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Little Korea @ Solaris Mont Kiara

We were looking for the perfect dining place for a family gathering and spotted Little Korea online. Reading positive feedbacks and reviews guaranteed us a table soon after. Anticipation tagged along and it was very easy to locate Little Korea.
Upon entering this little cute place, we were greeted by a homely ambiance. Decorations adorning the restaurant brought enchantment as we looked around. This pleased my mom especially, very much.
However, one thing that was not very ideal about this place was the absence of fume hood which made the area kinda stuffy.

Special Menu Set (for 7-8 Persons) - RM420

Mo Dum Ku Ee
A mixed BBQ platter consisting marinated & non-marinated beef, pork slices, lamb, prawn, mussels, corn and mushrooms.
Just sit back and relax while watching the friendly staff sizzle their way to accommodate your appetite.


Little Korea

Sanook Bistro and Sports Bar @ Plaza Kelana Jaya, PJ

Everyone just wanna have FUN! Who doesn't?
Beating away all worries and throw yourself into the nothing-but-fun-moments.
It didn't hit us about this place who focused on bringing colours into your black & white diary until Ken told us so. We were delighted to be invited over to discover this hidden fun place for ourselves at Plaza Kelana Jaya; which is so new to us.

The place to be: Sanook (which means "fun" in Thai)


We were welcomed by the Godfather, the warm and friendly owner who would love to introduce fun to people. Executives, chefs, waiters.. bla bla... We would say, "boring!" And instead, positions like people pleaser, chief people pleaser, chief food artist etc were used for the crew members. Cute eh?

Sanook brings on 2 concept to accommodate patron's favour.
Alfresco@Sanook on the ground floor let the diners dine, fronting a lake. Enjoying your food while comforting yourself with the breeze and witnessing views of the lake. FYI, they don't just serve typical Thai food. Sanook offers tasty Asian cuisines, some Western fix, Italian pastas & wood oven pizzas, not forgetting great tapas to go with your drinks and desserts!


Sushi Tei @ Tropicana City Mall


A vivid memory still playing well within flashing the many moments I pestered my mom to have SUSHIS during the teenage years and Sushi King was like the only choice we use to opt for. Assure me that it's a bliss now guys... 'cos we're really spoiled with many choices of Jap cuisine. Affordable sushi stations offering a variety of creative and delicious fresh dishes comes very handy nowadays.

Sushi Tei would be one of our options; let it be work luncheon or a table for two with Chris.
Sushi Tei was originated from Singapore, they have even expanded and opened more branches in China, Indonesia and Australia. Guaranteed flavours, reputation and most importantly dining here definitely won't dry your wallet up.

Nagomi Lover's Bento @ Nagomi Japanese Restaurant

Hey peeps!
I wonder how has this fluffy Rabbit year treating you? Especially to friends who are celebrating CNY... Good food with abundance non-stop everyday? I'm pretty sure.
And again, another year of coincidence bliss dropped by as Mr.Rabbit meets Saint Valentine.

Cupid is out to hunt again.
Aiming at you! Bringing the romantic atmosphere of swirling kisses and sweet words peaking into little tuffs of cotton (I always thought this phrase sounded so cute.. haha).
So guys! Fret not if you've not blink up the where-to-bring-your girlfriend-for-valentine's idea, as going for Japanese would always be a good choice. Nagomi would help you please her.
In fact, Valentine's should not only be meant for couples. Good friends hanging out for a nice meal for this special occasion would be a very thoughtful idea too.

During our previous visit to Nagomi Japanese restaurant, its main focus was on shabu-shabu. Good news to know that Nagomi's menu is refurbishing, bringing us lotsa surprises with more choices of Japanese delicacies and yet remaining their satisfying standard of shabu-shabu.

From 11th Feb - 14th Feb 2011, Nagomi will be introducing their Nagomi Lover's Bento @ RM99++/bento.


Celestial Court @ Sheraton Imperial - Standard Chartered Extravagant 8 menu


Another 2 days to usher the brand new year of the cuddly Rabbit. During this festivity and celebration, probably more food is consumed than any other time of the year. Everyone must admit, and we would be searching highs and lows the most decent restaurant for a traditional 'Lou Sang' session and share the spread of Chinese feast with our loved ones; friends and family. It's a norm to expect vast amounts of food prepared that attribute various superstitious aspects for the fulfillment of health, wealth and happiness!


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