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Holidays~please come to mE!

Just finished 2 papers for EOS exam yesterday. Pharmacology and Biopharmacy ~ stress man. memorizing names and terminology is indeed a heavy task ( wonder I ever mixed it all up like rojak!) what's more to ask for Microbiology especially and Physical Pharmacy has yet to arrive! after the midnight oil burning sessions for so many days I desire for the holiday and breathtaking view in Redang Island... please come to me. I can already smell the fresh air of it while burying my nose on top of my books! Can't wait really...

Today's Labours' Day... parents went out and siblings hav their own 'activities'... so here I am left at home to deal and fight with the resistance of getting sleepy encountering with more FACTS! please let me do this correctly... =no procrastination pls dear=

Mom had also promised to bring me to hav Japanese cuisine.. Japanese buffet at the Subang HolidaY Villa after my exam! muacks!! Strive hard. strive hard! I've been missing the taste and tranquility of dining in a Japanese style buffet session! Get me my Salmon QUICK!

what I hav in mind now? are these.....

Salmon's my favourite!

Salmon sushi + avocado!

Mayo fish roe + Soft shell crabs!!

P.S.~ due to the fact that I'm only imagining these, these pics are downloaded (cheh~cheh~)
Will post the 'real one' taken personally by me..(ehem*ehem*) when I've dine there!

Two more papers to go~ ganbateh to all my batchmates who worked sooo... hard for this moment


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