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2011: Cheers to a Greater Year Ahead!

Put on the thinking cap. Make a resolution :)


Happy 2011 people!

Thanks for supporting our blog & you know we love you guys!
More good food to SHARE! See u next year :)

Happy Birthday Chris!


Happy 26th my dearest :)

Su's Cakes for Kicks @ Fahrenheit 88

Tea Time!
And the first stop we spotted was this little baby blue sweetheart found on the ground floor of Fahrenheit 88.


Another birthday treat from the BF where he decided to feed me to the fullest with desserts so that he could sit down and grab his daily caffeine (yeah, after tiring ourselves over at Tangs Pavilion).
And yes, we did not get anything from Uniqlo.

Su's Cakes for Kicks used to be only available in the cyberworld for offering tantalizingly home-made cakes dated as far back in 2004 as a home-based bakery. And now, setting up a kiosk over at Fahrenheit is a clever idea.

We settled for their well known Durian Cheesecake - RM8
(throwing away the bad breath thought totally!)
Every forkful were creamed with durian and cheese!


Malayas Bistro @ CapSquare, Kuala Lumpur

Remember that we mentioned about how much we adore stepping into restaurants that are 'old'?
Well, not exactly 'old' in terms of it being there for quite sometime but also goes to those with the retro essence. Going back in time is a very good idea for a restaurant.

Malayas Bistro

Malayas Bistro nestled at Capsquare is a hidden gem that brought out the flavours of Malaya (Malaysia). Dining at this restaurant reminded me of "1957: Hati Malaya", a movie that flashback the days for the tough route towards independence and how the founding fathers sacrified to free us from colonialism. I believe you would feel that way too. Wipe out the boring topics that we just memorized hard by words just to pass the history test and indulge in this atmosphere and the heritage they are trying to preserve taking you to old Malaya.


Yut Kee @ Jalan Dang Wangi, Kuala Lumpur

I had a very blissful birthday this year.
A blessed one.
Blessed with lotsa good food; thanks to friends, family & Chris esp, who have the intention of expanding my waistline! (or was it vice versa? oops!)

From pre to post celebration flooded with meals schedule. Oh please.
Yeah, there was an itinerary lined up for me:

Hearty brunch at Yut Kee
Tea at Su's
Dinner at Huck's

Brunch at Jade Pot DimSum
Tea at Huckleberry
Dinner at Prego

Lunch at Kampachi

Spoilt with food. Now I'm lined up with sources to share! :)

A hearty start at Yut Kee Kopitiam was a perfect idea by Chris. Needless to intro about Yut Kee as it has been around since 1928, planted with histories of serving good cups of local-style brewed coffee, tea and their specialties. Managed by the 3rd generation now, they are still doing great!

"Old is Gold" I love this term & we love dining out at old authentic coffee house like this. Sitting on the wooden chair surrounded by the 'old-school' atmosphere, sipping my 'teh-C' away while watching Chris enjoying his coffee. hee...


Fried HaiLam Mee - RM5.70
I love how they stir-fry the noodles with the 'it' sauce. I ate more than him. Oops.


♥ Happy 25th Birthday Christine ♥



Lots of Love from Chris ♥

LamMeeYa 淋面屋 @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre (New Wing)

In order to reach in time to 1U for the earliest show of Harry Potter (yeah, sleepy heads woke up late), we adjourned to the mall directly for breakfast/ brunch. Having thought of a hearty meal with noodles, we headed towards Lammeeya. We've previously tried once at Lot 10 Hutong (thought it was great) and decided to give it another go here at 1 Utama.

Lam Mee Set - RM12.80
Comes together with cold Soya Milk & a bowl of meatballs & fried 'fu-chuk'.
To our disbelieve, the lam mee didn't come up to our expectation. Thick sauce which we don't find it tasty and the noodle were just too soft. 'Live-less' I would say :(
The fu-chuk was alright but meatballs were too hard :(



Mushroom with minced meat Cheung Fun set - RM9.80
We've been searching near and far for a good plate of CCF with mushroom sauce ever since our Ipoh trip. And now we've found it.
Though it tasted different from what we expected, this serving was still satisfying. The gravy was tasty; mushroom flavours with a hint of green chili tang.


We would still prefer May Keng when it comes to a good plate of Lam Mee :)
What about you?

Disclaimer: This is our personal dining experience and we do not intend to forbid patrons/ readers from trying for themselves. Perhaps you think they've already improved, do drop by and tell us :)

LamMeeYa 淋面屋
LG 333A, One-Utama (New Wing)
Tel: +603 7727 4877

Starlight Seafood Restaurant 陈洧记海鲜楼 @ Seri Kembangan

While Seri Kembangan is being populated slowly by new cafes, steamboat houses and 'dai chow' Chinese restaurants, there's still one family restaurant that we would make a 'come-back'.


A seafood restaurant famous for their 'Christmas Island Red Crabs crawling during the mating & migration season' wall. And now, they've expanded their dining space with an air-conditioned area, also amplified with a under-the-sea wall.

We would never forget to make an order for my fav crustacean. Yes. The Crab.

Crab in Spicy & Sour Sauce
The sauce was a wee bit sour for me this time. But the crabs were quite fresh :)


Alexis Bistro @ The Gardens, Mid Valley City

When life gives you lemons... make Lemonade!
But Lemonade still taste bad sometimes when you're not in the right mood.

What makes you happy when you're surrounded with lemons?

Just a sweet & mood-uplifting post to erase all suffocating events.

How to put a smile back on?

#1 Desserts @ Alexis
A few slices of heaven to cheer the girls up!

Mixed Berries Meringue


Zhen Liew Siang / Lao Heong @ Sentul Raya, KL

Working right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and got tied down with only 1 hour of lunch (sometimes not even 1), we're restricted to the canteen food & walking distance stalls nearby. I don't think you would wanna be hugged by the crazy traffic around during lunch hours.

Nah. It's not as bad.

As I was granted a 2.5 hours of lunch every Friday! What's more exciting than planning a great place for lunch with your colleagues? My colleague once brought us to Zhen Liew Siang (Lao Heong) for a spread of Chinese food enriched with lotsa "wok hei".

And craving for more, Chris and I revisited this place with our comrades; kampungboycitygal, AiWei and WenChing for another round.

Nam Yu Fried Chicken
One of the 'must-try', The chicken wings came out perfectly crispy & golden with a distinctive taste of fermented bean curd (Nam Yu). It's been quite a while since we last had a good bite on a crispy and juicy chicken wing.


Day 2 Windermere: Dining at Lucy's on a Plate, Lake Windermere & the Hills

Continued from Day 2 Part 1 of our journey of a 2 days 1 night stay at Lake District Cumbria......
Please view ♥ Our Travelogue ♥ for easier browsing of itinerary.



Exploring the relaxing lifestyles of the locals at Ambleside is a true wonder. Strolling around at a slow pace; sitting under a tree eating pastry and sipping coffee. After another long walk, got tired after many sight-seeings and souvenir shopping, we popped by a cafe to settle down at Lucy's on a Plate located on Church Street.

VI Concept Bar & Restaurant @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Do you love an open, low-built, fast motor car?

A Ferrari.
Everyone wants one.
I love the spartan or luxurious touch of it.
Would you love to date a Ferrari for dinner maybe?



Jade Pot Steamboat 一品锅 @ Jalan Kelang Lama

This round we are bringing you towards an oriental dining experience with fresh ingredients and home-cooked soup that'll make you lick your bowl clean. Oh, we're pretty sure about this.

Jade Pot or 一品锅 had made us listed this on top of our fav hot pot eateries list, beating the other steamboat restaurants hands down. Why?
Fresh ingredients made right after ordering, suitable portion for each pax, great environment with matching cutleries and tea pots & cups that are so orientally cute.

Most importantly, they offer quality soup base. They have 4 types of different soup base (you could opt to have just one or 2 types): ABC soup, Tom Yam, Fish Head with Yam or Shark bone's soup.

Chinese Tea at RM4


Since there was only 2 of us, we decided to go for their set meal for 2 (Set A) at RM49.80.
Asked to change the normal 'Yee Mee'(Egg noodle) to the Hong Kong Yee Mee with an additional RM1.50 charge; as we find the latter more springy and smooth.
This portion might look little to you, but we we're very satiated at the end. 


Pork Slices - shabu-shabu it over just for a lil' while and it'll be perfect

d Legends bar @ Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

Taman Tun Dr. Ismail or better known as TTDI is famous for it being mushroomed with bars and bistros that spice up the area as the night pours in especially during happy hours/ weekends. A recent additions to TTDI bustling social hub is a neighbourhood bar/pub; d Legends bar.

d Legends bar believe in maintaining an effective social control with patrons as they aim to achieve the neighbourhood bar concept where people around will feel familiar not only with the place, but also build a connection/ make new friends thru d Legend.

Special thanks to Hans for the warm invitation, together with Citygal & Aiwei, we get to indulge in a new dining experience at a bar filled with many legends. You could see mural portraits of legendary/ famous people like Bruce Lee, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean... etc..


Upfront arranged with comfy red sofas, a bar counter with the back area for dining, it’s a thoroughly modern update of the classic bar. Inside d Legends, there's a twist décor of the brewbar that is maintained with retro lampshade that shined through the wallpaper skyline of NYC.


Day 2 Windermere, Cumbria: Bowness-on-Windermere & Ambleside

Continuing from Day 1: Exploring Windermere town and settled for a comfy B&B......

After a satisfying local homemade English breakfast, we decided to head towards Bowness-on-Windermere: Lakeland's most popular holiday resort; a tourist town which is quoted as an excellent centre for boating activities.
We decided not to drive and took the long walk, passing by Bowness Bay and adjourn to the pier as we're gonna cross England's largest lake to a town called Ambleside!

Most attractions could be viewed here.

Fyi, Windermere is situated above and away from the lake of about 1 mile/1.5km while Bowness-on-Windermere being the main tourist centre on the lake.

We walked for miles, but the word tired did not seem to appear in the dictionary as we're distracted by beautiful routes, picturesque surroundings and of course, the prefect cooling climate.

Adventurous route begins here!

Windermere, Lake District @ Cumbria, England - 2 days 1 night

It's about time again we continue to share our travel tales from the west.
Beautiful tales from the countryside this time.

The Lake District, a mountainous region located in the North West of England. Very famous for its lakes and its mountains, it has became a popular holiday destination; for those who seek tranquility and peace especially. Right here at Lake District, nestled the National Park and it also contains the deepest and longest lakes in England. Lake Windermere is one of them & it is the largest natural lake in England, and is fed by numerous rivers.


A glimpse of our 2 days 1 night stay at Windermere, Cumbria.
Another spontaneous trip it was. We depended solely on the GPS we've got after renting a car. Without booking any hotels/ shelters. Exciting!


It took us about 3 hours to reach Windermere from Glasgow with coffee break stops at Carlisle and other districts, overwhelmed with 'ooo-s and ahh-s' of their picturesque landscape.

Sakura Café and Cuisine @ Jalan Imbi, KL

Sakura has always been a familiar name in our parent’s dictionary during their courtship years.

Its long years of establishment have draw out attention & tastebud’s curiosity to check out their very famous Nasi Bojari and Nasi Lemak.

“Old is Gold” we deemed.
It seems that Madam Kwan’s recipe originated from Sakura. Kitchen tales that we’re not really sure of. Now came along Miss Kwan Cafe, the Madam’s descendant.
Alright, back to Sakura :)

It was another get-together session with our besties; kampungboycitygal and AiWei for a round of Malaysian fares:

Nasi Bojari - RM 23
Served with assam prawns, chicken/beef rendang and deep fried chicken drumstick (a huge one). Comparing this to Madam Kwan’s, their deep fried chicken drumstick was not very tasty and crispy, but overall this serving was mediocre. Assam prawns were not too fresh tho.



Char Siew Zhai Wantan Mee @ Paramount Garden, PJ

You would eventually drive the extra miles just to savour a good plate of wantan noodles.
Oh yes we would, we swear.

It happened during one late evening having learnt that Char Siew Zai has a branch at SS2. We google-map-ed and GPS-ed the exact spot but Char Siew Zhai was nowhere to be found.

"Wherefore art thou Char Siew Zhai?"
Never give up. The boy's capital, mind you, we headed to their HQ at Paramount Garden.

Fixing our eyes on the wantan noodles and char siew (bbq pork) of course, we hurriedly ordered:

Wantan mee with char siew & wantan - RM5
Very springy noodles and with no disappointment at all, we cleaned the plate. Fast.
However, the char siew was not up to expectation. Perhaps the uneven distribution of lean meat and fats made it kinda dry. But nevertheless, the taste was alright! We should make a request next time.


Wantan Mee with Poached Chicken & CharSiew - RM8


Breakfast @ Jarrod & Rawlins, Damansara Heights

Chris studied me hard while I was fiddling with my phone engaging on the game 'breakfast maker'. I was longing for a somewhat authentic English breakfast and he knows I missed it so much.


After browsing through a few selections from net, he announced, "I bring you for a big breakfast tomorrow".
A sunny Saturday morning filled the air. Cooling weather surprisingly, we headed off to Jarrod & Rawlins.

Spice Garden @ Highlands Hotel, Genting Highlands

Nowadays, when we made our way up to Genting Highlands, we would be scratching our heads when it comes to dinner time.

Consider this place if you would like to try something new to get your tastebuds seduced & tantalized... by spices.. & be prepared for a splurge.

Spice Garden currently has four branches in Malaysia and from what we heard they serve delectable authentic Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Genting's branch has an intimate atmosphere.


Indian and middle eastern cuisine boasts a distinctive flavour and aroma & we were excited to try.Their Tandoori dishes are marinated in yoghurt with herbs and spices and then cooked in the tandoor kept at a very high temperature with burning charcoal.

Mango Lassi - RM10.90
Just decent - too much yoghurt over mango. Still incomparable to Tetra's @ Klang.


Fish Tikka Achar - RM12.90


Tandoori Chicken (medium spicy) - RM25.90


Chicken Malai (Medium spicy) - RM27.90


Dal Sultani - RM21.90
We thought this was kinda overpriced. But the dal rocks! Flavours drenched with herbs and spices. Goes great with the naans.


Assorted Bread Basket (loaded with a variety flavours of naan) - RM35.90


Plain Briyani - RM16.90


Verdict: a great place to dine if you don't mind spending more. Distinctive flavours and very memorable. Anyhow, everything seems to be pricey in Genting. *wink*

Spice Garden
Lot H/G6.00,Highlands Hotel,
69000 Genting Highlands,
Pahang Darul Makmur,Malaysia.
Tel:+603-610 111 18 Ext:7709/57615
Fax:+603-610 113 30

POCO Handmade, Café & Atelier @ Lorong Kurau, Bangsar

I just 'lomograph-ied' our photos to match poco. hee.

Simple, contented, minimal with cuteness x 100.
Whatever cosy adjectives that pops into your mind fits poco handmade, cafe & atelier perfectly.


We've always drawn towards conceptual eateries and what's behind Poco?
Love Story. aww...

#1 LOVE & deco
Here's their little story:
Poco was managed by a couple in their 20's; zzz & mermer
zzz wanted to spend all his time with mermer in the little world that they have created for themselves and they would like to share it with others. Having the same passion, they decided to open a quaint café of their own that also sells handmade handicrafts.

Their cafe incorporates styles similar to Victorian-styled bakeries featured in Japanese animation. With and exterior of white and baby blue, their outlet exposed an innocent calm that makes it stand out cutely.

POCO Handmade @ Bangsar3.jpg_effected

The déco is a little Japanese, a little French and oh! a little Spanish too as poco means “little” in Spanish.

Bali Day 4: Pasar Seni Sukawati, Kintamani, Pura Tirta Empul & Tegalalang

Continued from Bali Day 3......

After enjoying our beauty sleep at Green Field, Ubud, we continued our last day itinerary. Time just swift by quicker especially when you're on a holiday.

Our Day 4 was spent on more last minute shopping & more sight seeing.

#1 Shopping at Pasar Seni Sukawati
Travelling to Ubud, be it the mountain areas of Bali or to the East coast of the island, you will inevitably pass through the market town of Sukawati. We would say it would be a smart choice to shop here as most of the items you buy on the streets of Kuta, Legian or Seminyak originated from here.


Paintings, wood carvings, girls' accessories e.g bags, blings or sandals, you could bargain down to a very surprising price :)


Mid-Autumn is here!

The joyous Mid-Autumn or Mooncake Festival is around the corner and we bet many families are celebrating it over the weekend!

Gatherings with traditional lanterns, with candles lit and mooncake of course, for the festival of moon worship. This is known as a time of the year when moon is at its “fullest”; that is visually most large and bright.



Auntie Lora Prawn Mee @ Jalan Pudu

We're now a big fan to Tung Sing @ Kajang when it comes to breakfast with black coffee, nasi lemak, toast and half-boiled eggs on weekends.

Broke the routine when dad decided to give us a ride, heading down to Jalan Pudu for a taste of one of his fave Prawn Noodle.

A small stall tucked in Jalan Pudu behind the Pudu wet market, towards Jalan Cheras, in between Win Son Coffee Shop & next to Thean Fah hardware shop; known as Auntie Lora.


Chris love his Prawn Mee broth rich in flavour and colouring from prawn shells, patiently sauteed to deep ruby brown. So do I.


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