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Hand-made Pan Mee @ Riverside, Kajang

this little stall or small restaurant used to be Chris's dining place when he was young... till now it it's still standing still with lots of customers. Riverside?? Yup... still located beside a river just at the uptown of Kajang. the river's now somehow polluted and abandoned... sigh! Guess what? The restaurant was named "Riverside meals"!

We had their specialty: The hand-made pan mee. Not 'gadgety shaped' by the typical tool to make ordinary pan mee. Something like ramen... but thicker. *hehe* the dried option is nice... haven't tried soup or curry though.. Only dried pan mee ~ RM2.20

Other side dishes for us to go with this pan mee include fishballs, meatballs, fried dumpling and fish rolls. All 'yong tau foo' priced at RM0.70 per pc. Love the fishballs!

Fishballs and meatballs

Fried dumpligs (sui kau) and fish rolls

Looking forward to Father's Day today!
Happy birthday to my dearest daddy!!!
I love you!


Xiu Long Bao June 18, 2007 at 9:35 AM  

omg...u r from kajang too???
happy blogging!

~Christine~Leng June 18, 2007 at 8:11 PM  

heyz xiu long bao! actually I'm not from Kajang.. my BF is! hehe.. so I go there quite frequently too... Thx for visiting! happy blogging 2!

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