~Brought up 2 SharE~

"Remember to Remember"

It's been 9 years!

Though there's the little devil in me in churning out little troubles for Chris to bear......

We're still glad that we have each other.
The journey along was amazing.
And growing stronger.


Love has never been smooth sailing, but with him, I learned to spell it right.
9 years down the road!

Loving you forever,

puileng9 a

p/s: Thanks to YeuLou for the romantic layout of us; sailing towards eternal happiness! I love my balloon!
Visit his blog for more cute illustrations :)


Happy 9 years Anniversary Chris!

Themed Parties: Tea Party this round!

We're such enthusiastic girls when it comes to organizing themed parties & the guys just have to give in and sportingly joined in the fun. Ever since our high at Cafe Stelle, we longed for our own session.

What's fun this time again?
Alice in Wonderland Tea Party (minus the mad hatter)

#1 The Wonderland & Set-ups
Venue: Find yourself a homely wonderland


Yoon Ping Noodle House @ Taman Puncak Jalil

Calling out Hakka Noodle lovers!

Indulge yourself in various flavours of homemade Hakka noodles!

Homemade hakka noodles tossed with different flavours of the given choice, without missing the dash of minced pork; a must ingredient.
Pan Mee house is already a norm to us, being very popular everywhere nowadays. When we were told there's a new shop with Hakka noodle as bestsellers around town, we quickly rushed over.

Braised Mushroom & Chicken Feet Hakka Noodle - RM5


Char Siew Hakka Noodle - RM4.50


Curry Chicken Hakka Noodle - RM5.50


Hakka Noodle with Dumplings - RM5


We would recommend their dumplings (sui kao), curry chicken & braised pork (not ordered here during the first time). They have other breakfast items on their menu too; nasi lemak & toast.

A short post before rushing off. again.
Puncak Jalil. Our new place for breakfast :)

Restoran Yoon Ping Noodle House
139, Jalan PUJ 3/3,
Taman Puncak Jalil
43300 Seri Kembangan

Qba B4 Latin Bar & Grill @ Westin, Kuala Lumpur

Hey hey!

The weekend is hitting in again and we're so relieved thanks to the busy week we've been through......
Pamper and give yourself a break if you ever felt like you've just been through too much stress. I've always agree to that! An excuse without much guilt :)

Thanks to Ming & the Westin group, we and our makan soul-mates were given the chance to check out their new idea of B4 at QBA; the Latin Bar & Grill at the Westin hotel, Kuala Lumpur.


What's B4? The question popped into our minds quickly.
It's actually an abbreviation for Beer+BBQ+Banda+Bandido (Beer, BBQ, Band & Buffet).
B4 is a decadent garden party fiesta on a Saturday evening within Qba’s al fresco courtyard. As the first restaurant which offers such relaxing al fresco buffet dining, you'll get to enjoy live cooking of Latin grill and infused with South American flavours with fresh ingredients.

Expect an exclusive looking bar with cigar lounge upon entering and as we move downstairs leading to the courtyard, there was another beautiful bar waiting for us with live band and what's more to expect from the extensive area laid with an immense selection of food.

Qba @ Westin5

Jaya ONE Food Crawl!

When so many bloggers were cordially invited to have a round of Food Crawl @ Jaya ONE, we were excited to participate as we've not tried any 'restaurant-hopping' at such a hype place.

As you may know, Jaya ONE is one of the IN place for dining for most people. A variety of cuisines to choose from, it's almost a fuss to choose sometimes and truly speaking, Chris and I don't really remember what's there to try from too. Thanks to Ramesh and the Jaya ONE group for allowing us to venture around with an overwhelming appetite.

The MAKAN route for the evening:


MOS Burger @ Singapore


McD was always the first option we could ever thought of when we were rushing off and needed to grab a bite of burger. Fast but bored.

How we wish we could have MOS. Here in Malaysia.
So that i don't need to dial McD's hotline during lunch break for delivery.
So that we could settle down our cravings for some real RICE BURGERS!

MOS Burger1

モスバーガー, Mosu bāgā
MOS which stands for "Mountain Ocean Sun", is now the second-largest fast-food franchise in Japan. Originated from Japan, expect for some delicious Japanese fillings that will be wrapped cutely, and stuff you up. Kawaii!

Delicious Birthday @ Delicious, Bangsar Village II

Despite the multiple times we've been to Delicious during work luncheon, a stop for dessert during dates or even high tea, we've decided to blog more on it this times as we stopped by one day during our bestie's birthday.

Yes. KampungBoy is another year older :)


Black Forest for the birthday boy

Xiao Fei Yang 小肥羊 @ Off Jalan Pudu, KL

Pretty sure when I mentioned Xiao Fei Yang, most of you would shout "má là” 麻辣!Yes, I did too.
It was when we planned a birthday session for Citygal during her special day. We had so much fun laughing off at each other's juicy red lips after tasting and gobbling away with our tremendous orders for the herbal and 'mala' steamboat.

Herbal Chicken Soup and Ma La Peppercorn Seed Soup: the Yin Yong Soup 麻辣汤 (RM 22)
It was really kicking off our appetite. Sweats and heat that we can't avoid although we were seated comfortably in an air-conditioned restaurant. Despite that, we still manage to sweep the food away.
Define "mala"? Chili oil drenched into the peppercorn soup that creates a numbing and tingling sensation on the tongue. "Yum"


Green Field, Ubud, Bali

Note: We made a reservation about 4-5 months in advance and the rooms were quite full already! Do make early bookings to avoid disappointment.

This was what we mentioned earlier for our 2nd night stay at Tegal Sari. Refer out post HERE.




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