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KooKai Fashion @ JW Marriott

26.05.07 ~ Got myself ready and fully prepared to get to JW Marriott Hotel @ StarHill Galery for KooKai Paris Fashion Show.
Talking about fully prepared, I forgot to bring a camera! Nvm.... Got the help from my Sony Erricson Z610i again *smiles*


Able to indulge in this event with special thanks to mommy dearest *being a member for Kookai* Together with Aunt Stacy, Joon and his dear Natalie, I'll say we picked and sat at quite a comfy place, on sofas and with cushions..... The members are given special privileges for attending this high-tea cum fashion event and are allowed to bring guests... so, Joon, Nat and I are able to get this shared privilege through our moms. *laughs*

~the invitation card~

my beautiful MoM

Ok... all pieces of garments paraded are absolutely lovely and terrific... Not to mention the price though.... it's even more aWW....some *sob!*
We were also presented with a door gift with contributions from Kanebo, Marie France Bodyline and a Kookai bracelet. *sweet* Not only apparels from this boutique, pretty handbags from Lancel boutique are also fashioned around! Love the bags!!

Aunt Stacy and Mom

Natalie and I

Joon, Nat, Christin3

the area arounD.....

Our high-tea menu.... cute and yummilicious!

The fashion show lasted about 45 minutes. It's not a runway routine the models are doing.... they basically just walk around the lounge area and swiftly move in front of us. So we get to see close-up... Oh.. those long legs! I find some of them walk too fast.. that I can't get a clear picture of them.

*Spring/Summer Collection of 2007*

These are ONLY some of the collections~ note: there are lots more pretty dresses, skirts, pants and blouses in the boutique! Visit Now!! P/S: Visit ONLY you've enough cash *hehe*

After the show, we went into their boutique to have a LOOK....
In the end... I picked one of my favourite dress!! Thanks Mom!! Member's privilege again~ 20% discount.

Nat and I in Kookai's Spring/Summer collection

Oya...not to forget.. I took a picture of the washing basin in one of the toilet in Starhill Galery, *high class-Nya* located on the FEAST floor. This is cool... manually operated. Turn it to get the tap running!

Technology innovated or back to the basics?

Passed by the storehouse of Louis Vuiton
A class above m3~ talk about lifestyle!! Ha!

We stayed till evening and before heading home...

Caught up in the glimpse of light!

Tired... caught up in a traffic jam and reached home hungrily..

Home sweet home *blur nut*

Love today! Love Kookai! Love Mom, Aunt Stacy, Joon and Nat's company, Love my new dress! Love being a fashion freak! *not just abruptly passionate* *certainly have strong enthusiasm in it* another thing is ~ spend wisely too girls!

>Tetra MaGic<

Tetra~ An Indian cuisine favourited since early this year. I was browsing through my mobile and spotted some pictures I took during dinner with my parents in this Indian restaurant. So.. Quickly I've decided to share it out! Tetra is located some place in Klang. Sorry~~ couldn't recall the exact location yet cos I've been sleeping all our way to this place. Quite far though. :P Went there again few months ago....

What's famous is their Nasi Briyani a.k.a Nasi Gam!! I've never tried other side orders yet cos there're so many! I find the portion of food served is large... I still option for the chicken nasi briyani although Mom and Dad crave for mutton. The aroma and fragrance of the spices in its nasi is definitely endearing~~ Should really try it. *yup I'm not boasting*

Introducing: Chicken Nasi Briyani + some 'dal' curry and sour onion cream (this is refining)

m3 + dinner!

eH... this is no mamak *giggle*

Finally... I would like to express this: I totally feel in love with their Mango Lassi!!! Ok.. I love to eat mango, and this is no ordinary Mango Lassi found else where. It's 100% pure mango squashed juice plus some added yogurt! You can actually taste it as if you're eating the real thing. Usually, it's really not normal for me to at least drink half of any drinks ordered.. and I normally don't order drinks when eating out. This one~ the Mango Lassi~ I can finish it all by myself!! Only at RM3.50, it soooo worth it people!

Thumbs up~ snapped by DaD!!

P/S: Pictures above are taken some time ago in January this year

A Date with Curry* and SalaD*

After several convincing statement from Lick, Chris and I decided hang out the other night to 'yum cha' with our dear friend~. We went to one of the mamak in Serdang, located at Jalan Besar Serdang. This stall is only open during the night, in front of the tyre shop. Lick recommended it and insisted that the food there is absolutely superb and is always filled with lots of people around. Well.... I thought the food there was ok.. but I love the 'Roti Salad' the most. Being introduced for the first time to such special delicacy, I feel kinda odd eating it initially. Eventually, once tasted, I loved it :P I've never heard of anything such as roti salad before until that night *smiles*

Delicious fillings of Roti Salad

Another option for us was mutton curry. Filled with thick gravy, the meat was soft and tender *yeah it was* but I thought it was kinda spicy. Lick kept on mentioning about their curry 'kaki ayam' (chicken feet) but I still don't crave for any chicken feet since I seldom have them..... (even since young)

Serdang's Mutton Curry

Another mamak visit~ it's been quite a long time since I last went out 'yum cha' with friends. Khee called from India during that night. I missed her sooo much! Hope to see her real soon!

P/S: sorry for the quality of the pictures. taken in the dark~ lights contributed by Lick's phone isn't enough to boost its quality.

~I'm so gonna gain weight if I kept on having supper like this!!~
*laughs* but I'm happY!! haha! yohoho....

I CooKeD!

This is what I always wanted to do during a break... always seemed to be only boasting about taking up cooking utensils while listening patiently to what my maid said about the proper method and recipes... have not succeeded for the past period of break. Now, finally have the self-consciousness of knowing how important is it to learn cooking. A little thanks to a book that I've read recently: The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella. Getting to know a little recipe won't kill! *laughs* It really feels good especially when making up some dishes for your loved ones! So, today: an easy one ------ Pasta!! Menu of the day: Spaghetti!
Quite easy though, just have to boil some water to get the spaghetti soften first, which is then later rinsed with some cold water to get the tangy texture and feeling.
The challenging part is mostly the sauce... I thought It was kinda sour when I first tasted it. With Prego.. it's magic. It's equipped with chunks of green pepper and wild mushrooms. You can even put in some meat: any meat -- chicken, beef, pork. These have to be marinated with a pinch of salt, sugar, pepper and some light soya sauce. Not to forget, fry the chopped garlic, onion and tomatoes until the fragrant arise before adding in the meat! I just love this aroma...

some of the ingredients for the gravy

boiling Up!

my 'sifu' --- cooking skills = thumbs uP!

Introducing: the sauce (I cooked this! Not bad for first time???)

~Lunch Time~

Second round!

From Iris (in undomestic goddess):
Cooking isn't about writing down.
It's about tasting, feeling, touching and smelling

Social worker? Nurse? Teacher? omg...

You Are An ESFJ

The Caregiver

You are sympathetic and caring, putting friends and family first.
A creature of habit, you prefer routines and have trouble with change.
You love being in groups - whether you're helping people or working on a project.
You are good at listening, laughing, and bringing out the best in people.

You would make a great nurse, social worker, or teacher.
What's Your Personality Type?

~Answered some questionnaire and above are the results~
Pharmacist = nurse? social worker? teacher??? there are resemblance aren't there?

Bukit Tinggi

Cuti-cuti Malaysia: That's what the government encouraged us to do... and that's what I did!
19th May '07 ~ To Genting Highlands!! it's been almost half a year since I've been there.. Together with Chris, Audrey and Denny, we head to the casino after checking in.. Finally I can say hi to the security guard standing smartly in front of the 'only 21years and above' 'entertainment' center! As expected: IC please!!
Packed with aunties and uncles, I can hardly stand the odour of the smoke although I'm right at the non-smoking section! Feel kinda tensed when saw Chris placing his bets! luckily he won some.. haha.. (play play for fun only...)

Went window shopping after that.. spotted this cute lil' hedgehog!!

The spiky fur-ball: hedgehog

20th May '07 ~ Intended to head home initially after hanging out at starbucks, but end up with the idea of visiting Bukit Tinggi! Chris and I have never been there before..so I found this place an extremely nice holiday spot. Cool and breezy.. not going to literate much on it as the pictures tells it all!!

P/S: I've forgotten to bring a camera. All pictures are taken using Sony Ericsson Z610i! Clear and bright!!

Nice view! Bukit Tinggi~yay!

Colmar Tropicale

Amazing buildings in Colmar Tropicale

---Tea-Out at the Japanese Tea House---

------Strolling around Colmar Tropicale (French Village)?------

what's the attraction??the Grim Ripper!

Mr.Clown entertaining us*haha*

what I've got in return: special request from Chris!

Resting happily in my hands

Perfect angle

Audrey and Denny

Us again!

smiling non-stop

------Rabbit FarM------

soooooo adorable!

have a bite!

They just love us!!

Audrey with a black bunny

Denny, Audrey + baby bunny

Chris loves lil' animals!

I'm kinda scared it'll give me a bite..*smile*

standing up!!
*CUTE* Love at first sight??

P/S again: all pictures are taken and copyrighted by Chris~Wei. Please do complement on his fine work! *laughs*

Till then~ hope there'll be more cuti-cuti coming up! >peace<

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