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It's 2010!!

Another year has gone.
It seemed that every year speed fast. Almost like sprinting. I should've fine year 2009 heavily.

But it's ok. As we're looking forward to a new year ahead and a new decade!
Cheers to Year 2010 people!
And have a memorable one with your loved ones!


almost contraindicated: a new year with the retro fashion.

Happy New Year to all of you!
Have a great weekend!
See you guys next year!

Hon Kee Porridge 汉记靓粥 @ Damansara Utama

Everytime Chris raised a question on food, he'll sure be disappointed as I've heard of it. Yes, I'm getting ego over my know-hows on food, but when it comes to tasting them, it's always be pending on the list... Until the memories were disregarded and I will completely forget where to eat next.

Chris being my food dictionary as always, brought me to Hon Kee for breakfast located at Damansara Utama which opened its doors not too long ago. Other outlets are located in Lot 10 and the prominent one in Petaling Street. I am totally not a porridge fan but he is and convincing me that it'll be exceptionally good, I gave in.

Some highlights of this restaurant:
Hon Kee 汉记靓粥 had established their name for three generations starting from their late grandfather Wong Yu Wah, who managed a congee stall approximately 60 years ago in Petaling Street. It's their vision to allow each patrons to experience the authenticity of their family's recipes. The unadulterated original taste was what we were looking forward to everytime we visit a restaurant with so much deep-rooted profile.


We were attracted to their green theme with printed giant newspaper cuttings on their wall which made up their wall of fame, vintage pictures hung neatly and the cute logo!

Hon Kee Porridge


Chris is a Quarter of a Century! Happy Birthday!


Dearest Chris,

27th December means a lot to you this year. As you have to bear with the fact of reaching a quarter of a century... haha. Wishing the best of everything from the bottom of my heart.
I love you.

Happy Birthday Chris!

Love from,
*can't pour too much love here* haha.


The Birthday: Cristang @ 8 Avenue, PJ

It's somehow depressing when everyone cheered and applaud to jog my memory that I'm a another year grown-up again. It means I have more responsibilities in accordance to age.

Do you miss the times when your cute little friends surround you with party hats and balloons singing really loud birthday songs you tend to ignore as you eyed on the huge birthday cake with only a few candles lit up?
I really do.

But I enjoyed more of it now as I learn that......
Birthday doesn't seem to last only for a day. Wheeee.......

Fun facts and trivia about birthday:

#1 Good food at Cristang

Nasi Lemak Goreng With Chinese sausages (Lap Cheong), Bacon And Omelette (RM12.80). A very unique toss of nasi lemak with bits of western and malaysian fusion. The blast of flavours were worth checking out!


Behold: pork burgers ruled in the house. Especially the P7: The Urban Legend. It's actually an order of P4 + melted cheese. What's so cool about the urban legend? With this burger, there was a bountiful serving consisting of a 250g pork patty, minced pork tossed with chili and chopped petai, bacon bits, melted cheese, onion rings, tomatoes and pickles. Oolala...... It's definitely wrong to forego the combination of petai and pork burger. So unique. how can miss one... (30% off pork burgers on every Wednesday)


More pork burger selections?

The Birthday: Sek Yuen @ Jalan Pudu & Surprises!

December the 11th was filled with endless routines.

Routines which were poles apart from what I usually do these days.
A Friday getaway on a birthday.
Birthday songs, messages and CAKESSS!! (read the S) I just couldn't be happier.

#1 Lunch with colleagues
Lovely university classmates are now my colleagues. Thanks for the lunch and cake gals!!!


#2 Dinner at Sek Yuen
A relaxing family dinner at the restaurant quoted as a "retro-frontage on Jalan Pudu that opened up to a bright, spacious high-ceilinged dining hall which harked from a different era". Dad suggested it immediately as soon as mom mentioned she wants to go for Italian. Chinese food rules on his gastronomic diary. Sek Yuen  is 63-year-old Cantonese eatery which my parents knows best.


Yoichi 酔壱 @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

It will only take me approximately 15 minutes or less to reach Bandar Puteri Puchong from my area and I can't believe I got lost on my way there! Good thing was... I reached Sunway fast. How cool and uncool at the same time.

*blushing all the way through as I was suppose to show AiWei around Bandar Puteri Puchong while fetching her*

Lesson learned:
Please pay more attention when the BF does all the driving without my help.

Good thing was: We reached Yoichi for after touring around Sunway. Yay.



I was starving thanks to my clever idea of this excursion.
Tempura Udon - RM 18.60 without any hesitation as I was craving for something soupy. Udon was the right choice as the noodles was springy and we heart their broth lots! However, the tempura was just mediocre. Still acceptable as its serving size was huge for me. Glad the Udon was still able to compensate:)



Wafu Chicken Katsu Lunch Set (Chicken Cutlet with Grated Radish Set) - RM 15.80
Fried chicken cutlet with bread crumbs, grated radish in the dipping sauce, 2 slices of fruit, miso soup and a bowl of rice. The dipping sauce was a lil sourish. This definitely boosted AiWei's appetite.



Drop by Yoichi for more! However, we both thought that if they have more selections of sushis and sets, this would definitely draw more customers in. Their lack of food options was a slight let down, but we were still satisfied with our orders. Hope to see more of Yoichi's Japanese Dining again.


Japanese Dining Yoichi 酔壱
No.21 & 21-1,
Jalan Puteri, 2/3, Bandar Puteri,
47100, Puchong, Selangor
Tel & Fax: +603 8063 5112
Mobile: +6016 385 4839
Check out their website HERE


Meng Kee Char Siu @ Alor Kopitiam, Jalan Alor


The rave was on.
But we didn't manage to catch that fever during the Meng Kee heat.
Only manage to do so after more than one year dating pork sausages and fish & chips in the land known as YOU KAY!
Char Siew fix! Char Siew fix!

We didn't even pay a visit to Meng Kee when they were still based at the iconic spot at Tengkat Tong Shin *smack forehead*. I bet almost all of you knew that Meng Kee had already shifted to the Alor Kopitiam at Jalan Alor.



We were melted.
An immediate recall of what we had at the Seremban Favourites. But I couldn't tell which was better. I just love both. The char siew was tender and succulent, with a hint of sweetness and charred taste at the caramelized outer.
Too bad we didn't manage to give this a try while they were still running business over at Tengkat Tong Shin. Heard they were way better there.
To our surprise, it was an easy task to score a table during our lunch visit. Not as packed as I thought. Hmm...


The steamed chicken was only mediocre and we were not expecting much since we aimed for char siew all along.


A return for more Char Siew fix again?
Maybe after checking out more of Char Siew Zhai and 747 Char Siew for more comparison :)

Meng Kee Char Siew
Alor Kopitiam
(next to Nova Hotel)
Jalan Alor
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 017-6388648/016-9093721
Open for lunch every day except Sundays.

Vietnam Day 2: The Bay of Descending Dragon, Ha Long

Refer to ♥ Our Travelogue ♥ for easier access!

Continued from Vietnam Day 1...

Our second day in Vietnam was settled off with a day tour to Halong Bay. I'm pretty sure most of you knows it's like a compulsory mission to visit Halong while you're near Hanoi. From Hanoi, we took a private tour with a coach taking us all the way to catch a boat. It took us about 3.5 hours just to reach the jetty while it was only approximately 160km away from Sofitel Plaza! Blame no one but the narrow 'highway' they owned.

Ahem *clears throat*
Before moving into our itinerary, allow me to brag about Ha Long.
Ha Long Bay includes 1,600 islands and islets in the Gulf of Tonkin, in province Quang Ninh that forms a spectacular seascape of limestone pillars. Because of their precipitous nature, most of the islands are uninhabited and unaffected by a human presence. The site's outstanding scenic beauty is complemented by its great biological interest. And this was the main reason that Ha Long Bay was listed by UNESCO in its World Heritage Sites. Not only that, it is also a finalist for the latest World's 7 Natural Wonders & recognized as one of the 33 most beautiful bays of the world.
Pretty awesome right? We thought so too, and HaLong Bay was our favourite travel spot throughout our week at Vietnam.



Behold: the Icon of Halong Bay - Fighting Cock or Kissing Cock. Some said fight, some mentioned kiss. I'm confused myself too. I preferred it to be named Kissing though.

To my Dearest Christine: You're 24!



I love keeping things simple &
I love you.
Muack Muacks!

Happy 24th Birthday!

Yours always,

~ 11.12.2009 ~

Ko Hyang, Korean Country Delights @ The Gardens

I was out shopping at Isetan (praise the sales!!) with my girls when we decided to drop by Ko Hyang since we read good comments on it and most of the times, it's packed with contented patrons. We could tell that it's yummy.

Inviting odour generated from the kiosk like open up dining area that serves home made korean food.......
How could we forego something that is so... tastebuds penetrating.
Although the people dining here do not have ample dining space; with small wooden tables and chairs arranged adjacent to each other, we don't seem to mind at all.


Note: the prices are very reasonable. Apologies that I didn't manage to take down the prices for each dish we had.

some banchan as starters...
spicy and sour kimchi is always what I looked forward to. Everytime.


Jarrod & Rawlins @ Damansara Heights


Christine falls to her knees and raises her hands to the heavens above. "Must... have... pork ribs", she gasps. "Must... have it... immediately!". Chris then rolls his eyes. "Dear, I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again - your diet is appalling."

Chris sometimes would just give in to whatever I craved for. Well thanks to him  for the continuous healthy diet reminder or else I would just have to trash my cute size 4 wardrobe and replace them all with baggy garments.


It was a coincidental bliss when we were invited by Elaine from the Grey Two PR to attend a special sampling session with fellow bloggers KampungboyCitygal, AiWei, thenomadGourmand & Fat Boy Bakes at Jarrod & Rawlins located at Damansara Heights.

Jarrod & Rawlins had establish a widespread idea to patrons of it being the purveyors of fine food & wine. True enough, their menus offer combinations of their very own J&R classics such as the famous gourmet sausages, pies, burgers and sandwiches. We personally love the concept of the available decked out delicatessen counters (deli counters) arranged with meats, sausages & assorted cheeses. Deal out your favourite selection of protein source from the deli and the friendly staffs will weigh 'em accordingly.

Jarrod & Rawlins1

Pizza San Francisco @ The Mines Shopping Fair

Have you made a stopover at The Mines lately?

I was very surprised when I revisited this mall so close to my heart only a year later.

Why so close to my heart? 
The Mines was the place where Chris and I first met. So touched.
*sniff sniff* 
A place I'll remember even when it's torn down. (Touch wood! choi! choi!)
Not happening at all now! Since its management was revolutionized, the mall has became a hotspot for more shoppers and diners.

While shopping for my 'labour clothes' there one day, AiWei and I decided to pop by Pizza San Francisco for some affordable Italian fix.


Linguine Salmon - RM17.90
Served bountifully in dill cream sauce, this portion was very filling and its tasty, creamy sauce left me nothing but satisfaction. I always love my pasta creamy. Salmon was generously served too.


Fusilli Mushroom - RM14.90
A churn out of wild mushroom & pasta, served with light cream sauce, this serving was very suitable if you are opting for a lighter meal. I got to try a spoonful and thought it tasted bland. Perhaps my salmon portion was too overwhelmingly tasted.


We suggest you to think of propelling your way to The Mines to check out a rather newer environment. Parking only 2 ringgit maximum mah.

Sorry about the short post as this was done after my working hours. Felt tired easily nowadays. Hope I could cope with my working life well.

Pizza San Francisco
Lot L1-65(p), Level 1,
Mines Shopping Fair,
Jalan Dulang, Mines Resort City,
43300 Seri Kembangan,
Tel : +603 8944 1620

Ten Hup Hong Kong Chee Cheung Fun @ Kajang

Mention Kajang and you'll shout SATAY!

Since my Kajang boy ditched Satay Kajang quite some time ago and found his new favourite, all the other Kajang delicacies seemed to have trailed off after we returned a year later. Even 7 Wonders Kitchen moved out (still searching for its new location).

However, there is still one more reason for us to fill in our hunger in Kajang as we just couldn't succumb our fixed mindset of this being the best Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun we ever had, and it remained our favourite.


Order a mixed combination of pork and prawns, with its tasty sauce drizzled generously and sprinkled with deep fried shallots, it wouldn't be disappointing.
Price: RM3.80 (small), RM5.50 (big)



Time to diverge your satay thoughts to some HK CCF now!

Ten Hup Restaurant is located at the row of small shoplots behind the Kajang wet market and opposite the Da Chong Food Court
Opening Hours: 8am - 2pm

View Ten Hup HK Chee Cheong Fun in a larger map

The Yogitree, real food cafe & yoga boutique @ The Gardens, Mid Valley

Note: Good news or bad news?
Let's disclose the bad news  first: There will be lesser updates starting from December as Chris & I will be having quite a hectic schedule.  
Good news: I've finally got a job! No more doubts when filling in the occupation column :)

Nearly everyone tend to think that most of the lip-smacking food are bound to be unhealthy.
And we tend to watch over what we eat.

A wise man said:
"It's not what we you eat that kills you, it's what you don't eat"


I remember I once read: Organic food is known to contain 50% more nutrients, minerals and vitamins than produce that has been intensively farmed.

Together with my girls, we exclaimed:
 "Wah... Come let's eat Organic!"



Come discover Oban, Argyll @ Scotland, UK


Great views from the busy port, surrounded by many long-standing shops, houses and guests house


Oban literally means the 'little bay' is known as the 'Gateway to the Isles', with panoramic views of mountains, lochs and islands. You could catch a glimpse of this bustling port from the top of the 'Bealach-an-Righ'. As you sweep down the hills towards the bay, the view opens up before you. This is when one appreciate why Oban has developed into one of Scotland's most popular west coast holiday towns.

Mari Makan di Tanjung Sepat

When dad suggested that we should go out together, it must be something we should all game for.

"Let's have a day food trip to Tanjung Sepat"
Not a surprise at all, I was the first to agree immediately.


Equipped with a "food map", we were so ready to go hunt down some famous delicacies at Tanjung Sepat.


Stopped half-way to quench our thirst with some rambutans


Tanjung Sepat is a town in Kuala Langat district in Selangor, on the Straits of Malacca which is primarily a fishing town & is about 20 minutes away from Morib Beach.
We stopped by again at one of the fishing village for some snaphots.

Bro's Birthday @ Xenri Japanese Restaurant, Wisma Elken

I almost forgot what I did when I bid my teenage years goodbye and said hello to the 20-ish phase. Everything just happened so fast. Too fast before I could even sit down and commit to my memory and learn all those past events by heart.

Now, it's already my dear brother Kent's turn. He just turned 20!

Off we went to welcome him to our 20s group at Xenri in Wisma Elken (another branch in Menara Hap Seng). This was really a pay off for him as Japanese cuisine is still his darling choice for years.

Special Sashimi - RM328



Hanoi, Vietnam Day 1: Leisuring with Coffee, Food & Night Walks

Refer to ♥ Our Travelogue ♥ for easier access!

Chào bạn!

Our Hanoi holiday was really a spontaneous one. Chris asked me on a Saturday night and the next thing I know was, I'm on the plane with him the following Thursday!
I never see this coming and both of us never thought that we would be paying Hanoi a visit this soon.
Furthermore, there was warnings on the Ketsana Typhoon that hit Vietnam during our time of visit. We were blessed. It didn't affect Hanoi. 5 days of maximum sunshine!

Hanoi, Vietnam's capital, lies on the banks of the Red River and is the second-largest city of Vietnam after Ho Chi Minh. Once occupied dominantly by the Chinese and French plus moments with the Japanese too, Vietnamese culture is just very comprehensive.

#1 We witnessed the fairly poverty


#2 We saw the action-packed motorcyclists without-the-traffic-lights performance. I could just closed my eyes tight and cross the road with Chris hand-in-hand. I assure you it's safe. All you hear is the sounds of honks tootling away like a common melody that most people know in Vietnam.
Hanoi old quarter with all the traffic of scooters are typical to the Vietnamese congested city centers. Here, no rule seem to apply however, it seems to work pretty well overall surprisingly.


#3 Sofitel Plaza Hanoi - this was where we stayed.
Luxury with a French flair. Located at the heart of Hanoi close to the old quarter, Sofitel Plaza Hanoi has a long history of being a luxury place for many prestigious events and popular rendezvous. With its charming interior, this  hotel blends the warm Vietnamese hospitality with the European luxury heritage offering comfortable rooms and good services.


the lobby

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