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May Keng Cafe @ Seri Kembangan

I'm back!! ;)
Have been assigned to the Seremban Hospital for a week of tiring attachment. Shut in the wards for consecutive days with busy doctors, occupied nurses and ill patients, you'll need good immune systems! ;P The experience was no doubt incredible, despite stressing out initially while reading the doctor's illegible handwriting, stuffy environment and standing all day! The people there was great, but I'm glad I'm back again ;P

I miss.....
Food Blogging!!!

May Keng has already built quite an excellent state of prominence with their specialty of Lam Mee. Nestled in Pudu, it has extended further to other areas to draw even more different customers in and I'm pretty confident most of you already know about this place.

Lam Mee...
The thick gravy or broth smothering each strands of noodles viscously was just alluring. Still living up to their standard, we can now enjoy their fares at a closer distance from my place!!
Its branch in Seri Kembangan has really good business. On and off, we drop by for a satisfying lunch ;P
RM 5 for a plate for big portioned lam mee is worthy;)

Another star of the restaurant is the Curry Noodles. And again, thick and aromatic curry broth with adequate ingredients that'll instill and bring out the 'kick'! Also priced at RM5.

Not getting enough? You can always go for their fishballs, dumplings or even beancurd with fish paste fillings. Just as good :)
Have the urge to rush over to try out these at May Keng's?
Count me in!!

May Keng Cafe

No 1-1, Jalan SP2/4,

Taman Serdang Perdana,

Seksyen 2, 43300 Seri Kembangan.

Tel: 012 - 2865 635

Sushi Zen @ The Gardens

I couldn't agree more with her....
She is right.
Who said fancying Japanese fare is an expensive intake pursuit?
Enjoying delicious Japanese meals economically is something you can definitely do now. You can go easy on your pockets, I could say! :)

The first time I hung out at this open-concept area of Sushi Zen was months ago with AiWei. What's the food like? "You can bet on it!"
Her order of Hokkai Chirashi Don turned out quite appealing. Hokkaido seafood (scallop slices, salmon slices, salmon roe) on sushi rice for RM15.90. Plus the ingredients were unquestionably fresh :)

Tenjyu for me was a whopping treat as the portion's big and... great! Also priced at RM15.90, you'll get to savour piping hot assorted tempuras arranged gorgeously on rice with drizzles of tasty sauce to add moistness and flavour.

An order of Chawanmushi was rather regular, but we just love having hot smooth egg custards everytime. Priced at RM4.90.

Second visit:
Am I unpretentious?
I am once again suffering from a compulsive disorder due to excessive retail therapy after the exam period... Side effects? Penniless... ;P
But still, I couldn't help refraining myself from a Japanese lunch with dear Chris. Macam mana?
Sushi Zen's on our list. Problems solved :)

We had Tenjyu again, as he have not tried this delicious preparation. Made up of assorted tempura : fresh prawns, brinjal, ladies finger and sweet potatoes! ;)

Yakiniku Jyu, which is Grilled Beef on Rice, also at RM15.90 has a pungent aroma of onion and the meat tasted so good especially with rice. Very filling!

For only RM4.90 the Ebiten Ebikko Maki (Prawn Tempura Roll) is yours! From the first bite till the last, all you can say is 'yummy!' An utter pleasure :)

Another steal: Salmon Sashimi for only RM7.50 (7 thick, fat and fresh slices!!) *after 50% discounts*
In conjunction with the A Journey of Taste that the F & B outlets at The Gardens were participating from 15 Mac till 15 April, we get to enjoy discounts and some buy 1 free 1 deals from involved outlets.

Sushi Zen
Lower Ground Floor
The Gardens
Valley City Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 KL.
Tel No: 03 - 2282 6160

Business Hours: 8.00am to 10.00pm

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Pick n' Brew @ 1 Utama

Every now and then, we would convene for the same reason...
FOOD's the main agenda, but a tête-à-tête with the food bloggers was another flattering jiffy!
And this time, we had Pick n' Brew in mind......
An additional gain for us was the proficient service that Jackson attended to. Good recommended food and coffee, welcoming us to impart a comfortable dinner session.


What's more attractive now is the APRIL PROMOTION that they still offer for patrons who dine in! What are you waiting for?
Need some convincing reasons? May these representations below induce the inner you who's so tempted to try!

1. Ideal Ambiance
Separated into areas of different intent, you can just sit back, relax and enjoy your meal feeling all cozy and at ease.

The smoking lounge

2. Decorative and matching bits and pieces
Feel like grabbing them home.... ;P

3. The Fare


Fresh, creamy seafood broth

Made up with cream of wild mushrooms

*This is one of the APRIL PROMOTION SET*

The Roast Lamb Rack with Onion Marmalade

Oven Baked Potato Skin

Salmon on Spinach

Prawns, avocado, green olives and tomatoes tossed in Tahitian dressing

With roasted vegetables and potatoes, served with chunky basil tomato

With boiled potatoes, roasted vegetables and lemon capers butter

Served with mashed potatoes and asparagus

Served with cream of onion and red wine sauce

Skewered pieces of marinated lamb with flavored rice

Served with beef bacon in cream sauce

Served with prawns, green mussels and squid in tomato sauce

4. Scrumptious Desserts



5. The Coffee *that you should not miss out*
Being a non-coffee lover like me, I'm still attracted to the aroma exerted from the hot drink of roasted beans. A stimulant... A psychoactive substance...
OK. I can't take coffee as I'll have gastric after that. Yes. What a waste... :(
But watching the others drinking, they're really satisfied. It must be good...
Pick n' Brew serves an array of
coffee from around the world! PICK the coffee beans of your choice and they'll BREW 'em for you!


Nothing but great, we enjoy everyone's company and are always looking forward to our next get-together again! :)
Good food that catered us fulfilling

Pick n’ Brew
F233 1st Floor Promenade
One Utama (above
Tel: 03-7726 0102
Email: info@picknbrew.com
Web: http://www.picknbrew.com
Opening hours:
10am - 10pm

Blogs reviewed:

Reviews on their GlenMarie outlet:

Nak Won @ Danau Desa

Laid my thoughts on having a Korean meal for quite some time and it happened that mom suggested that all of us should give this place a go. Nak Won, it was named, sited at Taman Desa. “Korean Traditional Cuisine & BBQ”….. written on its brochure with many delicious depictions of the variety and colourful dishes.
I’m even more delighted to try as I'm kinda keen on Korean BBQ.

What are exceptional about eating out at a Korean restaurant are the side dishes that’ll serve upon you. Lots and lots of them for you to find relish in :)
From preserved and pickled cabbages such as kimchis to mushrooms and eggs, these multiple appetizers sure did a good job boosting our cravings for the barbecued food.

This is only one side of the table. The side dishes were laid all around!
All of these are complimentary!!

Garden-fresh greenery to wrap up the side dishes.

Different types of flavour enhancing mediators: the sauces :)

Let’s get the charcoal stove all warmed up and ready to grill! And the best part was, you wouldn’t have to move a muscle. The staffs here will do all the grilling process and we’re just assigned the eating procedure :)

What’s grilling?
3 ply Pork Belly Barbeque. The meats were easy to cut and chew. What more could you say when the meat are char-grilled? Aromatic! RM23 per pax.

Unagi Barbeque. The eel was marinated earlier and when heated and grilled, the thick sauce drizzling over the meat created the ‘it’ factor :) Priced at RM40 per pax.

Our favourite and they finished fast! The Marinated Boneless Rib Barbeque was the most scrumptious one. The marinated beef ribs were so juicy and tender. Flavoursome and wholesome when eaten with the onion. Thumbs up! Priced at RM49 per pax.

Cuttlefish Barbeque with Korean Sauce was another chewy item to savour. This was priced at RM35 per pax.

Other dishes:
Mixed Rice with Assorted Vegetables served in Hot Stone Bowl was another wholesome preparation. A healthy portion to be shared among ourselves with great flavours and it was presented beautifully. Despite it being all vege, it was yummy! Compliments to the chef! Priced at RM15.

We also had the Dumpling Soup for RM18. Containing garlic chives and pork, these were cooked in a throat-soothing broth!

The Seafood Pancake was priced at RM25. It’s an omelette containing prawns, crabsticks and garlic chives. Kinda crispy on the outer layer and at the same time, a lil’ spongy inside.

Complimentary dishes:
Apart from the side dishes that were complimentary, these were too!

Steamed Egg in Hot Stone Pot (we had 2)
With resemblance from a chawanmushi, this was a bigger serving. The eggs were again, silky smooth and laid down with ingredients that fit this preparation. Very delicate.

Dessert: I’m not sure what it’s called, but it tasted like Bali juice to me :P

The total bill came up to about RM250 for 7 persons and considering the food and complimentary dishes they offer, it’s worth it!
Check this place out with no regrets! ;P

Restaurant Nak Won
Taman Desa Branch:
7-1-1, Jalan 3/109F,
Taman Danau Desa,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603-7987 3004
Fax: 603-7987 5004

Ampang Branch:
A11-1-1, Jalan Ampang Utama 2/2,
Business Ave.,
Ampang Jaya,
68000 Ampang, K.L.
Tel: 603-4253 4249
Fax: 603-4252 2484

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