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I Love Crabs!

When I thought I was one of the most obsessive crab lover, imagining myself most of the time tasting away with many finger licking good, fresh crabs, guess someone proved me wrong ;P She's even way fervent. Yea... Precious Pea, the Queen of King Crab, a crab fanatic.
And everytime I have crabs, I have her highness in mind! ;P

Craving for some fresh crabs, we headed for Hau Kee once again. From our last visit, we had an incredible mealtime and this revisit was another worthwhile one.
Can't wait to have more crabs!
Initially, our makan gang planned to drive all the way to Port Klang to feast on seafood, but due to some reasons, the plan was cancelled... aww...
Luckily, a dinner at Hau Kee managed to compensate this ;P

Boiled peanuts served once seated

Decided to go for some different dishes to savour, the recommended Guinness Stout Spare Ribs was unforgettable. Marinated in the Guinness Stout beer, the ribs was then fried and stir fried with adequate amount of tangy tasting sauce. Kinda unique :)

Opting for a rather healthy dish, then you should go for their Stir Fry Lotus Root with Macadamia Nuts. The lotus root was sliced narrowly and it was really crunchy! Highly voted by the restaurant, and as I a big fan of macadamia nuts, there's no reason for me to forego it ;P

Let's indulge on lalas! Clams in piping hot soup (Seong Tong Lala) warmed our tummy with its gingery and parsley tang in the soup. Kinda spicy with the pepper added in, the clams was kinda small too *not as big as they look* :P
But the soup has the kick!

The Beancurd with Minced Pork is best accompanied with our staple food. Tasty gravy and silky smooth tofu to go with it. However, this was something more ordinary.

Here's one of the star that ignited my hunger all over again.
The purpose we're here for.
Butter Crabs! Still living up to its standard, cheesielicious! Flavoursome and we just love dipping the bread excessively into the buttery sauce. *managed to put behind the artery clogging factor* Oops.. we forgot about cholesterol and calories. Yea, right! ;P

Wanting more crabs, we had Marmite Crabs too. Compared to the butter crabs, this preparation have to take the second place ;P
Though the huge crab was delectable as well, I would still prefer the first option. Sticky, dark brown paste with a distinctive, powerful flavour to be savoured with fresh crabs. Finger-licking good ;)

Hope I'll get to feast on more and different types of crabs coming up, like her highness. You'll know why I called her 'your highness' from after reading THIS. lol.
Crabs..... reminds me of my crab catching trip in Gold Coast!
By the way, the total bill came up to about RM164 including govt.tax, rice, tea and towel.

Let's start getting your hands dirty and dig in with crabs at this eatery!
Heard the prawns were good too. Well, there's always next time :)

Hau Kee Seafood Restaurant
No:12, Jalan Kaskas 2,
Taman Cheras,
56100, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603-9130 0113/ 9131 2013
Fax: 603-9132 8218

For location map, check out my previous visit :)

Another Year has gone...

My blog just turned 1!!
oh my, time really flies... Actually I don't really know I started food blogging since March! ok.. I thought it was May. Was browsing through the older post till I finally realize this ;P clumsy me.
And guess it was these that ignited my contemplation to start off with photo taking, developing enhanced interest in FOOD!


The very first dish I blogged about ;P
Brought all those memory back.
Tend to hold back whenever we take pictures of the food, worrying what others might ruminate about us. ;) From a handphone to a camera with the norm to deliver the best in each snap. *well, I hope Chris did impress you guys* hehe. Hope there will be more to come!

Another gratification from writing was the extension of our network of friends. Bloggers & Floggers! Easy-going and.... experienced!
Will continue to deliver my best as...... I'm...........

Brought up 2 Share!!

Yuzu @ The Gardens

It's finally all over! I yelled.
A tight confrontation with the exam papers I had.
Obviously, they don't respond to me.
Deliberating with the silent 'tough & tricky' questions is definitely no fun at all.
What's the answer ah?, spoke my heart.
Darn. I'm self-conversing yet again.
I think I'm nuts.

Whatever, reuniting with my temporarily unattended food blog was a happy turnover. Meanwhile while relaxing up my nerves before the results are out, let's start to chow down again!

It was another girls outing with AiWei & Yen before Yen left for Australia. Going for Japanese again? Yeap. We're just not tired of it. AT ALL.
Yuzu was the venue to be. Having heard of good quality of foods they serve, this place is no doubt worth checking out!
Quality assurance:

  • Exterior - checked
  • Interior - checked
  • Service - checked
  • Food - checked, checked.. and checked!

A contemporary ambiance that alternates between sophisticated, classy and adoring, the mirrors on the wall did gave an extended look to it. Ventilation was good... as it was seriously cold, *they should work on this*, but the service was excellent. Friendly staffs welcomed us responsively and good recommendations is what you'll get.

We decided to go for their set meal since we're spoilt with the many choices they had. Affordable and big portioned!
Katsu Nabe Taki Komu Gohan Set カツ鍋炊きこみご飯御膳 RM25
A serving of
braised deep fried chicken cutlet and braised rice served with egg custard, 2 small appetizers, pickles, salad and fruits. Sounded appetizing eh? Bet you'll love it if you were to order this too. The chicken meat was tenderly cooked over a hot stove, very tasty from the boost of its gravy, and with onion slices and eggs... verdict? Double thumbs up :)
In addition to these, rice were served in a pretty pot and it was aromatic! Just perfectly married to the serving of chicken.

Unagi Maki Sushi & Kaminabe set 鰻巻き寿司&紙鍋セット RM35
Rolled Japanese eel sushi and glass noodles with vegetables and soup in paper pot served with egg custard, 2 small appetizers, pickles, salad and fruits was also flawlessly presented to us. The Unagi Maki was another splendid offer. The sauce coating the grilled eel generated the appetite uplifting factor and our tummy was also all warmed up, special thanks to the piping hot soup (kaminabe). Other than that, the side dishes like the salads and other appetizers were good starters before we dig into our meal ;P
and for the glass noodles.... ada ke? Ok. I didn't really pay attention, many a just a few strands! ;P

Egg custard was silky smooth

Sushi & Tempura Gozen寿司天婦羅御膳 RM38
There were assorted sushis and tempura served with egg custard, tea pot soup, 2 small appetizers, pickles, salad and fruits. Looking at the spread of different types of sushis overlaying before us made us happy already ;P We just can't wait to grab a bite out of it. Another interesting preparation was the tea pot soup. Tasted like the soup in the paper pot, the essence of mushrooms and enoki mushrooms went bursting out with the right flavour :)
There were also assorted tempura!

There were definitely lotsa food for just the 3 of us ;P
We can't disappoint our appetite, can we?
So satiated, so satisfied...
Have you tried? ;P


T 236, 3rd Floor,
The Gardes,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603-22847663

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Happy Birthday to you both!

My parent's birthday was just a few days in between one another, so each year we would celebrate my dear mom and dad's big day together. Special thanks to BBO for the marvelous Mont Blanc cake that augmented the special day further with cheesy & delectable mood before I ought to filter my thoughts on my exam papers beginning next Monday ;P

Mont Blanc: Light cheesecake topped with homemade vanilla custard and soba chestnut cream :)

Happy Birthday to Mom & Dad!
Stay loving, healthy & happy always!

I Love U!

The Very Berry by BBO did cheer me up & loosen up the tense building in me. Thanks guys! LOVE it! Check out their recipe HERE. This strawberry moussecake is a sweetheart! :)

p/s: sorry people, have to temporarily stop updating for a week. Final exam's calling out for me ;)
One more week to go...
To regain my freedom from the drugs, MOA & calculations ;P
By then I can 'seriously' put all my heart to the 'where-to eat-next' list.. again!
Happy eating everyone! :)


When I was to blog about another food post, this crossed my mind. Decided to show you guys something even more delicious and luring. ;P

What's your decisive factor to describe a model in your mind?

  • tall?
  • pretty?
  • stylish?
  • great figure?
  • potential?

Dear friends & readers,
If you're currently following the vogue over the net, you'll be hearing the bits of the existing Malaysian Dreamgirl program every now and then. Girls from different places grouping for auditions and to ensure themselves a place at the Top 12 wasn't an easy affair. Malaysian Dreamgirl is the first reality model search in Malaysia to be fully broadcast over the internet. You can check the details out HERE.

Coming back to the criteria mentioned earlier, I hereby urge you to vote for HER. You know why you should as you scroll down... as she has what it takes to reach a further level :)

This is Jean, currently a pharmacy student who is always self-potraying herself as the confident one. I'm so proud to say that she's my classmate! ;P and.. I'm pretty confident that she'll win this if all of you help her to :)
She is poise, speaks well, met the criteria above, and she's got the brain! *show them what you've got gal!*

Wanna help her win? Very easy!
Just SMS
'DREAM 08' to 33001.
You've got the nice number Jean! :)
The details regarding the SMS voting contest are available HERE.

Written by Jean ...

"Jean will be making a public appearance in One Utama Sunday 16 March at noon!

Be there!

To vote for Jean, SMS “DREAM 08” to 33001."

Blogs reviewed:

Click to watch her video!

Reunite @ Pasta Zanmai, 1 Utama

Our dear friend, Khee is back again from India for her break after her strenuous exams. Besides helping her to lighten up a bit with a meal, AiWei and I have another excuse to take a break after days of dating with books. Trying hard to memorize the antipsychotic drugs is gonna make me a psycho soon! Spending time with my besties was the remedy of relieve.

Being a Zanmai fan all the while makes me crave for their fusion outlet's food spread. Pasta Zanmai was the place we headed straight away after being caught up in a heavy traffic. We were famished. Upon entering and scrutinizing the menu, we were spoilt with choices of different varieties of pastas, rice and other Jap dishes. Acknowledged as a fusion of Japanese and Italian cuisine, I got held back a little initially as I thought it was a funny and weird mingle. However, the dishes proved me wrong.

I was attracted to this right away from the moment I saw it as I love ebi tempura. Ebi Tempura no Gomadare Shitate is a serving of prawn tempura pasta topped with sesame sauce. The sesame sauce just uplifted our appetite and it went really well with the pasta. Prawns were fresh, nothing to complain about. Served together with this dish is the black sesame seeds in a mortar with a pestle. Ah.. rubbing substances with a mortar and pestle is what I do best in the lab ;P
Adding the black sesame seeds to the pasta was another 'wow' factor. Aromatic :)
Priced at RM28 with a miso soup and salad.

Having heard so much about their pizza, we gave the Teriyaki Chicken to Onsen Tamago no Pizza a try. Known as the Grilled Chicken & Hot Spring Egg Pizza, I thought it was only moderate, nothing to shout about. Maybe it's due to the pungent taste of teriyaki sauce that empowered it. Nonetheless, the thin crust pizza had the sweet appealing taste of teriyaki sauce all over it with grilled chicken, seaweed, mayonnaise, onions and spring onions as its topping. The other obvious ingredient was the egg, in its half cooked state. Priced at RM20.

Side dishes? Chuka Iidako, seasoned octopus for RM8.

and.. Agedashi Tofu for RM8. It was soft and silky, similar to the one we had back at Sushi Zanmai.

AiWei and I have been craving for desserts and esp ice cream for such a long time, having this share of Macha Cha Parfait was a an ecstasy. This elated share was served in a tall glass brimming bountifully with layers of green tea jelly, red bean, cornflakes and scoops of green tea ice cream! Priced at RM15, we thought it was worth a try.

The interior was appealing as it is decorated creatively with huge lamp-like structures. But, the dining area is located behind the Jap snacks shop and you may miss it if you didn't really pay attention to this ;P

Time passed by extra fast when you're enjoying it. Hope to see you girls real soon again after my exam! ;)

Pasta Zanmai,
G210B, Ground Floor Promenade,

1 Utama Shopping Centre,
No 1,
Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya.

Tel: 03-7728 1210

Business hours:

10am to 10pm (Sunday to Thursday)

10am to 10.30pm (Friday and Saturday)

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