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Hanoi Day 4: Silk, Ceramic Village & Porcupine for dinner!

Gotta clear this travel backlog on Hanoi before we share our post on Bali!

The last day in Hanoi was spent mainly on emblematic or symbolic site visits;
What else?
Silks and ceramics.

Van Phuc Silk Village
We headed to Van Phuc which is situated on the bank of Nhue River, 10km from Hanoi on the southwest motorway. The village is centered in a town known as Ha Dong, Ha Tay Province, and is well known as the biggest silk production village in Vietnam.
The main road is surrounded by greenery, ponds, and architectures with Chinese civilization.



Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Xpress 鲜定味台湾快餐 @ Sg. Wang Plaza, KL

A short post before we continue on our travel bits again :)
I can't believe I went back to KL again on my off day.
I do not mind at all as I was hanging out with my girlfriends this time and not dating my job.

As we were loitering around Sg. Wang Plaza, we stopped by a Taiwanese restaurant for lunch. Captured by their set deal, we gave in almost immediately.

Here's what they offer:
A set that came together with a main dish (sauce of your choice), either rice or sweet potato porridge & side dishes of the day.

Xian Ding Wei @ Sg Wang

Paradiso Italian Restaurant @ Taman Danau Desa

Ciao! Zdravo!
A question raised:
When Italy meets Montenegro...
What will they say to each other?

Let's get married!
This churned out some lip-smacking homemade fares of authentic Italian mix.

Montenegro is located along the coast of the Adriatic Sea and borders Croatia, Albania, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Serbia. Ok. All the while it sounds like some South America region to me...

When mom mentioned quite sometime ago that she tried an unforgettable homemade pizza that my dad brought her to, we started pestering them to bring us over.


Paradiso reminded me of the Italian restaurant that we went to in Europe and nothing beats it. I've been searching high and low ever since then for a good piece of pizza & my fave aglio olio. We've been disappointed for quite a few times. It's a bliss that we finally manage to check this place out.

Displayed with paintings and family portraits, you'll find this place homely; harmonized with some homemade Italian fix. Besides, nestled in an area which is mushroomed with pubs and bistros, a lay-backed restaurant like this is almost forgotten. Perhaps an Italian dinner before the happy hour? "Perfetto"

Prawn Aglio Olio - RM30
A depiction that bares all. Look at the number of prawns!  Garnished with herbs,chili flakes and drenched in olive oil, one of the finest Aglio Olio that we loved. Prawns were fresh too. 
*not in the menu, can request upon ordering


PJ Old Town Food Court @ Taman Selera. With Ice Kacang & more!

The PJ Old Town Food Court is actually not a new place to us.

I used to frequent this place sometimes during the weekends, tagging along with my siblings and parents for a family dinner when I was young.

This place is special.
In a way that it brought back memories for both my parents like to have the famous Ice Kacang here during their courtship years!
And now, here were are, tagging along again and would love to share with you guys what's good around.
Bored of fancy restaurants? Drop by for some various selections of hawker food that could recharge your appetite.

You'll just have to order the Ice Kacang from Weng Kee.
At just RM2, it's a guilt not to have some ice shave with ingredients brimming out for a cool down during the hot weather these days.


Pork Satay.
I think there were 2 stalls selling pork satays but only one was opened during our visit. Both were equally good as the meat texture was barbecued to the right degree. Well as for the sauce, it still could not beat Satay Rosley's.


Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe @ Off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng

Fullhouse.A place where almost everybody talked about.
A place where people would just love to drop by despite an array of comments gunning down on their food.
& A place we think most of you have went to.

Chris & I have been wanting to pay Fullhouse a visit ages ago but ended up not going & no one could tell why. I went there for the first time, without him. Oops.
Friday lunch is the time when we girls would scratch our heads looking for the best place to chill out leaving all our frets behind & say cheers to weekends.

Here we were, at Fullhouse enjoying the accompaniment of the cute-sy interior and deco arrangement, fitting in well into their lifestyle concept hangout place housed in a bungalow off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng.



Fullhouse is readily populated and well-known for their cam-whore spots and needs no introduction, here's some of the budget and affordable set lunches that we had.
With price range at around RM13.90 - RM16.90, set lunches come with a large glass of ice lemon tea, wild mushroom soup, a main course and a pastry.

Sanuki Udon @ Taman Bukit Desa

Although I've declared numerous times that I'm a serious noodle lover, I'll still would not hold back until my statement is clear again:

and I've found another new favourite!
Looks like Chris loves this even more than I do.
It's Udon this round.
FRESH Udon, to be precise.


Korean BBQ Seoul Garden @ Kuchai Lama

When was the last time we stepped into a Korean restaurant for BBQ? Probably way back then before we even went to Glasgow.

We always look forward to Fridays. Weekend without any fuss from work is just so right. Well this doesn't include my OTs on weekend sometimes. And to give a toss to remind ourselves the joy of Fridays, we would come out with different plans to pamper ourselves. What else? Spell FOOD; and this time Korean.

I spotted this during our last visit to Nippy Noodle & decided to drop by right after hours of congested traffic from work. AiWei was our company for the night :)
We hungry people entered the restaurant and ordered fast.

Banchan was served first to build up our appetite.


It's definitely not complete with the sauces and fresh vege.


My Honeymoon @ IOI Boulevard, Puchong

What does this looked like to you?


A tongue I suppose...
(An icon for My Honeymoon Desserts House actually)

As we were searching for some 'tong sui' around town & so happened that we were near IOI Bouevard, we decided to drop by after spotting that they serve Almond Soup.
This sweet spot has a cute interior; with wallpapers portraying bookshelves & shelved with cute ribbon boxes, little chairs that some people might find it not comfy after all.

My Honeymoon

Delectable by Su @ The Gardens Mall


- adj. (of food or drink) delicious.
- chiefly humorous lovely; delightful.

It was quite some time ago when we started to surf onto http://www.cookingismypassion.blogspot.com/ for her exquisitely beautiful & cute cakes designs she made from her academy.

I got excited when she planned to set up a designer cake house at the Gardens. Could only give my eyes the dessert treat when Delectable by Su opened its doors for business as we were still abroad.

How time flies...
Delectable by Su just celebrated its 1st Anniversary.

Let's indulge in some of her masterpieces; and these were just a part of it.
New flavours & cupcake designs! yum ;)


Typica 豆原, Typica Cafe @ Shaw Parade


Attention to all coffee lovers!
For those of you who happened to be around Pudu area (well, if you're not around there as well), why not try dropping by Shaw Parade?

Thanks to Citygal, the ultimate coffee lover lover, we were able to finally discover the aromatic scents of coffee at Typica Cafe; the little hidden gem tucked near one of the entrance of the mall.


This place is not really roomy, but was decorated in a way that'll make you feel homely upon entering. A long counter lined up with coffee brewers & friendly staffs. Customers with their laptops on the counter top while sipping away with their coffee. Another corner of people with books & guitars, singing softly enchanting melody that entertained us.

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