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A Day having Chinese cuisine~

24.03.07~ Went to I Utama with Chris with one intention and purpose; to watch Bean's Holiday.. but out of luck, sad case... full man!! have to seat at the very very front! didn't watch it though... We end up watch another electrifying movie I call it; Stomp the Yard... not bad actually. Kinda got carried away by this movie~~ *laughs* Although the cinema was like~kinda empty. The others must have went to watch that Bean! Arggh... Grabbed our seats!

A scene I loved from the movie :)

After that, we went to grab our lunch at the Dragon-i restaurant. Chris recommended it. For real, it was really worth tasting!! -kinda expensive though- still thought it's neat, comfortable and nice to dine in! so guys... ------>when dining in this restaurant, an order of must is: the Shanghai Dumpling!

the dumplings :P

-the menu-

Just love posing with u dear.. with the pink details behind..~~

we finished everything! don't mind that piece of meat..

Exposed to blogger~thanks to *Lydia*

First blogging session with blogspot.com!! Guess just have to mess it up cos there's no mood brought up.. just finished test.. Sigh.. Wondering how did I did. didn't get enough sleep so I'm kinda blur when spurting out these words. Kept on bugging Lydia for her assistance with the settings and layout and stuffs due to the fact that I'm a blogspot noob!
Inspiration to blog has not come... till then...
Will share more in the next one. Promise!!

Heading for Fun now!.. before locking up myself in my room to meditate with books for the coming exam next week. Arggh... 'jia you jia you' *smiles*

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