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LOVE is priceless

this is a non-food post

It seems like yesterday, when i first set my foot in a foreign place so far from home.
Adapting to a totally new environment is kinda tough for me. What's more when I received a shocking news from mom 2 weeks later.
A news of misery. As my dad's liver's cancer marker is not resolved even after several times of treatment and a transplant is what best for him.
Liver transplant!

Mental breakdown and have emo-ing for a few weeks. Finding the right donor is difficult enough but luckily, my eldest cousin is willing to offer help. Tests were done for matches and he passed. However, disappointment once again happened when the Singapore Ethics Committee rejected him after an interview. We were all pissed and sad at the same time, especially my mom. What's wrong with them anyway!! Acting in the best interest of patient? Yeah rite!! ;(

I looked upon my mom. She have been so strong all the way. Taking care of my dad and family. And the worst part is: I'm not around to share their pressure.
In the end, my mom offered to go for the test. And she is fit to donate. Good news and bad news at one go. My dad found the suitable liver, but mom is the one who is donating. Worried sick!

The operation took place on the first day I was having my exam. Fixing my mind on the paper is really challenging. Anxious and worried. After about 10 hours of the operation, my bro, aunt and uncle broke the good news of 2 successful operation! Dad's body accepted half of my mom's liver and is still happily staying there now :)

Overwhelming definitely!
I can't wait to be back by their side to help boost their mood!

Mom and dad, Get well soon! I love U dearly :)

and not to forget to thank my friends and Chris who encouraged and motivated me to stay strong and consoling me when tears of mine roll down helplessly.

I am greedy. I wish for more good news.
I want to pass my PP3 final exam next week!
the scariest paper that gave me ups and downs... I shall not fear you!

LOVE is really priceless,
As no one could evaluate it.
Motivation is what one need to move on,
There's nothing in the world that could not be done,
I trust that I could get over the troubles,
and I will...
as LOVE supports me to.

p/s: will be away for 2 weeks as holidays will officially start :)

Lessons so far...

A routine to follow each day,
Surface ideas to feed our ravenous cravings,
Lessons in cookery is enhanced,
without myself noticing it.

Food oh Food,
The main entry of all gatherings,
The cheering fare that helped our brains work.... better ;P

and so far......
we had:

One night we decided to prepare a western spread:
The "Chefs":

Christine & Jeannie

The side dishes: source of vitamins and carbohydrates
Mashed potatoes, salads with egg and toasted wholemeal bread

The main dish: source of protein and energy
Fish fillet and beef

An ultimate diet, isn't it? ;P

Lauders @ Sauchiehall Street

Glasgow is turning me into......
a big-ger eater.....
I get hungry easily here. Due to cold weather? or due to the temptations of hanging out for more food after being locked up for days in my own room drenched with hassles with 400+ pages of specifics...
My high school teacher once told me that when you use your brain, a lot, you'll get hungry easily.
For a while, I'm happy I'm hungry as.....
I DID use my brain ;P

Went to Lauders Bar Restaurant for lunch and this place was packed with patrons. It's not roomy but the faint lightings around was alright.

I almost predicted what I will eat upon entering, yes, burgers. However, after absolute scrutinizing of the menu, I quickly abandoned this boring thoughts of having a burger. I went for the Smothered Chicken at £ 3.99. Tender chicken breast which was grilled, covered all over with tangy BBQ sauce, bacon and melted cheese on top. It was served with chips and peas. Thumbs up, it was delectable :)

The Fish and Chips at £ 4.95 was served with a large piece of crispy fish fillet, peas and chips. In the menu, it quoted "the dish that makes you proud to be British!" :P

Another recommended dish was the Steak and Ale Pie with Chips at £ 3.99. "Beer and Pie in one" Tasty chunks of prime steak and ale in pastry, also served with chips and green peas. The tangy flavour from the beef combined with hints of beer relish was perfect.

See see! Look what Glasgow is turning me into. Did I look chubbier??

Lauders Bar Restaurant
76 Sauchiehall Street
G2 3DE
Phone: +44 (0) 1413315181

Rumours Kopitiam (讲士讲啡)

Being uncovered to the foreign civilization is an eye opener
Being introduced to far-off food is a discovery
I'm eager for more........
Hoping to pioneer all scrumptious food around Scotland :)
However, too much of it made me under par.

Needed some antidote.

Yes, it's not a rumour,
RUMOURS is real.
The Malaysian restaurant around town.

We headed straight to Rumours after our class test to get some breath of relieve and boost up our mood with some long missed local delicacies we get back home.
You can't really compare and rate 100% with what we had in Malaysia as it won't be the same, but we still find it good :) Not as bad as I expected ;P Still have the it taste. At least I know where should I head to when I'm sick of the typical western food again ;P

Didn't manage to grab my camera along, and the below depictions are relied on my Z610i :)

Some of the dishes ordered from the Set Lunch Menu:
Available from 11am - 2 pm
Price: £6.50 inclusive of a starter, a main course and choice of either tea or coffee (dine in), £6.00 for take away.


clockwise from left: Curry Parcels (curry puffs), Vegetable Spring Rolls, Roti Canai, Chicken Satay

Main Course:

clockwise from left: Nasi Lemak, Wat Tan Hor, Singapore Laksa

Think I should try some authentic Scottish restaurant next time...
Anyone know any cheap and nice place? :)
Can't believe my finals are scheduled next week! Exam marathon........
Hope I can reach the finish line, feeling satisfied.

21 Bath Street

Glasgow G2 1HT

Phone: + 44 (0) 141 353 0678
Business hour: 11am - 10.30pm

Kama Sutra @ Sauchiehall Street

Kama Sutra....
Literally means aphorisms of love
the science of Love and Pleasure.........

with the company of aromatic foods,
seductive music, sensuous aromas and sultry surroundings
all gather within the kama sphere...

This term stands clear. I'm talking about food here ;P
Kama sutra, an eatery in Glasgow that provide a spread of Indian cuisine that could ignite your day.

Our senior, Angeline had went back to her home sweet home in Malaysia, leaving us in solitary fighting with our exams. She had been a very good friend while she stayed with us in our flat. Though not long, a rapport friendship was built. Cooked us wholesome dinners, offering us gifts from her Europe tours.... and in return, she should deserve a treat from us :)
Kama sutra, is where we poured our LOVE towards this gracious lady.

Having known that this place offered a lunch buffet session (3 course) for £ 6.95 per person, we gamed for that.
From starters till the mains, it has been very 'meaty'. I got fed till full fast.

Chicken salad was my favourite. Love the multiple dressings they had. Fried chicken chunks, some indian kuihs and pappadum was some of the choice of starters.

There were a whole lot of curries. Different type of cooking methods and style... Masala, Tikka and traditional styled. Chicken and lamb on the menu should not be missed. Parathas was also served. Aromatic and fragrant. However, the rice served tasted weird. Don't really fancy the serving of rice. I miss nasi briyani! ;P

the colours doesn't deviate much.. can hardly tell them apart
but these lambs were good :)

For dessert, we were served Vanilla ice cream *actually I expected more* maybe some cakes?? :P

Overall it was decent. Not superb but enjoyable. I'll give them a good rank for providing such enchanting ambiance. Cozy, well fashioned and habitual. Indian songs playing softly with spirits energizing the mood.

You'll see wood-carved art hanging proudly everywhere on their walls: The ART OF LOVE :P

and finally....
We miss U!
so much!

and thanks for the lovely gifts!

Kama Sutra

331 Sauchiehall Street,

Glasgow G2 3HU

(opposite the Dental Hospital)

Tel: +44 (0) 141 332 0720

Opening Hours:
Every day 12 noon till 11.00pm

Homemade Mee Hoon Kueh!

I woke up each morning with a serving of a hot bowl of noodles that awaits to nourish my day. Pan mee, curry mee, shredded pork noodles, wantan me...

I woke up each morning with a serving of cold milk and corn flakes as breakfast.

Longing for the piping hot preparation of noodles back home, Carolyn excites us when she invited us all over to her place for a 'Mee Hoon Kueh' a.ka. Pan Mee bash! ;P
Thanks to her, I'm once again fulfilled and it feels like home again.

Dough kneaded, clear broth cooked with chicken bones and stocks...............

She prepared the spread for the 15 of us!

Chicken slices added in.

Fried egg as topping of the servings.

Chili padi gave the oomph! very spicy. I like.

However, the prawns here weren't as fresh as I thought.

The finished outcome:

We've not had enough! ;P Longing for more.............

Thanks to Carolyn for such a great meal :)

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