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Let's Feast @ Mei Chi Xuan, Kota Damansara

Chinese New Year is drawing near and I'm pretty confident that most of you are busy shopping for CNY goodies and new clothes! My festive mood just started a day ago and thanks to the tests and report, my jovial frame of mind of celebrating the new year arrived late this year. Fortunately, I still have the time for some last minute retail therapy to help regain myself ;P

What do you think of when we mentioned Chinese New Year?
Well, besides family gatherings *love this*, house hopping *pai neen* and collecting ang paos *orare you giving them out?*, we just can't miss the FOOD! Many restaurants had came out with lotsa set meals offering 'yee sang' and other dishes with multiple prosperous names.
Family or friends gathering at the round table, enjoying the food while hoping for stokes of luck in a brand new year!

Ever considered this place? Please do so!

This dinner session was organized by BBO quite sometime ago, and felt that this is the appropriate time to do my review now... in conjunction with this prosperous festive season!
Let's Feast at Mei Chi Xuan!

Looking forward to some majestic treats? Then try their Double Happiness "Seong Hei Lum Mun" that featured the Lobster Sashimi! Priced at RM13 per 100g, the raw lobster meat was cooked to perfection in the Superior Soup prepared earlier. What's so super about the soup? Well, the soup base was actually double boiled for 2 days! Addition of ingredients such as lou gai 老鸡, lean pork 瘦肉, chicken feet 鸡脚, kam wah fo tui 金华火腿 (ham?). According to Chef Steven, the kam wah fo tui 金华火腿 was used to generate the salty flavour while the chicken feet 鸡脚 was to engender some degree of thickness to the broth.
It was really a preparation worth more than a million praise due to the impressive presentation, fresh translucent sashimi lobster served in a bed of ice and yummy broth (sweet and I bet you can finish drinking them all up)!! Please be reminded that if you were to order this dish, please call up to make reservations before hand.

Later in the meal and between some dishes, the Lobster Noodles was served ala braised style with yee mee. It was done with the remaining edible parts of the lobsters. The yee mee and the fresh lobsters just harmonized perfectly and this our favourite! Just can't get enough if it as the distinctive taste generated is still burying in my thoughts. Very appetizing.

The Eight Treasured Duck is another appealing dish. Fitting ingredients which was made up of chestnuts, chinese mushrooms, button mushrooms, carrots, chinese sausages (lap cheong), lotus seeds, ginkgo and wood fungus, a quick and neatly skilful cut of the outer skin leads to overflowing fragrant ingredients to be enjoyed. According to Chef Steven again, this serving took about 2 hours to be prepared as it had to be marinated earlier and braised later with the ingredients. This is priced at RM80.

best eaten with our staple food!

Dried Oyster with Stuffing a.k.a the Hou See Fatt Choy is a preparation that meets the measure of this festivity coming up! A mouthful sized stuffings of fish paste embedded with black moss (fatt choy) bounded to the dried oyster was a true heavenly dish. Smoothing out with the moderately thick flavoursome sauce was another kicking factor! Priced at RM50.

Another sweetheart for the night was the Golden Pumpkin with Tofu (Wong Gam Moon Ngok 黄金满府) priced at RM20. Soft pumpkin slices sandwiched between soft, silky homemade tofu by Chef Steven was more than enough to made me fell for it. Noticed the greenish concentrated gravy pouring over this serving? It was prepared using the blended golden pumpkin! No colouring added to this dish, no worries! :)
Another dish catered for CNY, a must order.

Boneless Fish with Meat Paste priced at RM18 was not something new that Chris and I have tried. Though so, we find that it was a yummier version of what we had before. The X factor? I must admit that it's the sauce; a combination of barbecue and tomato sauce gave the boost :)
And not to forget the skilful de-boning technique for the stuffing of fish plus pork with seasonings!

Next up was the Deep Fried Fish Baits (Pak Fan Yu) ala salt and pepper style priced at RM20. Crunchy fishes but we find it kinda bland.. Maybe it's due to the Boneless Fish with the heavily tasted gravy previously. Overpowered this dish..

The last main dish for the night was the Fried Potato with XO Sauce. Only had a spoonful of it as I'm just too full to fill myself any further with mains... Have to leave some space for desserts.. :)
Aromatic and intersting, we thought... Never had a serving of potatoes sliced this way. Priced at RM15.

We're saving rooms for desserts! Coffee Agar-agar with Kiwi Seeds was something new. Only had one piece as I'm not really into coffee like I did last time... ;P

It's always hard to put an end towards something good... However, Sunny made that night's ending a sweet and lip-smacking one. He made us the Lychee & Chestnut Light CheeseCake. From the it's outer shell, you can already tell... Amazingly soft, fluff light cheesecake with lychee scent and chestnut creams circling round. Wanna order these? Click HERE. You'll never say no :)

Another surprise for me!! How thoughtful of the dear flogger friends to sing me a birthday song! :)

One... of the many cheesecakes.....
the one with candle was for me! *giggle*

Chef Steven was really friendly and it was very nice of him to share his experience on the culinary skills he have with us. Even taught us how to make our own tofu! His dedication and devotion towards this field is a contribution to us all, don't you think? *helped us ignite our palate and filled us to the fullest!* Thanks to Big Boys Oven again for organizing this and thanks to Chef Steven for all the lovely dishes :)

A gentle reminder: Dried Oyster with Stuffing a.k.a the Hou See Fatt Choy and the Golden Pumpkin with Tofu will be available during CNY and even starting from now! :)
Don't feel reluctant to order yea!

Click for enlarged map


Mei Chi Xuan 美食轩海鲜饭店
No. 32A1, Jalan 5/10,
PJU 5 Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara,

47810 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-61416122

H/P: 016-2783089 (Steven)

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'Food Crawl' Farewell for Xiu Long Bao!


Xiu Long Bao...
Luscious and interesting,
A flogger venturing for unsurpassed good food,
A legal representative who is leaving for Singapore before long,
We shall bid her goodbye,
ala flogger's style.
Yes. Food!!
Let's go food crawling!!

First stop: Restoran Muar @ Tengkat Tong Shin



As a virgin to Jalan Alor, that's what wmw named Chris and I for being a first-timer, we have initially planned to try out Wong Ah Wah's chicken wings. However, thanks to the shortage of water supply, they're closed! Blame us for not reading the news earlier ;P Ok la.. it's not your fault k, ekeng and xiu long bao? haha. After meeting up with Jason, we ended up going for Restoran Muar's dishes :)
Another great discovery for us virgins, the dishes here churned out well. Too bad we had to wait about 40 minutes for our hungry tummy to be fed!
Evidence? See below ;P


Ekeng fainted :) but he can still put up a smiling face. haha

We had some sweet treats before of mains. The chendol for RM1 was a sweetheart. Drizzled with my favourite gula melaka, this cute preparation helped save the hungry souls in us for the moment ;P


The Crispy Fried Egg with Soya Sauce was something I've never thought of having, as Chris and I first encountered this. The egg was actually deep fried (cha tan - in cantonese) Rather unusual from our typical fried egg, as this share was a crispy one! Brittle texture and though it's oilier than our normal daily fried egg consumption, we find it special. Priced at RM7. Tried preparing this yourself at home?


Butter Kailan for RM10. Deep fried kailan with crunchy bites dressing up with butter!! My favourite dish among others, the vege was fragrant and bet it'll be a suitable tidbit as well!


Going for something light so that our tummy can accommodate more food for the next round, we went for the Seafood Beancurd (RM16), which is cooked and simmered up together with assorted seafood such as prawns and squids along with the moderately thick gravy.


Restoran Muar

6G, Tengkat Tong Shin,

50200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 603-2144 2072 / 012-219 2199

Click for enlarged map

Second stop: more food at Jalan Alor


Despite the water supply cut off, we still walked our way back to Jalan Alor. Not bearing in mind on where did they get those water, and thank god we're all right the next day *good immune system* stopped by Meng Kee Grill Fish restaurant for grilled dishes this time.


Grilled fish (stringray) priced at RM15. Only mediocre, not the best grilled fish we had, but still ok.


Escargot-like Shell Fish priced at RM20. A bigger version of the average French escargot, find it kinda chewy and hard for me, but we still heart the taste. Very flavourful and finger-licking good, with moderate garlicky flavour to savour.


Grilled Squid priced at RM15. This had Chris and my vote as it was exciting. With the right degree of spiciness and highly seasoned, I'm kinda addicted to it! ;P Sharp taste.


Last stop: Let's indulge in Ice Cream @ Haagen Dazs!


Yes, I suggested having desserts.
Yes, we walked all the way from Jalan Alor to Bukit Bintang for desserts.
Yes, I agreed stopping by Haagen Dazs for desserts.
Yes, I was the only one who didn't order any desserts

- extracted from xiu long bao -



Yes, we are the ones who ordered desserts after xlb suggested for that, but the dear princess did not. LoL

Ekeng's scoops of heavenly indulgence for RM22.90. His choices of Belgian Chocolates, Macadamia Nuts and Vanilla Pecan must good as he shared his sugary moments with us. We just have to take a pic of him.



ekeng with his treats

wmw went for the Macadamia Nut Crunch for RM26.90. Soft baked cookie accompanied by 3 scoops of Cookies & Cream, Cookies & Chocolate and Macadamia Nut ice cream along with a lil' sprinkle of roasted almond nibs, although they claimed 'generous sprinkling' in their menu.


Jason's Flower Blossom (RM29.90) was pretty. He get to enjoy 6 scoops of ice cream, of his choice in a crispy waffle bowl, decorated gorgeously.


Well, as for me, ordered the Cookie Crunch for Chris and I . Priced at RM22.90, we had 2 scoops of Cookies and Cream ice cream, served with chunks of freshly baked cookies, chocolate sauce and whipped cream in a tall glass. A definite choice as I love my ice cream with cookies! A resemblance to one of the treats I had at Delicious, this is available at a much higher price. However, it was one good indulgent!



Coincidence! Chris and wmw, (same same!!) Madrid vs Surfers Paradise.


We were the only ones left! eat till we drop ;P


The desserts put a sweet ending to our food crawl journey and we have to bid goodbye at last. Hope we'll have more of this in the coming times and....



Xiu Long Bao,
Take Care!!

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Arghh.. bandwidth!

Sorry guys,
Bandwidth in my photobucket account exceeded :)
Guess have to wait till tomorrow till my pictures recover.
Problematic :(

Thought of publishing another post, but....
hope it'll turn fine tomorrow :)

I wasn't in the mood today till I looked at my doggie....

Famous Seremban Favourites @ Sunway Mas, PJ

Gonna take a "break" in between my posts on Aussie food for the moment... as more local food reviews are accumulating and wouldn't wanna hold them up for too long ;P
Sometimes, it's just appropriate when you have the feeling to try having your tummy filled up rather at an unusual place... venturing further from your usual cafes or kopitiam for breakfast is sometimes worthwhile :)

I wouldn't wanna waste a perfect morning without one of my favourite noodles; yeap... the Hakka Noodle. An abrupt craving again.... and another sudden suggestion by Chris again.. Let's hit the Famous Seremban Favourites at Sunway Mas!

me: I dunno the way wo...
Chris: no prob... I'll call kampungboy :)

Thanks to his directions, we finally made our way there. Already known that this restaurant is famous for their succulent, tender and juicy barbecued pork a.k.a the sinfully delicious char siew, it would just be perfect if enjoyed together with the Hakka Noodle! and thoughtfully, it was one of their specialties as well.
The row of char siew hanging up smartly with barbecued meat sauces dripping plentifully caught our attention as we entered the shop house.

Once seated, we quickly set our order without further queries. We're famished.
Barbecued Pork (a must order char siew)
Once eaten, most probably you'll vote this as your favourite char siew, as we did :) The meat was just *so-right* Sweet gravy was perfectly married to the lean meat. As we ordered "bun fei sao", we find them kinda oily when eating towards the end. Should have ordered the portion with less fats :) Hmm... will know what to order during the next visit. :)

Hakka Noodle
A serving of a different kind... Even if its appearance is mild and light, as no dark soy sauce is added, the taste was inspiring. Minced pork mounting generously, accompanied by drizzles of spring onion. A flawless combo with the char siew.

Fishballs & Meatballs
Nothing to complain about as they were pretty well accepted by our taste buds too :) Springy and meaty ;P These preparations filled our tummy to the right intensity! Can't take anymore of their fried dumplings although we planned to have them at first ;P

more choices available

Mission with delicious char siew completed,
Restored cravings for Hakka Noodles,
and... Decent service by the brainy boss!
FYI, he is a MBA holder! :) Sure did a great job managing the business so well. Targeting people's taste suitably, made people fell in love with his char siew... and I'm one of them :)
Was greeted by the boss; "blogger-ar?" Nodded humbly while Chris smiled and continuing taking his pics ;P A warm welcome - would love a revisit.

I'm keen to go there again... Anyone?? ;P

Restoran Famous Seremban Favourites
80-1 Ground Floor, Jalan PJU 1/3B
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre
47301 Petaling Jaya

Business hours: 7.30am till 4.30pm daily (char siew available only after 10am)
Call to check 017-279 8582
Closed on Tuesdays

Click for enlarged map:

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