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Breakfast @ HK Food Station, Kajang Prima

Another eat-out at Kajang. I followed Chris out early the other morning for breakfast in Kajang. Planned to wake up earlier that day..but end up emerging from sleep only at 9.30am :P Opened not long ago at Kajang Prima, the HK Food Station's signboard captured my attention. Thought it was pretty attractive for its colour.. Like any other Hong Kong styled restaurants, they serve spaghetti, HK baked rice, nissin noodles, Shanghai noodles, breakfast and many other special dishes, but at a lower price :)

Since I can't really bite..(have to bite with 'extra low force') at that time, Chris advised me to have some noodle with soup. Thought of ordering nissin noodle with ham and egg but Ham?? *too hard for me* *sigh!* End up with Nissin Noodle with Double Fried Egg. This for RM4.20.

The Cantonese Fried wasn't bad too! said Chris. Lotsa "wok hei". A generous portion from the way I looked at his plate of noodle and drooling over it! It's priced at RM4.50. OK right?

We had the Tea in Hong Kong Style (Nai Cha). A lovely drink for RM2. Not too sweet :) Just nice.

The wall of this restaurant is adhered with many large pictures of the food available. This creates an appetizing environment..

Looking at their menu initially, there are lots of other dishes available. Sandwiches, breakfast set... Hmm.. Plan to try all these when I'm able to grab that extra bite again :) Oya.. Chris's aunt just arrived back from her work at Italy yesterday and bought us sooo many chocolates! I wanna eat...! *grieving at my poor teeth*

HK Food Station

26, Jalan KP 1/3,
Kajang Prima,
Jalan Semenyih,

43300 Kajang

Fatty Mee Hoon Kuih House @ Klang

Another month has gone and time for me to get my braces checked and tightened! Once a month, I'll travel down to Klang for my monthly dental checkup. Everytime we're there, we didn't have the time to try this "known-to all Klang people" pan mee. Mom have tried this with dad several times and she said it's her favourite. Since my class finished early that day, I drove to her office and she brought me to this noodle house located in Berkeley Garden, Klang for lunch. Luckily i ate before i get my braces tighten up because this time during the checkup, it wasn't like what it used to be: the dentist put on an extra "wire" for support and extra rubbers for alignment! Oh god.. talk about suffering! Can't eat after that.. *sob sob*

Mom have told me that during lunch hour especially, this place will be packed with lots of people, and no doubt.. Yes! The Fatty MeeHoon Kiuh House has been operating for quite some time and they changed their signboard not long ago I guess.. cos Mom said it looked old the last time she visited. Luckily, we managed to get a place as soon as we reached. I looked around and found out that many articles from magazines and newspapers have reviewed this place! Indeed famous huh?

What I eat now has became tasteless but anyway, I didn't forget its taste. The broth was filled with sooo much taste! Aroma exerted due to the inclusion of anchovies, vegetables and fried onions in the soup just filled my nostrils once it's served. The pan mee.. is "teared by hand". Only this is available. You won't be able to find the gadget to produce ordinary stranded pan mee.. We have the "mee hoon kuih" with egg for RM3 per bowl. Think this is cheap as normally in typical restaurants, they charge at least RM3.50.

the meeHoon Kuih is thin and yummy!

the aunty was cooking and managing so many pots of pan mee at the same time! She's controlling it really well :)

Fatty Mee Hoon Kuih House
19, Lebuh Bangau,

Taman Berkeley, 41150 Klang.

Business hours:
10.00 am to 4.30pm

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Conquering KL at Look Out Point

To overcome our Monday blues, Lick, AiWei, Chirs and I have already plan for a night out to have dinner before Lick's semester commences. He suggested Look Out Point. Ok.. since last week, I've been worrying whether it'll rain on that night again since it has been raining for the past few days and especially on Sunday! It rained the whole day, I'd say! Praying hard that it won't rain, as these phenomena will only 'destroy' our intention to go up that hill. The first time I went, it rained! and I didn't get to enjoy the night view that has been proclaimed "marvelous and breathtaking!" On our way there, it drizzled a little. With high hopes, we still continued travelling up the Langat Hill once again and this time, I'm well equiped with my camera! *yes yes*

We dined at the Bread & Olives Cafe again and tried other dishes. There are actually two other restaurants found but we still determined to have our meal here as this cafe offer something different; I should say. Mediterranean Food! When we arrived, it's still drizzling, so we went upstairs on the terrace and grabbed our seats indoor. We sat by a large window where the whole of KL's view can be seen soooo clearly! It's like in our hands! Really pretty and great hang out place no doubt! *nod nod* From the cafe's terrace, a breathtaking view of the Ampang Jaya skyline is stretching into Kuala Lumpur, that meets the eye with the multitude buildings, houses and skyscrapers dotting the landscape! Prominent in the background are Menara Kuala Lumpur and Petronas Twin Towers with the growing city and its suburban areas in plain sight.

First up, for drinks. 3 of us had the Ice Lemon Tea for RM4.50 while Ai Wei had the Lemon Juice priced at RM8

Ice Lemon Tea

Lemon Juice

Since we're extensively hungry...Lick ordered us the Full Chicken (a meal for 4). The whole chicken is served with Briyani rice, creamy garlic sauce and choice of 3 side dishes, where you can get to choose from the choices of salad, baba Ghanoug, Mutabal or french fries. This set for only RM37! Reasonable~~

Not only that, we ordered their famous Chicken Wings as well: 4 pairs of wings at RM 10.50. They changed the style a little.. Last time they used to top the wings with white sauce and an addition of their specialty spices. Now they just serve with chilly sauce. Still tasted incredible.. marinated with spices and herbs of course. Crispy and juicy!

Looked like curry puffs huh? These crispy finger food is known as the Sambosa. We optioned for the choice of Akawi Cheese instead of beef :) Also priced at RM10.50, 6 pieces per portion.

After finishing our terrific dinner, we went out to enjoy the cool breeze. It wasn't that cold that night. Not foggy, but usually it does; according to Wee Lick. Better still, we can take pictures of the amazingly good view! We explored a little and just can't stop posing around at different angles to take pictures!

sweet gal isn't she?

Chris and Lick playing with the different modes of capturing

We made it to the top!

Many might have wondered how on earth do we get to this place. Well, if u ask me, I'm still blur *haha* cos it's quite dark on our way traveling up but the journey was fast! Jackson from Living in Food Heaven had asked me the directions since the first time I visited but I'm quite clueless actually *sedih* But after researching and browsing.. I think I have it!

Situated along the curvy stretches of the Hulu Langat Highway, Look Out Point is about 5km from Pekan Batu 14 Hulu Langat in the Kajang municipality (MPKj) and 2km from Pandan Indah, the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council’s administrative capital. Well, it's easier to go from Pandan Indah.

Look Out Point, Pusat Pelancongan dan Menara Tinjau.
  • Exit the MRR2 at Pandan Indah Interchange.
  • Go straight until the T-Junction. (Esso will be on your left as you come up to the T-Junction). Turn right at the traffic light.
  • Take a left immediately at the next traffic light.
  • Take another left at the traffic light beside Puteri Plaza.
  • Turn right at the traffic light junction to Hulu Langat/Kajang. (Please take note, you might miss this turning).
  • From this traffic light go on the winding road for about 3 km.
  • Look out for the sign board 'Menara Tinjau' on the right.
  • Turn in and drive up the hill, you will come across restaurants on the right with carpark.
  • You've reached! Enjoy!
Here's a map as an extra guidance! (from Ampang -click 2 enlarge)

Would like to go there again! Even going up there for a drink it's worth the effort, time and money :) Go for 'pak tor'? Sensibly suitable of course! even with families and friends! Check this place!

my dear and I

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Weekend Bak Kut Teh @ Yap Beng

I have not been penning down on the eateries productively these few days. Being buried with loads of information for essay, stressing myself to urge my soul to study (though physically reluctant! :P) and have to improve English for presentation of role play purposes....
Finally I've the time to write on! Last Sunday, dad suggested that we have our dinner at the Yap Beng Bak Kut Teh Restaurant. This place is actually a branch from Klang.. I've not been to their main restaurant in Klang, but this place is not bad at all. Opened a few months ago nearby my place, they offer bak kut teh in 2 version; the dry bak kut teh, and another that almost everyone have tried, with soup! (flavoured with bak kut teh essence!)

We have both.. even grandpa claimed it nice. For the dry portion, the meat is cooked with lady fingers as well as some dried chillies plus black soy sauce. I preferred this compared to the share of meat with soup as I rarely tasted it! Yummy.... Sizzling sensations in a claypot just dazzle me a lot!

Their famous Bak Kut Teh! A generous portion! Dad ordered 2 pots of this; with soup base

Besides, we had side orders of cabbage and bean curd too (TOFU!) *wink wink*

"Cha Wong" the em....'King of Tea'?? (whoa!)

This meal for 9, cost about RM100++ Overall, I thought this place was pleasant, we sat outside in the evening, so I don't find it stuffy. Food was great, nice tea and it's been a long time since grandpa came out to join us for dinner! Usually, he just prefer to stay home on every Sunday evening.

Yap Beng Bak Kut Teh

(shoplots opposite Jusco),
Taman Equine,

Seri Kembangan, 43300

Double.L Free Lance Network

"In the area of architecture, we provide Architecture Design – CAD technical draughting, 3D rendering and animating. Under Graphic Design, we provide brochure design, signboard design, business card design, and logo design."
These are quoted by the Double.L Free Lance Network

Being a great helper of my dear friend, Wee Lick, I am here promoting his newest site! He'll be working on some freelance offered jobs with his partner. Although both are still studying, they have the capability to produce great drawings that satisfy most of their clients! I've seen his work and although I knew nothing about architecture design, I'm amazed of what he is capable of. Do visit and have a look. Any jobs related to designs.. architecture or graphics, feel free to contact them. And.. by the way, they're the Lim Kok Wing University students. (top one!). Being part-timers, they're working real hard to earn some extra savings. "Rajin-nya"

To show off their work, I've asked Lick to send me their "masterpieces". These are the representations of the deliberately done outstanding artistry and workmanship! Hope my words here could help these talented duo in their future activities in architecture and graphics!

More drawings and plans are available for viewing at:

Email: double.l.17@gmail.com

P/S: Picture illustrations above are depicted with the courtesy of Double.L Free Lance Network. All copyrighted & any inquiries, please feel free to contact them.

A clickable "advertisement" is placed on the right-bar of my blog to enable access to their website as well. Interested? Can visit anytime! :)

Psst!...Eh.. Lick. Do I get to have commission or something? "Belanja makan" so that I can blog more! *yups* haha...!

Sushi Zanmai @ Sunway Pyramid

Getting bored with the eatery found at Sunway Pyramid? Then try Sushi Zanmai! This is a genuine conveyor-belt sushi restaurant, opened not long ago! A-must-try!! *nods confidently* Irrashai masei! I'm greeted by the staff once arrived at this place of undisputed origin. I was amazed again by the exterior of the restaurant, with a class of its own somehow... What's more to offer in the interior? Comfort, secure seats beside the conveyor-belt placed with sushis!! They have this "open kitchen" design, like Dragon-i restaurant :) All sushis are priced from RM1.60 to RM6 only! Cheapo! Besides, they offer a variety of Japanese cuisine as well!
Their qoutes: Backed by more than 20 years of experience in Japan, Sushi Zanmai possesses extensive expertise for raw materials selection. Genuine ingredients coupled with original recipes, we provide more than 100 assortments of sushi and 100 varieties of cooked food that are authentically Japanese.

Grabbed its menu once sitted down to gain access to what should Chris and I be having before our Die Hard 4 movie... The menu's huge!

Huge menu! We're matched in Green! (even Chris wore green that day) - without any initial planning of course! hehe...

Took the settings on the table while waiting for our orders :P

The "open kitchen" concept! and its surroundings

Attractive and matching lightings!

First up for drinks, we ordered the Ocha (hot Green Tea), RM1 per cup. Look at these green tea cups! Think they cute yet owning a class of its own.. like some Jade outlook :)

Ordered the Chawanmushi (steamed egg custard) for RM4.80. Served hot, the soft and smooth texture totally captivated my taste bud straight away! Great taste!

Since I love tofu, Chris ordered me the Agedashi tofu (fried beancurd) ! Priced at RM6.80, you'll again get to enjoy this serving of tofu.. better than sushi King :I claimed! *comparing eh?* ok.. more comparison: even the environment is better! Better food, lower price, effective service and... everything! (maybe I'm bored :( with Sushi King already) Perhaps....

We are already drooling at this while waiting for order, the Soft Shell Crab Maki priced at RM6. This is delicious people! Just to share a little on Makimono: Maki sushi is "rolled" sushi. It usually comprises seafood (which may or may not be raw), vinegared rice and paper-thin seaweed. Julienne fresh vegetables such as cucumber and carrots are also the common ingredients. The typical maki sushi has seaweed on the outermost layer, followed by rice, surrounding a core of seafood and vegetables. The reverse roll is a variation on the typical roll, with rice on the outside and seaweed in the middle :)

As for sushi, we had the Tuna Salad Sushi @ RM2.80. We didn't had any other sushis on conveyor-belt although we're "eyeing" on them, as our main course had already "bloated" us up! haha!

Chris had the Yakiniku Don (grilled beef on rice). He had this for RM10.80, the price for "small" serving. For the larger serving, it'll be RM19.80. Chris asserted that he has lots of cravings in this Yakiniku Don. Fragrant rice, yummy beefs!

As for me, I had the Oyako Don (simmered chicken with egg on rice). Initially, this gave me a feeling that it'll taste something like the Curry Fried Rice Bibimbab that I had at Sushi Groove before this, but I'm totally wrong. With a different style and taste, this dish tends to lure me for another visit! Priced at RM8.80 for small serving (I had this) and RM15.80 for big serving.

We're so full, felt so pleased and contented with the meal and tranquil surroundings they provide. Well, I think this place is somewhat more affordable and worthwhile compared to...well u know (mentioned earlier) The rice served are soft to the correct consistency I'll say. Like the sushis I had, its rice is not hard and "not processed by machines" (in order to form the small clumps) like.. u-know-where...

Just wanna make sure one thing: Can anyone tell me how does Japanese rice looked like? Are they "short and...what'll I say..fat??" Cuter than our local rice right? Sushi Zanmai serve this type of rice here... I noticed.

Before leaving, just wanna let you know that there's a shop next to it selling Japanese foodstuffs, drinks and snacks. Convenient eh? Japanese food lovers! Do give this a try, located just above Kim Gary, and near Zen Japanese Restaurant.

the Japanese food specialty store!

another shot of the entrance

and.. my 'Food-tracking' partner, AiWei! Wanna give it a go? I've vouchers!!!

Sushi Zanmai
Japanese Street, 1st floor,
Oasis Boulevard 2,
Sunway Pyramid, Bandar Sunway
Tel: 03-74923080
Mobile: 012-9893080
Business Hours: 12noon - 11pm (daily)

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