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Sushi Groove @ 1 Utama

"Groovy! groovy!" Greetings from the staffs of Sushi Groove you'll hear once stepped into this restaurant so full of the tranquil mood! Just love the green theme and finely lit walls. However, one dissatisfaction raised by myself; is that the we have to sit at the long table... if there are more customers, we'll be like sharing the table with them... I prefer that we have our own private space! *I like this* If there is a big group of friends.. then it's ok. At that time... we were the only group sitting there, so I feel no disturbances! Still love this place a lot! Few weeks ago.. already asked Ivy to give this place a go! Had this intention after reading MeiYen's blog! Finally received a message from my dear friend and she said "Let's Go!" With much excitement... invited Yen, Lick and Chris my dear with us!! Yen and Ivy went there earlier to do their shopping spree while I've to sit in my lecture hall trying hard to concentrate to every word my lecturer said.... sigh.. Join them after class with deep enthusiasm!! Yay.. haha.

Finally met up with my besties and here we are! Uhh.. Lick's hand....

Beautified with lights: dimmed; and the greenish theme creates a restful environment for the eye!

5 of us had the Curry Fried Rice Bibimbab since we're all tempted by Yen's and Ivy's craving for this!
It's served with a half-cooked egg but since mine was a bit cooked, I thought it was kinda dry... but still like the Japanese Curry! Yum! RM14.90 per serving.

We had the Mayonaise Dream Roll!! Salmon and crab baked in spicy sauce at RM9.90. Creamy... with extra credits to the fish roe topping! I liked its appearance better though..

The Lion King Roll just made me fell in love with it straight away! . Made up of gindara and spicy tuna roll covered in crab salad. Taste so... juicy! the best! Priced at RM14.90

The Flying Geisha also caught my taste bud's attention...for it's crunchy and smells nice as well. It's the deep fried inari stuffed with spicy tuna and cream cheese! Priced at RM9.90

Yen and Lick just can't get enough of posing! *king and queen of posers!* cute!

Just have to take a picture with Chris :P

A definite nice and relaxing place for friends to meet and have lunch indeed! Good place for couples too! Will revisit Sushi Groove again for sure... next time... A fusion restaurant that boosts appetite responses! Thought that they should have a wider range of other Japanese foods too... even more variety of desserts and drinks maybe??

Sushi Groove
Lot G342 and 343
1 Utama Shopping Centre (New Wing)
Petaling Jaya

Tel No: 03- 7725 3733

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Special thanks to Ivy for some marvelous pictures!

Yoke Heng Seafood Restaurant @ Seri Kembangan

On Wee Lick's birthday... Chris and I decided to give him a treat for lunch.. how thoughtful!! *giggle* Before heading to Uni for the long hours of lab, we went to the Yoke Heng Seafood Restaurant located at Serdang Raya, Seri Kembagan for their famous "Claypot Lou See Fun"!! Got to know about this place thanks to mom... During lunch hour, this restaurant is always packed with working people and students like m3! Don't really know whether they have any nice seafood there... since it's named with 'Makanan Laut'....

Got to know that this place have been recommended by 8TV's "Ho Chak"!!! We ordered this specialty.... Claypot Lou See Fun and the Succulent Pork Ribs cooked in a Foil Packet.

The Lou See Fun... was somehow different from the others that I had before... it's the gravy!! with eggs, mushrooms and dried prawns... I love the taste!

Priced at RM10 for 2 person

As for the succulent pork ribs... it taste good and the meat texture is just nice... some are just too fat.. but it still taste right though.. *don't really go for fat fat deposited meat* hehe....:P

RM12 for six pieces
the Succulent Pork Ribs cooked in a Foil Packet

Not bad for lunch!
Will definitely try other dishes as well in the next visit!

No:33, Jalan SR8/4,
Taman Putra Indah,
Serdang Raya,
Seri Kembagan, Selangor
Tel: 03-89438753

Business hours: 11.00 am - 2.30pm, 5.30 pm - 10.30 pm
Closed on Mondays

Lil Bro's Birthday Celebration `07

My little brother had just celebrated his 13th birthday recently at home :) Invited his friends to join him for the evening... he sure had fun... mainly all about spending hours and hours in front of the TV playing video games! especially with his friends! no "girl" friends turned up... Aw.. so sad! *laughs*

My aunt cooked some simple but delicious dishes... the commonly found dishes at any party :P

Fried chicken wings!!

Love this... curry chicken

the noodles are usually cooked when it's someone's birthday (sau min)

some of the fried finger-food~~

A noisy night spent with all these "kids"! They sure know how to enjoy....

With the birthday boy and my brother!

Captured one of his birthday present that I thought was cute! TaDa! The MaGiC Egg!! Once cracked... a small plant will grow :P Watering it everyday :)

His actual date of birth falls on the 28th of June...
would like to wish him... HappY BirthdaY Bro!!

Dear's Father's Day Celebration

More photos!
I've just got a few great and appealing pictures from Chris when he celebrated Father's Day last week with his family at Hee Lai Ton Restaurant located at Serdang... *sweet* Didn't went with him there for the celebration... Was at celebrating with my daddy at Tetra :P

Ta Da! the roasted Goose and pork!

Shark Fin soup.. good food comes in great value! RM35++ per bowl

Lotsa Fins!! look yummilicious babe!

Thx for the pictures dear! Sure enjoyed your dinner that night!

Happy Father's Day!!

It's Father's day yesterday and what have you got for ur dad?? My bros and I made a "Greatest Dad certificate" plus a "cheque of endless happiness, wealthiness, happiness, priceless love and care from us all"!! Touched!!
As for the dinner treat, we went to Dad's favourite restaurant. Tetra House of Briyani in Klang!! Check out my previous visit HERE~

Happy Daddy's Day!

Dad ordered with pleasure; the Mutton Briyani Rice, while mom and my bros opted for the Sunday Special: Chicken Rendang Briyani!! Simply delicious! RM10.00 for either mutton or Chicken Rendang Briyani.

Mutton Briyani

Chicken Rendang Briyani *drooling*

As for me... I tried something different. Chicken Murtabak @ RM4.50! the fillings are compact and the meat is tender and just nice! Not bad though...

Chicken Murtabak

heavenly yummy!!

Still not bored of it, the Mango Lassi!! My favourite of all.. Just love mango! *yum yum*

RM3.50 per glass only!!

Ordered this as well, the "apam". I thought it was pretty sweet and the coconut milk is the dipping sauce. Don't really crave for sweeeeet food..... :P *sigh*

the "apam'??

More pictures on Us All~!! Enjoyed the dinner!

Dearest Daddy...

Dad with 3 glasses of mango Lassi! Syok-nya! *drool*

Mom and I

Seng, Leng and Hoe!!

Once again: Appreciating what dad did for all of us isn't just today, but always! Keep it in your heart! Never be afraid to show love and care! for it's priceless!!

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