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POCO Handmade, Café & Atelier @ Lorong Kurau, Bangsar

I just 'lomograph-ied' our photos to match poco. hee.

Simple, contented, minimal with cuteness x 100.
Whatever cosy adjectives that pops into your mind fits poco handmade, cafe & atelier perfectly.


We've always drawn towards conceptual eateries and what's behind Poco?
Love Story. aww...

#1 LOVE & deco
Here's their little story:
Poco was managed by a couple in their 20's; zzz & mermer
zzz wanted to spend all his time with mermer in the little world that they have created for themselves and they would like to share it with others. Having the same passion, they decided to open a quaint café of their own that also sells handmade handicrafts.

Their cafe incorporates styles similar to Victorian-styled bakeries featured in Japanese animation. With and exterior of white and baby blue, their outlet exposed an innocent calm that makes it stand out cutely.

POCO Handmade @ Bangsar3.jpg_effected

The déco is a little Japanese, a little French and oh! a little Spanish too as poco means “little” in Spanish.

Bali Day 4: Pasar Seni Sukawati, Kintamani, Pura Tirta Empul & Tegalalang

Continued from Bali Day 3......

After enjoying our beauty sleep at Green Field, Ubud, we continued our last day itinerary. Time just swift by quicker especially when you're on a holiday.

Our Day 4 was spent on more last minute shopping & more sight seeing.

#1 Shopping at Pasar Seni Sukawati
Travelling to Ubud, be it the mountain areas of Bali or to the East coast of the island, you will inevitably pass through the market town of Sukawati. We would say it would be a smart choice to shop here as most of the items you buy on the streets of Kuta, Legian or Seminyak originated from here.


Paintings, wood carvings, girls' accessories e.g bags, blings or sandals, you could bargain down to a very surprising price :)


Mid-Autumn is here!

The joyous Mid-Autumn or Mooncake Festival is around the corner and we bet many families are celebrating it over the weekend!

Gatherings with traditional lanterns, with candles lit and mooncake of course, for the festival of moon worship. This is known as a time of the year when moon is at its “fullest”; that is visually most large and bright.



Auntie Lora Prawn Mee @ Jalan Pudu

We're now a big fan to Tung Sing @ Kajang when it comes to breakfast with black coffee, nasi lemak, toast and half-boiled eggs on weekends.

Broke the routine when dad decided to give us a ride, heading down to Jalan Pudu for a taste of one of his fave Prawn Noodle.

A small stall tucked in Jalan Pudu behind the Pudu wet market, towards Jalan Cheras, in between Win Son Coffee Shop & next to Thean Fah hardware shop; known as Auntie Lora.


Chris love his Prawn Mee broth rich in flavour and colouring from prawn shells, patiently sauteed to deep ruby brown. So do I.


Yakiniku 烧烤馆 @ Pandan Indah, KL

Pics taken with Canon A650IS

Looking for cheap & affordable Japanese eats?
Dig into Pandan Indah area for a grilling session. Yakiniku, which means grilled meat cooked over flame of wood charcoals, was where we headed to.

The grilled meat is best eaten after dipping into 'tare' and the common sauce consist of Japanese soy sauce mixed with dashi, vinegar, etc.


Cooking over a stove of charcoal


The restaurant is equipped with huge cooking hood to remove smoke & odours.

Yakiniku serve ala carte Japanese fares such as don (rice) dishes, ramen, salad, sushi, but the star would of course be their grilled/ barbecued dishes.
Another great deal: (Monday - Friday only)
  • RM65++ for a set of grill items that has: (could accommodate the appetite for 3-4pax)
  • Lamb, Bacon, Pork Lean Meat, Chicken cutlet, Beancurd (tofu), Enoki mushroom with butter, Prawns & Australian Green Mussels
  • 4 selected drinks



Cheap eh?

If you don't mind the smoky odour that could leave you smelling of charcoal (well at least half of it was suctioned by the hood), it's a good idea for a birthday celebration with friends too.


It's your birthday today Khee! Happy Birthday dear!
Right: AiWei's yummy Cottony Japanese CheeseCake!
You could email her at icaiwei@gmail.com for more inquiries on recipes etc.

Restaurant Yakiniku 烧烤馆
20G, Jalan Pandan Indah 4/8,
Pandan Indah, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.131116,101.753392
Tel: 03-4295 4833
Operating hours:
Mon - Sun: 12pm - 11.30pm

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MBuji Cafe @ Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara

Where do you usually hang out for your favourite cup of coffee?

We recently came across MBuji Cafe, a little comfy coffee shop cuddled up in Sunway Giza Mall at Kota Damansara.
As you might wonder what does Mbuji mean, their name was derived from a rock in Tanzania, a nation in central East Africa that the natives would worship and share offerings to this stone and it's like a monument to them. Bordering this area is a tribe of natives that make a living by harvesting coffee.


Thanks to MBuji for the invitation, we were entertained by the variety of coffee they served. As we were scrutinizing their surroundings and menu, there's a feeling of sympathy as we get to know that the coffee growers/ natives at Tanzania have an average life span of only about 35 years. Sad isn't it?
Malaria has been the major cause of death. And this place is flooded by poverty.

However, MBuji Cafe helped by getting their coffee bean supplies straight from the natives in Tanzania, guaranteeing direct trading and sales to the coffee growers.
Money from the coffee would then help the locals in many ways; food, education, medication and other utilities. Salute MBuji Cafe for their loving effort.

Jarrod & Rawlins New Menu Relaunch @ Damansara Heights

Good news people!

The purveyors of fine food & wine will be launching their brand new set of menu this Friday; September 3rd!

From gourmet sausages, pies, burgers and sandwiches, Jarrod & Rawlins did a great job surprising our tastebuds. With an extended array of new dishes, they sure pleased us once again this time. Refer our previous post HERE.

What's new?

Toad in the Hole with Gravy
Sausages rested on a bed of Yorkshire pudding; the pastry that has a crispy crust, best garnished with yummy onion gravy.


J&R Premium Beef Burger with Cheese (made with 180g Prime Beef Pattie)
Be prepared to be impressed with a serving of compact juicy beef pattie with cheese. Value for money definitely ;)




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