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♥ The Perfect Proposal ♥

Let's take a little break away from food and indulge in our short love story... shall we?

It's funny and contented somehow when we both looked back on how it's all started...
From 2 strangers on the ice churning up a relationship, reaching where we are now 


And finally, during our 10th year...
He decided to pop 'The-Question-many-girls-would-love-their-bf-to-ask-when-the-rite-time-comes' In short... he proposed!


Champs Bistro @ Centre Point Bandar Utama

It was one of the usual after work days (Friday night!) when the workaholic gals and us decided to befriend happy hour once quite dear to us. But before the pints of alcohol pours in, dinner was what we looked forward first. Zooming fast from KL to BU for Champ's was the first agenda for the night.

Champ's Bistro was easy to locate as we stepped into Centre Point as their catchy buntings depicted their very famous Prawn Mee with huge prawns. Besides beers and music, it is quite a winner as most people know Champ's by its famous pork noodle, ribs, char key tow beside prawn mee

Jumbo-sized Prawn Noodle - RM21.90
The most expensive bowl of prawn noodle that I've ever tasted, it did manage to impress me as it's prawn shell infused broth was simmered with pork ribs which made the soup base sweeter somehow. Prawns are fresh and portion was huge too. However, i still thought it's a wee bit pricey. It was named the "Damn Shiok" Hokkien Prawn Mee apparently... :)


The Haute Food Co @ Plaza Damas, Hartamas, K.L

You are fifteen going on sixteen + ten *hehe*
Fellows will fall in line
Eager young lads and rogues and cads
Will offer you food and wine...
*humming after Rolf & Lisle*

We recently celebrated our bestie's sweet 26 in a little cafe poured with warm decos, friendly staffs and a display counter filled with cakes & desserts waving gracefully at us. The Haute Food Co. was the venue for Citygal's birthday. An ideal place to relax and enjoy healthy light meals with your companions; a spot for tete-a-tete & catching up. A great compliment to the named 'fashionably elegant' which means haute, was the fresh ingredients that they used. You'll see why once you've tried and I believe many patrons have became their regulars now.


Their coffee is brewed from Genovese coffee beans, from Melbourne. Aromatic and smooth.
Cappuccino - RM7.50


Fong Lye Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid

Let's have a quickie!
Fong Lye has been touring around in our eat list for quite sometime but just recently, we paid it a visit. Besides having heard of their great Taiwanese fares, their cute interior made us fell for it more. As we were both craving for something hot and warm, we settled for:


Sesame Chicken Mee Sua Set - RM19.80
It tasted like a serving of confinement soup and I loved it. Aromatized with sesame and with hints of rice wine, the chicken was smooth and enjoying it with my favourite mee sua was a very good idea.


Ishin Japanese Dining @ Off Jalan Kelang Lama

Ishin was a great place for a family sit-down dinner when it comes to gatherings. Nestled at off Jalan Kelang Lama, it's a bungalow-like Japanese restaurant situated by the road with a modern interior and yet displaying their sophisticated traditional & spherical sushi bar. Flattered as we were, seated comfortably at the corner and began the ordering as we were impressed by their notions of serving genuine Japanese and Kaiseki style cuisines that are cooked to order. Fresh seafood and ingredients, air-flown from Japan twice a week :)

Fried Prawn heads with appetizing sauce to start off with...


Agedashi Tofu - RM12


Fitou Brasserie @ Waterfront, Desa Park City- St. Patrick’s Festival!

There's always a reason for celebrations and we just love to find one. Blessed with happening festivals all year long, Guinness has been a great companion during Arthur's Day. And now, it's time to shout out 'Merry Goes Round in March'!
Yes, their theme for the festival, we'll be ready to party with the spirit of St. Patrick's Festival with feast thanks to the GUINNESS® promotions starting from 1st March 2011 to 31st March 2011. St. Patrick's Festival has been internationally celebrated on 17 March. Named after Saint Patrick, it became an official feast day & a month long celebration with good food and not forgetting teaming 'em up with pints of Guinness.

Thanks to the invitation from Fitou Brasserie, enjoying the Guinness Feast in an eatery well-known for their Mediterranean cuisine from France, Italy and Spain was spectacular.

In conjunction with this festival, Fitou is offering their St. Patrick’s Festival Menu. (Exclusively available from 1st March – 31st March 2011)
Pricing: Ala Carte @ RM34++
Irish Set with a perfect pint of Guinness @ RM48 nett
These are the 3 seasonal dishes available for the month of March.


Irish Beef Stew with Guinness served with Carrots & Potatoes
Soft beef stew infused with world’s favourite black brew of Guinness. Flavoursome gravy was perfect for bread dipping too.


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