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7 Wonders Kitchen @ Kajang

Seven Wonders Kitchen.
A small restaurant tucked near the Kajang market, it draw attentions from many people; from regular patrons to new customers. This area is also populated with delicious street food from curry laksa, tai chow, to our favourite CCF stall.

Chris and I used to frequent this area a lot. Although he’s bored sometimes, I haven’t get tired of having dry curry noodles by the old lady just yet.
Coming back to Seven Wonders Kitchen, it offers a fusion menu. It used to serve quite a number of choices of western set, but it seems that they have turned to a more Chinese menu.

One of their recommended dishes is the ZhaCheong Ramen, served with thick minced meat gravy blended with mushroom & chillies. Strong flavour and has the kick!
If you like it even spicier, an order of Spicy Sze Chuan Ramen would be another good pick. These were being featured in 8tv’s HoChiak :)

Click HERE for the video.

ZhaCheong Ramen RM4.50
Spicy Sze Chuan RamenRM5.5o

Butter Chicken Rice at RM6 would be another wise order. As we’re into flavoursome dishes, the buttery flavoured chicken stir-fried with chili padi and come curry leaves boosted our appetite.

Another recommendation from the kitchen was the 'Ibu' Fried Rice @ RM4.50. Since Chris was tired of this, he opted for Pineapple fried rice @ RM4 instead.
Turned out to be an ordinary serving. Just typical.

The serving of Loh Mee looks clear and not really ingredient-filled. Surprisingly, its broth was good, but I don’t really fancy the noodles. Don’t think the noodles are drenched enough in its broth yet.

7 Wonders Kitchen
41-42, Medan Selera,
Off Jalan Bukit,
43000, Kajang, Selangor.
Tel : 019-382 7383

On Saint Valentine's Day

14th February
Marked the day associated romantic love,
When the tradition of courtly love flourished.
When cupid is out there aiming for a hook up,
You should not hide.
When kisses swirl and words do peak into little tuffs of cotton,
Enjoying the day with your loved one,
Is just so RIGHT.

Greeted as we stepped into Nanakusa.
The first customers on the V-Day, we were seated at a cozy spot.
We used to frequent Western food on V-Day and this time, Chris decided to spoil me with a Japanese treat.

The eatery was sorta poorly lighted at the central cashier, but as you amble in further reaching the tables, screens of wooden walls with shades of glowing background that changes colour was pretty. A brighter place for food camwhoring :)

What's best to start off?
Ocha at £ 1

In conjuction with Valentine's, the walls were decorated with heart-shaped paper-cuts. Simple but created the right mood.

A Japanese Grill Restaurant.
It wouldn't be a wrong choice to have an order their grilled unagi definitely.

Unagi Don £ 8.90
Japanese rice topped with egg and grilled eel.
Piping hot and very flavoursome.

Moriawase Combo £ 13.90
Chicken teriyaki, king prawn and vegetable tempura, chef's selection of nigri sushi (3pcs), makimono served with Miso soup and Japanese rice.

Soft, and hot Japanese rice for lunch

Miso soup was ordinary

Makimono & Nigri sushi was memorable. We've not had this for months!!

Teriyaki Chicken was awesome. The sharp taste was an appetizer.

Mixed Tempura was not up to standard though...
Perhaps the batter was not in the right concoction.

Food was overall good.
But we'll only turn to this place again only if we've a sudden crave.

Our 8th Valentine,
You made it happen,
Your never ending devotion, sweet talks & jokes,
Fashioned me a smile.
What need I say more?
I love you and will always be there!

We nearly went in the pastry shop nearby to get these sweethearts.

My mom sent me this!
Brought up 2 SharE was featured in the February's Valentine issue of bestfoodjunction.com magazine.


Japanese Grill Restaurant,

441 Sauchiehall Street,


p/s: the remaining pictures will be recovered in a few days times due to my insanity in uploading too much pics. Or was it photobucket who went haywire ;P


The pictures will recover in no time :)
I've exceeded my monthly quota! ;P

Next up: Saint Valentine's Day

A Winter Cap Goh Meh

What we did on Cap Goh Meh:

1. Looked for an excuse to drain our purse.

2. Stray around Buchanan Street & Sauchiehall Street.

3. Seek for Chinese food.

4. Reached China Blue: Not opened

5. Reached New City Palace: Not opened

6. Ended up in Loon Fung. Again.

7. Wolfed down all of the pleasing dishes we ordered.

Chee Cheung Fun£3

Pan-fried Radish Cake – £3

Barbecued meat (Duck, Siew Yoke, Char Siu) Rice – £10

Yeung Tau Fu (Brinjals, Beancurds, Capsicans) – £10

Pork Joint with Mushroom & Fatt Choy (Black Moss) – £10.80
A New Year dish that reminds us home so much.

8. It started snowing on our way back, so we camwhored.

9. Played snow slide on the hill slope outside our flat. Like a kid.

10. Made a snow man taller than me.

11. Had snow fight non-stop.

12. Lie on the road covered with thick snow and did Snow Angel.

13. Went back home exhausted at night.

14. Had BuBur ChaCha as supper.

15. A Winter Cap Goh Meh have just ended.

I love Valentine & Treats from Vienna, Austria

Periods of CNY this year seemed fleeting.
Very soon, it'll be ended with Cap Goh Meh, which is only 3 days away.
Time really speed up especially you're in a seasonal country I realize... I hope spring comes fast ;P

I checked my mail this morning in return of a rather sham and awful statement expressed by some cyber catalog, stating:
February 14 - A National Disaster for guys......
So untrue. In some point of view..
Do u GUYS really felt so? Tell la.

The V-Day of 2009 is approaching! I'm sure most couples would be scratching their heads having thought of what to get for their partners, to lay back a sweet memory. This is as important as finding a nice place to dine-in! Good food with recommended environment would definitely churn out a romantic atmosphere...

Guys & gals (in KL)
You can stop straining your thoughts and avoid indecisive minds when selecting the right place to hit on the V-Day. Check out KampungBoyCityGal's compilation of the recommended eateries during Valentine's HERE & HERE.

Besides that, there is also a new Web2.0 magazine concentrating on food and dining by the name BestFoodJunction.com released recently, sold in major bookstores in Malaysia. In this edition, many of the articles from various food bloggers had been featured: Big Boys Oven, Jason, PasanKia, Joan, Joe, Lilian, Jasmine, Mike Yip, Aishah and I am ONE of them too! weee! Can't wait to see it for myself.... Send a copy to me!! ;P

Wonder what it'll be like spending it in Glasgow. *hinting this to Chris*
But after Feb 14 would be devastated by test, presentation, reports & essays. *cries*

Returning to our previous Europe trip, we flew to Vienna after enjoying the beautiful sunny days in Paris.
Vienna, known as Wien in German, the capital city of Austria.

Here, in most streets, we would see this:

A German fast-food restaurant chain specializing in serving seafood. The fishery that supplies its seafood has a history dating to back as long as 1896! Really fresh seafood as you can see...
What a fast-food chain. Crowded with patrons at most times, we just have to stop and have a look even if we're not dining in everytime we passed by Nordsee in different streets. Well, we did gave in to their reasonably priced selections and eat-in at one time and it was worth a re-visit.... if we ever get back there again.

Café Demel, a.k.a Der Demel is a famous chocolatier in Vienna too, located just in front of the Hofburg Palace. Also embedded with a remarkable history, they offer a wide selections of chocolate bakes. Even the chocolate figurines of various types are cute!

Have a great and memorable Valentine's Day!
Share this special day with your special someone, even friends & family!
A day when courtly love flourished.

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