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Barcelona Spain Day 2: Touring with Bus Turistic & Dinner at Los Caracoles

Continued from Barcelona Day 1 here. For more information on Bus Turistic package, please refer to our Day 1 post or book online here.

We followed the blue and green route for one full day, leaving the red path for day 3 which covered areas in the northern part of Barcelona comprising views from the mountains as well.

Kushi Q Japanese Grill @ Tropicana City Mall

It's time to take a break and jingle away from your usual hang-out place for shopping and channel en route for the Tropicana City Mall. More eateries are mushrooming around the fertile land of PJ and Kushi Q is one spirited participant.
Thanks to Wilson & Racheal for organizing, we get to sample their grilled shares together with Ken, BigBoysOven, taufulou, iamthewitch, Jessica & Chris Tock. Many thanks to Mr.Eden Tang for welcoming us over too :)

Located on the lower ground floor in the Tropicana City Mall, it is an ideal stop-over for patrons who would love a grilled meal occupied with a wide selections of meat on skewers embracing the Japanese food fashion.

Dessert's Bar @ Casa Tropicana, PJ

When it comes to desserts, most girls would be energized even after a filling main meal. We were not any different. At dessert's bar, having these sweet treats was our main agenda and treated wraps as side dishes! Dessert's bar serve healthy sugary delights that'll guarantee a revisit for more.

Indulging in their famous smoothies is almost compulsory. You'll be given options of customizing the smoothie of your choice by choosing your preferred fruits from the menu to blend mutually with choices of vanilla or chocolate and soy milk or fresh milk.

Here's my glass of mango, vanilla and soy milk - RM8.80
Such filling and rich share of mango thirst-quencher which Chris and I were pleased to gulp down.

娟姐 客家罗面 & 咖哩面 Hakka Loh Mee & Curry Mee @ Taman Putra Budiman

When most people asked me where could I get a bowl of curry noodles which is unforgettable and delicious, I was wordless. Nothing seemed to have cross my mind. Though most floggers have suggested some places to venture out for, which I have not done so due to time constraint, we've finally found one. Not just curry noodles, but we also fell in love with the loh mee served here.

Very different from some of the overrated places, they just tasted: homely.
Though just a small stall positioned in a coffee shop, Kuen Jie (娟姐) the lady boss who whipped up the recipe for these two specialties seems to be propped up by loyal customers.

Now that you ask me where's one of the good place for curry mee and loh mee...
I know the answer pretty well :)

老油鬼鬼 I Love Yoo! @ The Gardens

Take a stroll on the lower ground floor of Mid Valley towards the passageway leading towards the Gardens, a hotspot nestled with booths of eateries just can't be missed. I am pretty sure you have tried most of them. Our attention was drawn towards I Love Yoo 老油鬼鬼 quickly as its name already captivated us. Further surveying gained us more interest in checking this place out since we've never tried having any porridge or congee in a mall! Plus... we thought that less than RM5 for a set is very cheap to dine in, considering eating at The Gardens mall ;P

New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice @ Bandar Sri Petaling

I might lost count on the amount of weight I gained since returning if I continue to have severe, sudden cravings. Good thing I gained some. Friends might have thought that I suffered from anorexia when I once had a sudden, unexplained weight loss a few months back. Nah. I have big appetite and metabolism was great. But not now I guess... unless I get rid of the potato couch habit and find ways to diminish the cravings, Chris will have to control my appetite. Well, I hope he is joking!

Coming back to cravings, when Motormouth from Ipoh blogged about the famous Taugeh Ayam (Nga Choi Kai) in Ipoh, I had a sudden intent for an Ipoh food crawl. I have not done so. I'll do it soon, I hope. The resistance level was good and I didn't have any taugeh ayam.

Luck is kinda on my side. Maybe being a good girl with controlled cravings will be rewarded. My family decided to drop by here:

This was to compensate my long-overdue-planned Ipoh trip

Taugeh (Bean Sprouts) - RM 5
For those who know me well, they wouldn't wanna mess around me with this dish as I'm no taugeh lover! Especially those big, fat, juicy ones! But my family love this to bits! It's just me who don't fancy the raw, green taste.

Tenji Japanese Buffet @ Solaris Mont' Kiara

We've never ventured out far to neither Sri Hartamas or Mont' Kiara. Even if we have done so, it was ages ago. When Bao suggested that we should go check Tenji out, I agreed immediately. When I first read about its first review from Precious Pea in Glasgow, this has been one of the must-visit place for me whenever I'm back :)
Also a visit for a small celebration of my bro's victory and effort in gaining himself a title in his dance competitions. Off we went, dashing through the fear of getting lost and without much assistance, we manage to dig this place out :)

After several turns in the area of Mont Kiara, we reached an area very alien to us. Shoplots of eateries mushrooming around SohoKL. Another neighbourhood to venture out for more fares soon after.

I was quite excited about the visit as it was the first Japanese cuisine that I'm having after long periods of yearning in Glasgow. Plus, the promotion they are having now is kinda tempting too; RM39.90++ for lunch (11.30am-4pm) which is quite a steal, we thought.

Barcelona, Spain Day 1: The Beach, Fira Barcelona & Palmera

Back to our summer vacation, after starting off with London, Bath, Oxford & Cardiff, Barcelona was our next anticipated destination. Swine flu cases were overwhelming around that time in Europe and in fact, number of cases are still rising. Despite that, we wouldn't wanna doubt our decision and put off the enthusiasm of celebrating summer at the well-known beaches or to forgo any Spanish delicacies!

In order to minimize all the hassles in getting our way to most of the attractions correctly, we chose to join the Barcelona Bus Turistic: 27€ per Adult for 2 consecutive days. This in turn saves lots of transportation fee too. Plus, we get to hop on and off at the designated destinations if we feel like it. Free and easy and most of the attractions were covered too.

These were the 3 different routes we manage to cover:

We took the bus ride on the 2nd and 3rd day as it was already mid-day when we touched down Barcelona.

Our first day in this happening city began with a visit to the famous Barcelona beach; precisely Barceloneta at Sant Sebastia. The beaches here are stretched across extensively with a whole lot of locals as well as visitors from different countries enjoying their usual tan.

Beaches in Barcelona City

On our way to the beach, we passed by a cluster of boats and yachts

Performances along the beaches

People here just love partying with the sun. From young to old, lying topless is not an agenda here. It's summer!!!

A masterpiece on beach

There were many impressive structures on the beach. Not just a sand castle.

we joined in the fun too

Font Magica de Montjuïc (Magical Fountain) was the next program after hanging-out at the beach & dinner. The magnificient night view escorted by graceful dancing waters located in an area named Fira Barcelona. Fira de Barcelona boasts the largest trade fair area in Spain, one of the biggest in Europe. It incorporates the Montjuïc and Gran Via. Best of all, we get to watch the musical & magical fountain for free :) Hours of beautiful music ajoining the elegant water movement.

Fira Barcelona

stars of lights & glowing fountains

Palmera. This is available in most of the pastry shops around Barcelona. Good to snack on & also a dessert after meals. Crunchy, with a hint of sweetness. There were other palmeras coated with chocolates and icing. Still, we preferred the original :) Thanks to Jeannie for the recommendation!

  • To drop by Barceloneta beach: travel via Metro L4 (yellow line) to Barceloneta station, about 15 mins walk to the beach.

  • To drop by Font Magica de Montjuïc: travel via Metro L3 (green line) or L1 (red line) to Espanya station.

Chakri Xpress @ Alamanda, Putrajaya

Sometimes, come to think of it. I'm really not used to not studying anymore.
Time to buck up and seriously lay down my mind and get serious when it comes to getting a job.
I'm getting an interview pretty soon I hope. Let's just hope those pegawai-s wouldn't bombard me with tough hal ehwal questions.

What's good about being back is the gatherings we get to attend, not to forget celebrations as well.
It was during Abang Azizi's birthday when we decided to head down to Putrajaya for some Thai food. I think Chakri Xpress was the only Thai restaurant in Alamanda. Correct me if I'm wrong ;P

We were greeted by friendly staffs, ushering our family into a private room. We pretty much like it as it gave us privacy. Nice deco all over but not many custimers hung around although it was a Sunday. Chakri Xpress offered Family Sets during dinner and we gamed for that. Chose the Family Set A for RM278++ (for 5 person). We managed to share these among 7 person plus an additional dish.

What was included:
1. Thai Hand Roll - Mieng Kam
It's always great to start off your apetite for a Thai meal with Mieng Kam. We heart this.

2. Red Tomyam with Shrimps - Southern Thai Style
Not the best Tomyam we tasted. Seafood weren't that fresh too.

3. Deep Fried "Siakap"with Sweet and Sour sauce
Very ordinary we thought... and the portion was small too.

4. Stir-fried Prawn with Garlic & Pepper
I love prawns cooked with garlic! But this disappointed me as they weren't fresh. Love the sauce though.

5. Pandan Leaves Chicken
Very aromatic but the meat was a lil' too dry.

6. Braised Tofu with Minced Meat
This was acceptable. A perfect match with white rice.

7. Stir Fried Kailan with Salted Fish
I didn't even know there were salted fish!

8. Fruit Platter

and... free flow of Chakri Pandan Tea

We had an additional order of Seafood Omelette as well.
I thought the simplest dish was the best among others ordered. This had my vote :)

Pineapple fried rice (additional order) was also presented beautifully.

Though not the dinner up to our expectation, it ended merrily with a birthday song for Abang Azizi and cakes to fill us up. We're looking forward for more events like this before starting off work. Let's enjoy while we can!!

Chakri Xpress Putrajaya
Lot G85, Ground Floor,
Alamanda Shopping Centre,

Jalan Alamanda, Precinct 1,
62000 Putrajaya, MY

Tel : 03-8890 1616

Fax : 03-8890 1717

Back in town: Chawan @ Bangsar

We are back with missions.
Mind empowered with the crave for local delicacies that have yet to be fully conquered. It just feels right to be back to the boleh-land, although I do miss the weather in UK.
Even so,I missed the way kopis being served in cups patterned with green flowers. It's just so habitual.

Kopi Kemaman

There was this one fine day when I decided to channel away from Chris and had a girls-day out with the GFs; AiWei and theSUGAR. Shopping would best describe our similar leisure pursuit besides eating... Such a great time.

As mentioned; I'm back with a mission. What else would I crave for?

Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang - RM9.90

Assam Laksa - RM9.90

Curry Laksa - RM9.90

A place where I would return for their nasi lemak and curry laksa. It's pretty tough to find a good place for assam laksa nowadays in KL.. Any recommendations?

What else should I go for next? I'm thinking about Japanese.

69-G Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2287-5507

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