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Chayo Cafe @ Kelana Jaya

As many of you are aware, we tend to allow our cravings march towards food that are categorized as 'unhealthy'.
What does 'unhealthy food' mean to you? This is very subjective. Everyone seem to rate this level differently and habitually, we would permit meaty and deep fried oily fares to wander around our gastronomic diary. Once in a while, it's still alright, as we wouldn't wanna give up on these savouries completely! would we?

However, on and off, we should also try going ORGANIC! or perhaps drive your appetite to some lip smacking vegetarian Northern Indian cuisine! Give Chayo Cafe a chance to prove the meaning of healthiness.


Many thanks to Paramjot, the marketing manager and Gurujaswant, the managing director of Chayo Cafe for inviting us over to check out some of their signature organic teas and appealing vegetarian snacks & dishes. It was very lovely of Gurujaswant to arrange a spread of organic food for us to feast on. Surroundings were comfy and was definitely a suitable spot for a gathering.


Chayo emphasized on five fresh ingredients ­– Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger, Clove and Black Peppercorn

AFC Premier of Chef Daniel Boulud: One Night in Singapore

During days off and when time allowed us to laze around at home, the Asian Food Channel (AFC) is one of the most watched channels in our personal tv itinerary. Why you may ask, as it shows fine food program and lifestyle line up, entertaining viewers of different perspectives.

It was an honour with delightedness when we were invited to an exlusive premier of "Chef Daniel Boulud: One Night in Singapore", a one hour special program to be aired Tuesday, 29 September at 9pm on ASTRO 703. This event was held in NEO, located in Jalan Sultan Ismail next to Tamarind Hill, Kuala Lumpur.
Many thanks to Alice George Communication, the PR Consultants to the Asian Food Channel in Malaysia for the invitation.



Getting to know Chef Daniel Boulud:


Otak-Otak Place @ 1 Utama


1 Utama used to be my getaway corner during weekends. But now, I find it less exciting. I must be aging, I told myself. I prefer to hole up myself at home ever since returning rather than loitering around malls for food. Plus, I need a job to feed myself!!
On second thought, I think I'm not aging and the problem is the lack of income. Yikes.

Despite that, I have a sudden craving for Otak-Otak and decided to give 1 Utama another chance to please me since there's this place called: the Otak-Otak Place which I have been wanting to try ages ago. Of I went, tugging Chris, Aiwei and Citygal along.


Love the exercise book menu. Oh how I miss my school days!


Miri, Sarawak Part 2: the Temple, the Bakery, the Tanjung & the Petroleum

Continued from Miri Part One...

Breaking off from the plentiful noodles in Part 1.
Delving more into insights of Miri.
Didn't even think that you could last a day in Miri besides food?
Here are some spots to hang around!
Miss Jean sure knows how to find great spots for us to kill time before food again.

1. San Ching Tian Taoist Temple
Known as one of the largest Taoist Temples in South-East Asia, this edifice of worshiping is located in Krokop (about 10 minutes drive from the city centre). This temple open its doors in year 2000 and is cared for by the Taoist priests.



Senjyu Sushi @ e@Curve, Mutiara Damansara

Note: Cineleisure Mutiara Damansara is now known as e@Curve. (I didn't know that!)

When a girl has a craze on something she adores, she would love having them day after day. Even better if they were all shelved inside.....
Her stomach.


Khee, the birthday gal gave AiWei and I a treat to Senjyu Sushi on her birthday! She, being a sushi lover, had her eyes on almost every sushi nibbles on the conveyor belt and enjoined the both of us to order more from the menu.



Miri, Sarawak Part 1: Miri in our Stomach

We have been thinking of visiting Miri for quite sometime and finally it was brought to fruition. Since Miss Jean offered us exclusive accommodation and thanks for being such a helpful and thoughtful tour guide, she made Miri even yummier!

"You'll have to try this, you can't find this in KL..." quoted Miss Jean, which made us even curious to try and expanded our appetite. I bid goodbye to my waistline.

These were just some their local fares.
Mainly noodles in this post and more in the next one :)

1. Miri's Kolok Mee (Sarawak Dried Noodles)
According to Miss Jean, Miri's version is more of FooChow style, which was different in taste, noodle texture and colour from the ones at Kuching. One of our favourite, we're still not bored of it. From breakfast till supper, the inhabitants here (Chinese, mostly FooChow population dominated) could put away with kolok mee.
We prefer the original version (without any additional sauce). You can opt to add on black soy sauce or char siew sauce, which was a lil' red. Thumbs up :)




师傅云吞面 Shi Fu Wantan Mee Restaurant @ Taman Segar, Cheras

It was one late afternoon when we ran out of ideas of where to eat out for lunch when neighbouring Cheras quarters.
Buzzed for help.
AiWei saved our day when she suggested that we should drive over to Taman Segar for a plate of wantan noodles that she once enjoyed.


For a moment I thought we would reach a kopitiam. But we settled down in a little restaurant decorated with Chinese lanterns, bringing out a time-honoured Chinese culture, especially when the wooden chair and tables were some additional gears to boost this feeling.
Red paper cuttings embellished on walls and I've always fond of looking at those wooden board embossed with golden Chinese writing.


Grand Steamboat Garden @ Taipan Subang Jaya

Loitering around Taipan and have no idea what's to fill your appetite next?
You could consider putting Grand Steamboat Garden on your list as you are sure to be satiated.
Many thanks to Wilson & Rachel for the invitation :)


Grand Steamboat Garden
had just opened its doors about 3 months ago and is the very 1st Conveyor Shabu-Shabu Steamboat in Subang.
Fresh ingredients on the petite plate rotating on the conveyor belt, you can simply select your favourites to be cooked in you soup base of choice.


Molten Lava @ 1 Utama

Hi people!

We're back from Miri, Sarawak! Have been chowing down Miri's food sphere - land of kolok mee, laksa, pineapples, peppers & exploring their prominent caves.

Beforehand, here's something for snack-ers and tea-time kakis :)


Dear Molten Lava,

It's been a great encounter that we dropped by. Churros served us well. We didn't know he was from Spain. I thought he was Dutch. How ashamed. Tanned skin that could be dipped in hot melted chocolate. How can I ever resist? Outside was crispy, with a little spongy inside. Sexy. Churros was a pretty boy too. Fixed with a dash of cinnamon sugar, he was gripping. Oolala~~
Sigh. Luckily he was a long doughnut strip. Or else Chris would be so so jealous.
AiWei confessed. She loves him too.

Love from,
Your dearest.


to Churros with Love - RM5.80 (4 strips)


Molten Lava

Lot LG312B (opposite Cold Storage)
Lower Ground Floor Oval
1 Utama

Ole-Ole Bali @ Solaris Mont Kiara: Annual Friendship Day

We used to be strangers visiting and commenting on each others blog.
We met up for food review sessions.
We called each other out for more excursions.
We were strangers growing into a chummy party, celebrating our Annual Friendship Day together.
The BFFs: AiWei, KampungBoyCityGal and SugarBean



message cards I made for remembrance :)

CityGal suggested a Bali theme and we feasted at Ole-Ole Bali sited in Solaris Mont Kiara.

Nyonya Makko Restaurant @ Melaka Raya

During our times in the UK, looking forward for days to pass as I misses home dearly, Chris found a new series online for us to kill time;
Little Nyonya (小娘惹). The title didn't capture me at first but the story did. Habitually, I'm not keen on most Mandarin series but this Singapore tv show just changed my preference.

Besides intensifying your familiarity towards the peranakan culture (Baba & Nyonya), what's best was when there were scenes of catering peranakan or nyonya dishes.
Watching this series in our cold small room in Glasgow fashioned out even more cravings for all those nyonya kuihs and fares. Such torture.

Not anymore now! We wholeheartedly agreed when my parents decided to head down to Malacca for a one-day tour during the National Day eve.


A routine to drop by the surviving gate of A Famosa Portugese Fort.

We decided to drop by Nyonya Makko restaurant for dinner after rounding for about half an hour near Melaka Raya. Since dad mentioned that he had a lovely dinner here before about 10 years ago, he would like to have a revisit to see if they were as good. Nyonya Makko was established since year 1984 and it quotes; 25 years of good original taste!



好记海鲜饭店 Taste Good Restaurant @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Tucked away in one of the main streets in Bandar Puteri Puchong, Taste Good Restaurant is one of the many competitors combating with many different types of eateries centralized in this Puchong food hub. Still, Taste Good manage to capture their customer's heart through their stomach by offering some of their recognized signature dishes.
We were greeted comfortably by the sociable lady owner of the restaurant who would exhaust her time explaining her business routine and visions to continue expanding Taste Good in the food industry.

Thus, why not spare your lunch time, dinner or even supper dropping by Taste Good to have your taste buds excited with these dishes:

苦瓜生骨煲 Claypot Spare Ribs with Bitter Gourd

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