with a "food map", we were so ready to go hunt down some famous delicacies at Tanjung Sepat.


Stopped half-way to quench our thirst with some rambutans


Tanjung Sepat is a town in Kuala Langat district in Selangor, on the Straits of Malacca which is primarily a fishing town & is about 20 minutes away from Morib Beach.
We stopped by again at one of the fishing village for some snaphots.

Bro's Birthday @ Xenri Japanese Restaurant, Wisma Elken

I almost forgot what I did when I bid my teenage years goodbye and said hello to the 20-ish phase. Everything just happened so fast. Too fast before I could even sit down and commit to my memory and learn all those past events by heart.

Now, it's already my dear brother Kent's turn. He just turned 20!

Off we went to welcome him to our 20s group at Xenri in Wisma Elken (another branch in Menara Hap Seng). This was really a pay off for him as Japanese cuisine is still his darling choice for years.

Special Sashimi - RM328



Hanoi, Vietnam Day 1: Leisuring with Coffee, Food & Night Walks

Refer to ♥ Our Travelogue ♥ for easier access!

Chào bạn!

Our Hanoi holiday was really a spontaneous one. Chris asked me on a Saturday night and the next thing I know was, I'm on the plane with him the following Thursday!
I never see this coming and both of us never thought that we would be paying Hanoi a visit this soon.
Furthermore, there was warnings on the Ketsana Typhoon that hit Vietnam during our time of visit. We were blessed. It didn't affect Hanoi. 5 days of maximum sunshine!

Hanoi, Vietnam's capital, lies on the banks of the Red River and is the second-largest city of Vietnam after Ho Chi Minh. Once occupied dominantly by the Chinese and French plus moments with the Japanese too, Vietnamese culture is just very comprehensive.

#1 We witnessed the fairly poverty


#2 We saw the action-packed motorcyclists without-the-traffic-lights performance. I could just closed my eyes tight and cross the road with Chris hand-in-hand. I assure you it's safe. All you hear is the sounds of honks tootling away like a common melody that most people know in Vietnam.
Hanoi old quarter with all the traffic of scooters are typical to the Vietnamese congested city centers. Here, no rule seem to apply however, it seems to work pretty well overall surprisingly.


#3 Sofitel Plaza Hanoi - this was where we stayed.
Luxury with a French flair. Located at the heart of Hanoi close to the old quarter, Sofitel Plaza Hanoi has a long history of being a luxury place for many prestigious events and popular rendezvous. With its charming interior, this  hotel blends the warm Vietnamese hospitality with the European luxury heritage offering comfortable rooms and good services.


the lobby

Café Stelle by Raffles @ Pavilion

"Ooh.. Girls just wanna have fun!"


It was a perfect Saturday afternoon for a girls day out. We even ditched the boyfriends.
Call us terrible but it was for their own good. Don't wanna hurt their feet as it seemed like an endless shopping marathon for them. *patting on each others shoulders for being the considerate GFs*

We felt lavish for a day.
Spending quality girly times together picking outfits.
Did a model-like photoshooting on HERMES scarves. I meant the real HERMES!
Unwind from the weekdays tedious routines with a HIGH TEA session.


Sate Rosley @ Batu 11, Cheras


Whenever Chris mentioned that he is from Kajang, most people responded:

"Oh, Kajang Satay very famous one!"

He used to answer "yes", but not anymore now. We have a new satay favourite and it's definitely not in Kajang.

"Go to the one in Cheras!" he will exclaim these days :)

Tucked in a corner at Batu 11, Cheras, this little satay stall may look unattractive and uninviting, but once you've tasted their charcoal-burned-grilled-meat on the skewers, you'll be inviting yourself over for more.
They may not have the fanciest interior and huge pleasing exterior comparable to Hj. Samuri or the Kajang Satay Stadium, but the satays here are very tasty and contained the right formula of meat and a wee bit of fat.
Only chicken & beef satays are available at RM0.70 per stick/skewer.

Ipoh Day 3: Three Breakfasts and Tualang Seafood for Lunch

Continued from Ipoh Day 1 & 2...

8 meals a day during Day 2 did not hold us back from continuing our Ipoh gastronomic adventure as we've already gave in our waistline. Fret not during an eating trip. These what what we all planned to do!

3 Breakfasts in a row! 

#1 Restoran Paris - Famous Hakka Noodles and Liew
Used to operate their business at the opposite coffee shop named Yin Yau Kui Restaurant, the Famous Hakka Noodles have shifted to this Paris cafe. It was my first time having hakka noodles with tauge (bean sprouts) in it. Oh, how could you miss out tauge when you're in Ipoh! The yeung liew to go with it were good too, but you won't get a chance to choose in particular which liew you wanted. Just inform them the number of servings, and they'll pick for you.






甜品哥哥 Dessert House @ SS2

Oh yes I love desserts. Who doesn't?

But in fact, my threshold towards sweet stuffs is way lower than most people I suppose as I tend to criticize silently on most desserts being 'very sweet'. They are supposed to be sweet. Accuse myself for having a palate that doesn't really befriend sweetness.

But saying NO to desserts is the last thing I would do. I'm puzzeled myself.

Together with KampungboyCitygal, off we went searching for the right 'yum cha' venue in SS2. Since Citygal and I were craving for some sweetness, we settled ourselves for 甜品哥哥 Tim Pan Go Go (in cantonese) dessert house.


Mango desserts are their specialties I heard.
And this reminded me of A Little Dim Sum Place, also in SS2 where it is populared with patrons sampling their Mango tong yuen (rice balls). A place where I always wanted to reach since I'm a huge fan of mangoes, but all those big letdowns of terrible feedbacks left me with resistance and decided to hold back.
Hope 甜品哥哥 Tim Pan Go Go won't let me down, spoke myself.

This place is filled with their own desserts fans. Bustling with customers during our visit, its interior is simple yet able to bring out the dashing atmosphere of a dessert house with embellishments of huge desserts posters on their walls.

Mango Rolls 芒果肠粉 - RM8
Slightly pricey for its portion, but these mangoes wrapped around with the coconut  based concoction as the outer layer drizzled with mango syrup was the main character on our table. It was like a dessert version of chee cheung fun (CCF). The outer layer made with coconut added another plus point as it tote up the flavours of both mangoes and coconut. Served cold, we loved this most.



Nasi Tumpang at The Warung @ Mid Valley


"Do you know what is Nasi Tumpang?" asked Chris smartly one day, pretty sure I wouldn't know the answer.
"I only know Nasi Kandar & Nasi Lemak" I murmured defeatedly.

He then ushered me towards his Nasi Tumpang 'research'.
I wow-ed ;P

It was from Masak-Masak and SimpleGirl, we got exposed to this Kelantanese delicacy.


Barcelona, Spain Part 3: Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Tramvia Blau- Tibidabo & Paella

Continued from Barcelona Part 1 & Part 2...

Hola again!
We spent approximately 3 days in Barcelona enjoying sunshine and touring around on the Bus Turistic mentioned in my previous posts. Very convenient. We spent our final day channeling towards a higher side of the city, via the RED route. View our tour route HERE.


We would just love to reinforce a statement. "Architectures and the construction styles of Barcelona is really one fascinating thing to witness." All I know was we "oohed and ahhed" for 3 days. Maybe we'll settle down if we're there longer, but who knows? Lotsa surprises at Barcelona. We wish we could be there longer...

To ascertain the statement we mentioned earlier...

#1 The Sagrada Familia Church (1883-2032??)
This magnificent church is actually still under construction after about more than 120 years. Building work began in the 19th-century and is funded bu churchgoers and devotees, through ticket revenue from visitors like us. Another masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi, at time of his death in 1926 due to an accident, only one of the towers had been completed. The continuation of Gaudi's project has become an unmistakable symbol of Barcelona.


Kissaten Coffee and Restaurant @ Jaya One, PJ

Hello from me. Apparently the employment rate of the government has decreased tremendously for the past few months and here I am, still jobless, working on a part time basis teaching Japanese. Just kidding on the teaching part. I've been wanting to take up Japanese lessons for years but this has always remained unmotivated. Spent quite some time looking for these Japanese translations, so please do give me some applause *claps in silence*

Ohaiyo Gozaimasu おはようございます friends.
Although there has been numerous posts around on Kissaten, but do allow us to re-share the fares we had during lunch session with AiWei.

Honey Lemon - RM5.90


Teriyaki Pork Burger -RM8.90
This was the best order. The sauce were tangy and overwhelming. Spread across and beneath the porky thick slice of meat with the right texture. The bun was hot too.


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