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Tea Time with Tarts!

After posting and complementing excessively on egg tarts from Tong Kee Confectionery, Lick said that there are better tarts available other than Tong Kee Brothers'. Ok.. according to him, they are sold on a moving vehicle that will be parked outside one of the shoplots in Serdang Village. I finished my class the other day around tea-time and my stomach is crazy rumbling all the way while I'm driving home. Passing the streets, I saw a vehicle loaded with kuihs and breads. So, I've decided to give it a try :) Few people are already queuing to get theirs when i've reached. Looked for egg tarts and there were only 3 left! Luckily I'm able to get all of them. haha. Got another butter bread for myself as well.

Tarts sold at RM1.00

CIMG1779 copy

the pastry is crunchy! like bitting a biscuit. great.. but i find the fillings of egg custards are not enough. Still crave for Tong Kee Egg Tarts! *Lick~ I've not changed my mind* :P

See... this is what we called 'great filling'!! Tong Kee~ thumbs up :)

Butter Bread also for RM1.00

the churning cream of butter that melt in your mouth together with the sprinkled sugar as topping!

Kuihs, cakes and breads are also sold

Don't really know how to describe the exact location ~ Poor sense of direction *sorry*
It's a moving white vehicle parked outside a row of yellow shoplots located in Serdang Village.
If you're coming from Jalan Besar Serdang,
grab a right turn before the Petronas petrol station on your left.
Go straight and you''ll see the yellow shoplots on your left!

Business hours: from 3pm till evening (depends on how well their business goes)


ai wei August 4, 2007 at 11:17 PM  

whoaaaa... eggie tarts. how d it taste??? is it nice? and as nice as tong kee? wanna try that out and make comparison a bit~

the butter bread looks delicioussss. oh boy, it's not a good thing to read food post at this late. i am very hungry now. gonna eat something late. awwww...

Anonymous August 4, 2007 at 11:56 PM  

Nice to have found your blog! I'm studying in UPM and love to explore Serdang area for food :P Looking forward to your SK posts. Hehe. Tong Kee's egg tart is no doubt the best in KL. It's so soft and crumbly, thinking of it never fails to make me crave for it.

The mamak in front of the tyre shop, I love their roti jiggli. It's kinda like roti telur wrapped around curry mutton fillings, topped with mayo and ketchup. Best sinful supper

~Christine~Leng August 5, 2007 at 3:25 PM  

ai wei~ it tasted nice as well. Just that my mind is still with Tong Kee's! haha.. good to make comparison :P the butter bread is nice -LaR!!- should try should try!
I've to agree with you... not an advise to read food blogs late at night! definitely will go hungry and beginning to 'hunt for food' for supper. Fattening!! ;(

durianberry~ thanks for popping up in my blog! I have lots of places/ restaurants in SK that I've not dined in yet. Still exploring! More coming up! Glad that I'm able to help out :) and btw.. no doubt on Tong Kee's consistency in baking such fine tarts! Yup~never fails!
I've been to the mamak u mentioned.. once. Roti Jiggli? sounds cute. Oh dear.. sounded appetizing. I'll give it a go then! thanks for sharing!!

ai wei August 5, 2007 at 7:44 PM  

wanna try out that roti jiggli too! the name is so cute~ but then... mana serdang?! will lost myself if i am alone @.@

zewt August 5, 2007 at 9:31 PM  

oh yes... tong kee's tarts... the best... but i have not had any for the longest time... sigh.

Unknown August 5, 2007 at 10:20 PM  

haha..serdang also dunno meh ai wei..? just near the yap yin restaurant u had dinner the other day..nearby the traffic light only...i also havent try roti jiggli...sounds interesting...haihz...but i'm in puchong now..couldnt taste it...

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