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Redang: *First GetAway with IMU buddies*

As mentioned above, first trip with my Uni friends. Suppose to go last year but end up ONLY PLANNING without implementing it! FinallY manage to plan our trip smoothly: well thanks to Ms. Jeannie Ting!

Members: m3, Chris, Carolyn, ShuYin, Lydia, Jeannie, Edmund, Kok Liang, ViVian, Jia Hui, Chloe, Stef, Hui Bee, Lai Yee, Khei Chong, Hung Jen

In order to accommodate ourselves with the schedule of the ferry (is that a ferry?) we have to take a NIGHT BUS! suppose to reach and gather outside Legend Hotel @ KL at 10.30pm sharp, but due to the traffic jam, Jeannie and Khei Chong reached Vista late and the whole gang end up 10 minutes late.. Of course I reached early la.... *giggle* Didn't blame you guys though.. while waiting Chris and I went to have a drink at Secret Recipe. The waitress nearly chased us out. "Sorry we're closing soon. U only can order bottled drinks" Wud the... end up with 'appletizer' (not bad). Up on the bus... feel glad cos can see all of us traveling anxiously trying to get there real fast! Well... the journey was quite boring, can't even sleep properly on the bus. Everyone was half awaken and when I was about to doze off, lights lit up. Time for another stop over! I think I won't travel at night on a bus anymore cos I kinda thought that the driver was reckless! Scary man... like no brakes while making turns!
I sat with Chris, with Lydia and ShuYin behind us. Most of them were at the back! Poor Jeannie and Carolyn. Kept complaining how bumpy it was and damn noisy to sit behind the wheels!

We reached the agency really early: it was just 6am. We have to wait till 7am before the driver could bring us to have our breakfast:P All of us took a quick tour around and we even took pictures in front of the palace of Terengannu.. Not that nice oso..*laughs* We had nasi lemak for breakfast: i thought the SAMBAL was different... sour.. maybe it's Terengganu specialty..(weird. later, we head off to the jetty. The journey to Redang Island was about 1.5 hours. Feel bored sitting down, went up to the dock to get some fresh air with them. Took pictures non-stop:)

Finally, we reached Redang Island. Beautiful, worthwhile and what a place!! we've to get down using a metal ladder from the boat! and got our feet wet! We went checking out the place and stroll around before checking in. I share a room with my dear Chris and Shu Yin :) We had Lunch after that. Seriouly speaking, the food there was great! (maybe I'm hungry) Not as bad as I thought it would be.....it wasn't long before we prepared ourselves and applied lots and lots of Sunscreen/ sunblock lotion with SPF50 before our first snorkeling trip. Lydia didn't come with us. said she's afraid as she can't swim... well she promised us that she'll follow us the next day! my first snorkeling was fun,so may pretty corals around me, little and colourful fishes! I saw NEMO swimming swiftly outta their reefs!! (I love Clown fish!) I even spotted a SHARK! -medium sized- swimming real fast ~ luckily not towards me :P Grab on to Chris's hand real tight!!

Had our first tea session right after the snorkeling trip. went bathing before dining again: having steamboat! Yummy...:P Right after dinner, we went to the games room and chatted for some time.. after that we walk our way past the Laguna Beach Resort and the the Coral Reef'a bay to hav a look on the COLOURED PLANKTON! it glowed in the dark. *pretty* it's just BLUE anyway....

Breakfast's 7.30am!! Wakey wakey! at 10 am: V went to the famous MARINE PARK. finally managed to convince Lydia to come along with us. She's indeed very brave... Chris borrowed a tube for her to hang on to. Hung Jen even asked an instructor to bring us around holding Lydia while everyone of us cling onto her! *haha* Lots of fishes! It's indeed a waste that we didn't have any waterproof camera to take some snaps.. I was bitten by some fishes while feeding them! they ate so greedily and were not even scared of us...Later when we were all up on the shore getting some rest, Chris, Carolyn and Hung Jen went to the sea again to take a glance of the giant 'siakap' (am I correct? It's siakap rite?) they said it was a huge one... Reallykah?
Wen't back to our resort to have our lunch....
It's not long before we wanna hang out together again snorkeling..FUN!!
This time only half of our group went.. It was not really great as the waves was strong.. so this made us kinda dizzy and we have to use Xtra energy as we have to swim against the tide and waves.. At first, I hold on to Carolyn and she showed me some pretty reefs. In the end, we end up with Jeannie... helping her to get back onto the boat. She's funny! can't move... Khei Chong and Shu Yin had to teach her how to swim while Chris have to pull her! At last we managed to get ourselves safely onto the boat...I felt kinda sea sick when reaching..luckily I didn't throw up!

For dinner, we had BBQ.. eat hungrily la of course.. forgetting that I've sorethroat! Regret man.... didn't care at first! What to do? Can't resist the temptation while everyone else was eating so happily...!! Went to stroll around the island again and head straight away to the souvenir shop to look for some gifts.. Thanks to Lydia, she had been surveying the souvenir shops to see which is the cheapest!! Manage to get some 'turtles' back the next morning and Chris added some 'More More Tea' fridge magnets to his collection..*smiles*

Oya.. we manage to surprise Khei Chong and celebrated his birthday with him with a soooo many ppl around at the huge crowd of disco session.. DJ announced his name and his face went red straight away... Guess he was to shocked to say anything! still manage to laugh after that...

Had conversation about childhood memories after that... Everyone seems to be excited when mentioning what we used to do when we're young.. I missed that 2.. Even talk about snakes!! Eew..

Went to Jeannie, Lai Yee and ViVian's room after that and had our GROUP chat. As usual.... 'Tak payah tidur pun tak apa'.. manage to last till 3am.. that's my maximun... I'm really very very sleepy. Went to bed b4 they could finish...

Last Day... when I woke up, I could feel the tingling sensation in my throat.. Shit man.. I'm gonna fall sick for sure... Even had a hot toast for breakfast!! Really had a terrible journey home.. It's like i've swollen a tread ball full of needles on it!! Really have to thank Carolyn, she gave me a chinese herbal medicine to ease my pain.. but that only lasted for a while.. Thanks to Lydia, Shu Yin and Chris for accompanying and talk to me on the bus on our way back home so that I feel better...

Well... I went straight to the doctor after my parents came and fetch me...
Doctor: Your throat sooo red!! quite serious.. I'll give you a better antibiotic. don't worry...
ME: O no... hate having medicine.. She gave me Cephalexin!! It's like the size of a ... I don't know.. a Triangle Pin??
But I healed fast.. Still having cough now.. Pls go away.. it's really annoying when u just can't hold it and cough out so loud till my throat hurt again...

I really enjoyed all my friend's company... Luv u guys~~ Looking forward to the next trip with all of you! HappY Holidays!!


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